Christmas Words that Start with I

Christmas words that start with I can be one of the best games that can be played during the holiday season. It is significant because friends and families come together and bestow love and grace and show affection for each other. Celebration of the birthday of Jesus Christ gives inspiration to various people for a fresh start of relationships.

Christmas is celebrated to rejoice Jesus Christ’s birth, who Christians believe is God’s son. The name ‘Christmas’ appears from the Mass of Christ (or Jesus). So, we get the name Christ-Mass, abridged to Christmas. Christmas is now celebrated by people across the world.

Christmas Related Words that Start with I

Christmas related words that start with I are listed below. This holiday word list, including I terms, can assist with Christmas themed lettering homework and tasks, namely – making customized notes for holiday photo cards or greeting cards.


Christmas Facts for Children

The term ‘Xmas’ means Christmas

Usage of the term ‘Xmas’ chronicles back to the 16th century. The ‘X’ in the word Xmas comes from the early Greek language. In Greek, Christ starts with the alphabet X. So, Xmas is  Christmas.

Rudolph, the ‘Red-Nosed Reindeer’ has helpers too

Kids apparently are aware of Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer, who draws Santa’s sledge on Christmas Eve. It would be difficult for Rudolph alone to draw Santa’s sledge. It is packed and loaded with presents to the brim for each kid in the world, and Rudolph can’t draw that alone. Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer, is Santa’s ninth deer. And all the eight reindeers assist him. These eight reindeers are Dancer, Cupid, Dunder, Vixen, Dasher, Comet, Blixem and Prancer. Create jingles and add Christmas words that start with an I to have fun with learning.

The Christmas garland is a symbol of love and endless life

The Christmas garland is a representative of the crown of spines that Jesus used. Finally, the colors of Christmas – green, gold, and red were added. Green is said to symbolize life, Gold stands for royalty and light, and Red represents the blood of Jesus. And the pine foliage used to create Christmas garlands symbolizes the flow of life and growth in the darkest days of winters. When the parents create a Christmas wreath, they can add Christmas related words that start with I.

Christmas cakes are not plum cakes

One of the best things about Christmas is the plum cake, and kids love eating it. But do the children know what cakes are eaten during Christmas? The cakes they eat at Christmas are plum cakes. However, there are no plums on the cake. Raisins were called plums in ancient times and mixed ingredients in an East to West direction.

Alabama was the first state in the US to have recognised Christmas as a holiday

Alabama was the first state in the US to identify Christmas as a festival and holiday season in 1836. Kids will be interested to know about the last state, too, so fill their interest. It’s Oklahoma. Oklahoma identified Christmas as a holiday in the year 1907.Osmo also provides a wide range of Christmas Toys for Kids to benefit children, which helps them enjoy while learning.