C Words For Kids

Words That Start With C

The letter c sounds as /k/ for cat or /ch/ for chick. On the other hand, when c is followed by e, i or y, it is referred to as soft c words. Have you seen kids getting passionate about participating in spelling activities? It is because they feel enthusiastic about learning whatever is presented to them in the form of engaging exercises. Similarly, c words for kids are extremely important for their educational development and vocabulary skills.

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Parents and teachers should conceptualize exercises that contribute to the c words for kids learning. Apart from this, parents need to focus on teaching soft c words for kids along with other c words for the overall improvement of communication. To enhance language skills among kids, it is crucial for them to have knowledge about the words and their meanings for effective communication. We know that it isn’t easy for kids to learn words without having a proper understanding of alphabets.

However, parents need to put great effort into making sure that kids are acquainted with letters from the time they start speaking. Subsequently, we can jump into the next step where kids start understanding the words in order to acknowledge the things around them. There are substantial amounts of words for kids that require more concentration. However, the letter c is a reductant letter that sounds different from distinctive c words for kids. 

List Of C Words For Kids

Here is the list of a few c words for kids as mentioned in the tabular column below: 

C Words for Kids

Cherry Cloud
Calendar Crude
Control Central

List Of Kindergarten C Words For Kids  

The letter c followed by e, i, or y and sounds like /s/ are referred to as soft c words. On the other hand, letter c sounding as /k/  are termed as hard c words. However, these c words for kids are extremely important to learn as it helps in proper pronunciation. If kindergarten kids understand this, they can easily differentiate the c words and use them accordingly in their communication. Some of the list of c words for kindergarten kids are mentioned below: 

C Words For Kindergarten Kids

City Crude

List Of Preschool C Words For Kids

There are different types of vocabulary activities for children where they can enhance their learning experience for the better. Hence, it is necessary to upgrade the level of teaching to provide quality education to the children. Preschool kids are very playful and we cannot expect them to concentrate on what they are listening to. Therefore, you need to come up with creative ideas where kids not only engage themselves but also learn new words. However, teach c words for kids which are easy for them to understand. Before that, try to include preschool sight words in the activity where they will learn frequently used words for constructing sentences. For example, can, could, come, etc. 

Preschool Words That Start With C


C Vocabulary List Of Words For Kids:

3 Letter C Words For Kids that Starts With C

  • Cat
  • Car

4 Letter C Words For Kids that Starts With C

  • Crab
  • Clap

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5 Letter C Words For Kids that Starts With C

  • Chair
  • Camel

Names of Things That Start with C

Is your child ready to learn words that start with C? Then start by teaching them words that they can easily understand or identify. The easiest C words for kids are names of everyday things that the kids come across often. This helps them observe their surroundings and differentiate between things easily. Here is a list of things with names that start with the letter C.

List of Things That Start with C:


Cool Words that Start with C

Cool words are a great addition to anyone’s vocabulary. So, we’ve compiled a list of some cool words that start with the letter C. Enhance your child’s word skills by teaching them these cool words starting with the letter C. These words can be used to describe an awesome, fun, and interesting thing.

List of cool words that start with C


Positive words that start with C

A positive or good word can add a positive note to a person’s day. Teach your little ones some positive words to build a good vocabulary filled with nice and positive words. Here is a list of positive words starting with the letter C.

List of positive words that start with C


More C Words For Kids,

Activities That Help In Learning C Words For Kids

Sometimes, we might find it difficult to teach words to kids. So, there shouldn’t be any minimum effort from the parents or teachers in providing the best platform for kids to learn. Therefore, incorporating different activities will engage kids as well as retain words in their memory throughout their life. Apart from spelling activities, you can include worksheets and games for teaching c words for kids. 

Below are the activities that help in learning c words for kids: 

  1. C Words for Kids Worksheets: Parents and teachers can download worksheets that are visually appealing to kids. It includes recognizing, writing, tracing, and matching of c words. With this, kids can enhance their learning in a creative way. It is obvious that kids love anything that is not monotonous. Therefore, including such activities will sharpen their minds for better learning outcomes. Besides this, there are alphabet coloring pages that can even boost their confidence in getting well acquainted with letters.
  2. Reading Exercises: Provide reading materials to kids with easy and simple phrases. Ask them to read and highlight the c words. This will help them to identify the word and at the same time understand the meaning. Moreover, kids will be able to improve their handwriting and develop critical thinking skills. 
  3. Coloring the C-Word: Provide sheets that consist of many alphabetic words. You can ask kids to recognize the c-word and color them. This is fascinating for kids to get involved in some learning activities. Besides this, this will enable them to understand the importance of c words for kids learning. 
  4. Connecting the dots: You need to encourage kids to connect the dots of images or words related to c words. It helps kids in remembering the word effectively rather than confusing them with other words.

Frequently Asked Questions on C Words For Kids

What are some of the C Words for Kids?

Some of the C Words for Kids are cat, camp, can, circle, circus, close, curtain, cinema, chair, cold, cool, cup, coffee, calendar, coconut, come, carry, crude, centre, central, control, cake, carrot, carrier, courier, cream, cottage, cheese, etc.

What are Kindergarten C Words for Kids?

Kindergarten C Words for Kids are Cloud, cherry, cross, circle, crude, card, cash, crush, candy, crash, carb, cage, care, chair, city, communicate, credit, clock, cache, crack, create, etc.

What are some of the Preschool C Words for Kids?

Some of the Preschool C Words for Kids are can, cow, car, cold, camel, cod, cup, can, click, clip, cite, coat, cry, cut, corn, camp, clap, crab, Croatia, chrome, chant, chance, change, etc.

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