5 Letter Words That Start With J

Check List Of 5 Letter Words Starting With J

The letter j usually makes /juh/ sound for the words such as Jelly, Jewel, Judge, etc. It is the tenth letter of the alphabet in English language. There are many words that start with j used in our day to day lives. Therefore, it is important that you teach j words for kids in order to expand their vocabulary skills. Once they get familiar with words, focus on teaching 5 letter words that start with j. In order to do this, explore a list of 5 letter words starting with j available online for kids. 

How will you create interest in learning vocabulary words for kids? We are aware of the fact that kids enjoy learning through creative and innovative activities. They can easily get distracted if the learning is not engaging for them. Therefore, you need to design activities based on their needs and interests. This will help them in articulating their skills in academic and professional goals. 

A List Of 5 Letter Words Starting With J 

Here is a list of 5 letter words that start with j for kindergarten mentioned below: 


Examples Of 5 Letter Words Thats Start With J 

To enhance the learning experience of kids, you can teach 5 letter words that start with j in the form of sentences. This will lead to better understanding of the words and their meanings. Some of the examples are mentioned below: 

  • The jelly is prepared and kept in the refrigerator. 
  • My grandmother has severe joint pain. 
  • The joker makes everyone laugh. 
  • Kids are always in a jolly mood.  
  • The mangoes are very yummy and juicy
  • There is a jumbo box of books kept outside my house. 
  • My friend cracks a lot of  jokes

How To Teach 5 Letter Words That Start With J? 

Needless to say, we all use vocabulary words in our day to day life to communicate with others effectively. If the words are chosen wrong, there are chances of misunderstanding and miscommunication. Therefore, you must teach vocabulary words to kids in a simple and understandable way for better communication. Once the kids are well versed with 3 letter words starting with j, you can plan engaging activities to teach 5 letter words. Some of the activities that help in learning vocabulary words are mentioned below: 

  1. Crafts: Allow kids to create a collage with 5 letter words that start with j. You can ask them to cut and paste the words from the newspaper and articles on the sheet. Apart from this, they can make it presentable using colorful images and crayons. By doing this, kids will be able to explore and come up with creative ideas to make the collage. Moreover, conducting crafts for kids enhances their creativity and critical thinking skills. 
  2. Flashcards: Convert 5 letter words that start with j such as jelly, joker, judge, jewel, etc in the form of images in the flashcards. Now, distribute these flashcards to the kids and ask them to recognise and write down the words depicting those images. With this, kids will be able to recognise the words correctly and at the same time retain them in their memory for a long time. Besides this, they will be able to read and write effectively. 
  3. Also, explore word search puzzles for kids

  4. Filling the missing letters: Apart from recognition, kids should be able to spell the words correctly in order to enhance their reading and writing skills. There are worksheets for kids available online that will help in practicing vocabulary words. You can provide worksheets for filling the missing letters. This activity will help kids to learn the spellings of the words that start with j. For example,
    •  J _ K E R
    • J E _ L L Y
    • J U M _ O
    • J O I _ T 
  5. Reading: Encourage your child to read on a regular basis to improve their reading skills. Give them short poems, story books, and rhymes in order to understand and recognise the words efficiently. Besides this, conduct reading games for kids to teach 5 letter words that start with j. Reading will enhance their ability to build a sound understanding of the language. It helps them to improve their cognitive and literacy skills. 
  6. Rhyming: This activity is extremely beneficial for learning language. Apart from this, it creates a fun environment for kids to learn. Therefore, you can conduct rhyming games for kids to teach 5 letter words that start with j. For example, 
    • Jeans rhymes with beans
    • Jacks rhymes with sacks
    • Judge rhymes with fudge
    • Jeeps rhymes with steeps 
    • Jazzy rhymes with crazy
  7. Exploring: Kids love exploring and discovering things around them. In this regard, you can use this opportunity to teach 5 letter words that start with j. Prepare a set of riddles for kids for the words starting with j. Ask them to explore the house and solve the hidden riddles. If kids are able to successfully solve the riddles, give them points and appreciate others for participating. Some of the riddles are as follows:
    • All the girls like wearing this because it is made up of diamond, gold and pearl. What is it? (Answer: Jewel)
    • It is made from denim cloth and all the boys and girls love wearing it. What is it? (Answer: Jeans)
    • It is a liquid syrup extracted from fruits such as mangoes, litchy, strawberries, etc. What is it? (Answer: Juice)

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