2nd Grade Subtraction Worksheets

Subtraction and addition are the basic operations of arithmetic and they form the foundation for several advanced math concepts. A good knowledge of subtraction and addition helps build strong mathematical skills in your child as they progress through school. While addition is the process of increasing by adding two numbers, subtraction is taking away. 

So when you subtract one number from another, you’re reducing it. These 2nd grade subtraction worksheets make learning subtraction easier for 2nd grade children.

Subtraction is the inverse operation of addition. It is denoted by the sign minus ( ). The easiest way to explain subtraction to your child is as something taken or a decrease in quantity. The first step in teaching your child subtraction is to familiarize them with the concept. Use everyday situations to point out examples of subtraction to your child. 

For example: Place 5 candies in your palm and ask your child to count the number of candies. Give your child two candies and ask them to count how many are left in your palm. 

The easiest way to help children learn subtraction is by practicing on math worksheets for kids. Once your child is more confident subtracting numbers, help them practice using 2nd grade subtraction worksheets.

2nd grade subtraction worksheets

Here is a list of some subtraction worksheets for kids in 2nd grade.

Single Digit Subtraction Worksheets

Subtract single digit numbers: 2nd grade subtraction worksheets for kids

2nd Subtraction Word Problems Worksheet

Solve the word problems: Free printable subtraction 2nd grade math worksheets

2nd Grade Subtraction Using the Number Line Worksheet

Subtract using number lines: 2nd grade math worksheets on subtraction

2nd Grade Simple Subtraction Worksheet

Subtract 2 digit numbers: 2 digit subtraction with regrouping worksheets

3 Digit Subtraction with Regrouping Worksheet

Subtract 3 digit numbers: Free 2nd grade subtraction worksheets

Double Digit 2nd Grade Subtraction Worksheets

Subtract 2 digit numbers with 2 digits: Grade 2 subtraction worksheets for kids

Children usually learn how to add quickly, but learning subtraction can be tricky. You’ll need to come up with different strategies to help your child learn the concept of subtraction. Here are some strategies, which will help you in teaching subtraction to your kids. 

  1. Taking away: Subtraction as taking away is the easiest way to teach your child the concept of subtraction. And you can use real objects like cookies, candies or toys, all things little kids like. Always start with smaller numbers so your child doesn’t get confused.
  2. For example: This activity can be done with a group of children, but if your child doesn’t like to share you can do it with them. 

    Place 3 cookies on a plate in front of your child. Ask them to count the number of cookies on the plate.

    Now remove 1 cookie from the plate. Now ask your child, “How many cookies are left?”. Ask your child to count the cookies remaining on the plate and say the answer out loud. 

    If they don’t understand, explain to the child that taking away 1 cookie from the plate leaves behind 2 cookies.

    Once they understand the concept, you can try teaching your child to subtract using lines or circles. 

    For example: let’s find out how much 5 – 3 is?

    Draw as many circles as the total number of objects available. Here, we have 5 objects, so we draw 5 circles.

    2nd Grade Subtraction Worksheets

    Now, cross out the number of objects that have to be subtracted. So, cross out 3 circles. Count the number of circles left, this is your answer.

    2nd Grade Subtraction Worksheets
  3. Counting back on the number line: 
  4. The number line is a great tool to teach your little one how to subtract. First, draw a number line. Circle the number that you’re subtracting from, this is your starting point. Then count back hopping on the number line as many times as the number you’re subtracting. Each hop is minus 1 (-1).

    For example: Let’s find out how much 8 – 3 is.

    First, draw a number line and circle the numbers 8 and 3 on the number line.

    2nd Grade Subtraction Worksheets

    When you hop three times back from 8 on the number line, you reach 5. 

    So, 8 – 3 = 5. 

    As they gradually understand the concept, your child can practice subtracting on their fingers.

Once your child understands subtraction, it’s important to help them practice. Constant practice is the only way to ensure that the knowledge sticks in their memory. The best way to practice subtraction is to use worksheets. These free printable 2nd grade subtraction worksheets will help your child learn how to subtract numbers easily and quickly.
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Frequently Asked Questions on 2nd Grade Subtraction Worksheets

What are different types of 2nd Grade Subtraction Worksheets?

The different types of 2nd Grade Subtraction Worksheets are single digit 2nd Grade Subtraction Worksheets, 2nd Grade Subtraction Worksheets with subtraction word problems, 2nd Grade Subtraction Worksheets with the help of number line, etc.

What are the benefits of practicing 2nd Grade Subtraction Worksheets?

It is a quite aware of the fact that, children usually learn addition easily and find it difficult to understand the concept of subtraction. But, 2nd Grade Subtraction Worksheets help them to understand and learn subtraction by engaging them using coloring, drawing and many other fun activities.

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