Preschool Patterns Worksheets

Help Your Child Identify And Create Patterns With These Preschool Patterns Worksheets

The world around us is filled with beautiful patterns. But sometimes we are oblivious to these patterns around us. Patterns are things or designs that repeat in a logical order. They can be designs, numbers, images or shapes. For example: the number of petals in a flower and the way they’re arranged. The stripes on a zebra or the spots on a leopard are also examples of patterns. Help your preschooler learn about patterns using these preschool patterns worksheets.

Patterns are an important part of children’s education. Learning patterns helps establish order in our lives. Additionally, it helps children learn to sequence, make predictions, and teach them to use reasoning skills to make logical connections. All this helps in sharpening their mathematical and analytical skills. Preschool patterns worksheets introduces your little one to the wonderful world of patterns and helps them learn about it easily.

Preschool Patterns Worksheets

Here are some simple preschool pattern worksheets that will help your child practice identifying and creating patterns.

Preschool Patterns Worksheets: Complete The Rest Of The Pattern

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Easy Pattern Worksheets For Preschool

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Number Pattern Worksheets For Preschool

Complete the pattern on the worksheet: Pattern worksheets for preschoolers

Preschool Patterns Worksheets: What Comes Next?

Identify the shapes: Preschool pattern printable worksheets

If you walk around the neighborhood, you’ll notice several patterns. Some things repeat in a certain order by size, shape or color. For example: The rings on trees or patterns on leaves or even the pattern at the bottom of your shoes. We, humans, have a natural tendency to make sense of our experiences through patterns. Even little kids do this, unknowingly. For example, if you give a preschooler a box of blocks, they’ll make some interesting arrangements using them or they might build a pyramid. 

Teaching Kids To Identify Patterns

Kids can spot patterns easily, it helps that the world around us is filled with patterns. Start with the easy stuff that involves a hands-on activity or playing to get them to discover patterns around them.


Sorting is a great way to introduce your little one to patterns. Place a jar of assorted buttons in front of the child. Ask them to sort the buttons into different piles based on shape, size and color.  Once they have grasped the concept of sorting, start by teaching them simple patterns using pattern blocks or math cubes. You can also use numbers and alphabets to show them patterns.

Place a blank piece of paper in front of your child and write the number 1. Ask your child to tell you what number comes next in the sequence. Another great activity is to sort toy vehicles according to their category. For example: Planes for vehicles that travel by air, boats for vehicles that travel in water and cars for vehicles that move on land.

Discover patterns in nature

A great way to teach little kids to discover patterns is to go outdoors. Not only does this activity help children learn patterns, but it also helps them exercise. Point out a few patterns to help the kids get started.

For example:

  1. The rings on a tree
  2. Patterns in a flower
  3. Patterns on a sidewalk
  4. Patterns on different leaves

Now ask them to go around and find other patterns in the neighborhood. Once they come back with their findings, discuss the various patterns they found. 

Patterns using music

Music is a wonderful approach to help your children understand and create patterns. Play some music with an upbeat tempo and teach your child to tap their feet to the rhythm. Once they get used to the rhythm, teach them to clap to the beat. Clap slowly at first and then increase the pace and then vary with fast and slow claps alternatively. Then ask the child to jump to the left and then jump to the right. 

This activity will teach the child to understand rhythm and patterns. The Hokey Pokey song is a great way to help children learn patterns using music. 

Patterns using food

Another beautiful way to help children learn patterns is through food. Let your little chef help you during breakfast, dinner or lunch prep. Use this opportunity to help them learn about patterns by decorating food or adding ingredients while preparing food. For example: When making pancakes, have your child place two blueberries and one banana on one pancake. Then have them add two bananas and one blueberry for the next one. Repeat the exercise on every other pancake until they grasp the concept. 

Another fun way to learn repeating patterns through food is to make fruit skewers. Place strawberries, banana slices, blueberries and mango chunks in separate bowls in front of your child. Ask them to lay out a design for the fruit skewers. For example: Skewer 1 will be strawberry- blueberry-banana-strawberry-blueberry-banana. Skewer 2 can be 1strawberry-2bluberries-2mangoes-2bluberries-1strawberry. Let them carefully skewer the fruits in the pattern of their choice and enjoy them!

Pattern worksheets

As they observe patterns, they’ll understand how to recognize and create their own simple patterns. At this point, introduce them to patterns worksheets. These worksheets will help them identify different patterns, finish incomplete patterns and create new patterns. The preschool pattern worksheets help in reinforcing the knowledge they’ve learnt from observing patterns in nature, sorting and through music and dancing.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Preschool Patterns Worksheets

What are the different types of Preschool Patterns Worksheets?

The different types of Preschool Patterns Worksheets are finish the rest of the pattern, simple pattern worksheets for preschoolers, number patterns, find out what number comes next, etc.

How to help kids in recognizing the preschool patterns?

It is easy to introduce preschoolers to identify patterns with the following ways such as helping them sort the patterns by identifying the colors, then discovering the patterns, and later you can engage them by identifying the patterns using food and music.