Double Digit Subtraction

While kids learn how to add fairly quickly, some kids struggle to understand subtraction. Kids might learn single digit subtraction but when it comes to double digit subtraction, they get confused. Help your child learn how to subtract with simple math worksheets for kids and math games. These activities and worksheets help your child learn double digit subtraction and improves their subtracting skills too.

Double digit subtraction is nothing but subtracting numbers that have two digits. Practicing regularly using worksheets can boost the child’s confidence and encourage them to learn more. So, check out these fun worksheets for kids on double digit subtraction.

Double Digit Subtraction Worksheets

Here are some worksheets on subtracting double digit numbers for kids. These worksheets contain problems that need to be solved using the regrouping method and without regrouping.

Subtracting Double Digit Numbers with Regrouping Worksheet

The double digit numbers are grouped to find the difference between the two numbers. While regrouping, we take a value from one place and give it to the other which requires more. 

Subtract the numbers on the worksheet: Free printable double digit subtraction

Subtracting Double Digits without Regrouping Worksheet

The difference between the double-digit numbers is formed without regrouping. It means that there is no borrowing or regrouping of values between ones and tens.

Double Digit Subtraction

How to Subtract Double Digit Numbers?

Subtract two digit numbers from another two digit number in order to find the difference between them. The key factor in subtracting double digit numbers is finding the difference between ones from ones and tens from tens. Here is a step by step guide to subtract double digit numbers:

  1. There are two digits in double digit subtraction.
  2. Arrange the numbers in such a way that ones and tens digits are lined up one above the other.
  3. Subtract the ones digit from ones followed by the tens digit from tens.
  4. Finally, the difference between double digit numbers is obtained./li>

For example, 24-12= 12 and 33-11= 22. 

Practicing subtracting double digit numbers using worksheets will help kids grasp the concept easily. 

Benefits of Using Worksheets to Subtract Double Digits  

  1. It is easy and simple to download at home or classroom.
  2. It makes it easy for kids who find it difficult to solve tricky questions. 
  3. It is highly motivating for kids to practice double digit subtraction worksheets for their better understanding of subtraction. 
  4. It helps in regular practice of the concept. 
  5. It has colorful and attractive themes that make it engaging for kids to learn for a longer time. 

Activities to Learn Subtracting Double Digit Numbers with Regrouping

Subtraction worksheets for kids have great advantages in terms of learning and practicing the difference between two numbers. The double digit subtraction is either calculated with or without regrouping. Most importantly, kids need to engage themselves in double digit subtraction with regrouping activities for mathematical calculation purposes. Apart from math addition games, kids must focus on learning subtraction through innovative and creative activities.  

Benefits of Learning Double Digit Subtraction

Subtraction is used in everyday life. For example, home, job, education, business, medicine, technology, finance, etc. 

Therefore, double digit subtraction is a solid foundation of mathematics used to solve complex problems. It can be used to calculate mathematical operations such as fractions, decimals, algebra, measurements, etc. It is important that kids from an early age learn to solve double digit subtraction in order to solve problems within fractions of seconds. 
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Frequently Asked Questions on Double Digit Subtraction

What are the different types of Double Digit Subtraction worksheet?

The different types of Double Digit Subtraction worksheet are two digit subtraction worksheet with regrouping, double digit coloring worksheet, Double Digit Subtraction on a number line, etc.

What are the benefits of Double Digit Subtraction worksheet?

The benefits of Double Digit Subtraction worksheet are that they help kids to learn the basics and challenging concepts of subtraction in an easy method and also they are easy to download and practice in the classroom or at home.