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Learning how to tell the time is an essential skill that kids must master. Moreover, knowing how to tell the time can help children with their cognitive, motor and mathematical skills. An early introduction helps kids learn a new concept easily and quickly. Time games for kids and clock worksheets are some of the best ways to help kids learn to read a clock and tell time accurately.

Games, activities and math worksheets for kids make learning math fun and entertaining. Additionally, these activities also help the little learners develop their gross motor skills, thinking ability and problem solving skills. In addition to all these, it keeps them engaged while they learn too. 

Clock worksheets play a significant role in teaching children numbers and time management skills. Learning to manage their time well is a crucial skill, which comes in handy throughout their lives. Therefore, little children must be taught how to read the clock and provided with clock time worksheets. Also, include Math Activities while teaching them to tell the time. 

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List of Clock Worksheets For Kids 

Osmo’s clock worksheets are designed to keep the kids engaged in their learning, while they have fun. When teaching the kids how to read a clock, involve the little ones in some fun games for kids. These games make it more enjoyable for the children to learn how to tell time. If your little ones find numbers and time telling challenging, games and clock worksheets make it easier for them to learn. Here are some free printable clock worksheets for kids.

Clock Worksheet for Kindergarten

Once your kindergartener can recognize and read the numbers, it is time to teach them to read a clock. Help your kindergartener learn how to tell time with these analog clock worksheets for kids.

Write the time on the worksheet: Free Clock worksheets for kids

Check Worksheets for kids to boost your child’s learning of science, math and language.

Digital Clock Worksheets

Help children learn to read a digital clock and tell time accurately using these clock worksheets.

Circle the time shown on the clock:  Printable clock worksheets for kids

Help Kids Learn About Different Kinds Of Clocks With Clock Worksheets

A clock is a device, which helps us tell time. A clock usually has several hands, which point to the second, minute and hour. A clock can be an enormous one in a tower that can be seen for miles or it can be a compact watch to wear on your wrist. There are several types of clocks. Before you hand out clock worksheets to your kids, help them learn about the different types of clocks. The two most common types of clocks are, analog and digital.

Digital Clock

This digital clock has no hands nor arms to confuse the little minds. A digital clock displays the time in numbers, so children find it easy to read the time on a digital clock. There are 2 kinds of digital clocks, the 12 hour clock and the 24 hour clock.

The 12 hour digital clock uses the numbers 1 to 12 to tell time. It indicates the time from 1pm to 12 am (midnight) and then 1 am to 12 pm (noon). The 24 hour clock shows time using the numbers 00 to 23, the time is indicated in the format 00:00 ( midnight) and 23:59. Some digital clocks also have numbers that glow, this makes it easy to tell time even in the dark.

Analog Clock

An analog clock is a clock with numbers from 1 to 12 and two or three needles or arms to indicate the time. When you introduce an analog clock to the little learners, explain the function of each of the arms to them. The longer arm shows the minutes, while the shortest hand symbol represents the hour. Some clocks have a longer, thinner arm than the one that represents minutes, this arm represents the seconds. Some analog clocks have Roman numerals instead of the Hindu-Arabic number system (1 – 12).

Benefits Of Using Clock Worksheets For Kids

Here are some ways that clock worksheets help children:

  • Learning to read a clock and tell time is one of the most important skills a child must master. But all those numbers and hands can sometimes be confusing for children, solving clock worksheets helps children learn to tell time easily.
  • Solving clock worksheets helps children practice to tell time using various types of clocks. This boosts their confidence and helps them tell time accurately from a digital or even an analog clock.
  • Solving these worksheets also helps children calculate time manually.

Worksheets, activities and games like puzzles for kids make learning a lot easier and enjoyable. Make sure to visit Osmo’s website to know more about fun educational games and activities that help with kids learning.

Frequently Asked Questions on Clock Worksheets

What are the different types of Clock Worksheets?

The different types of clock worksheets are clock worksheet for preschool, clock worksheet for kindergarten, digital clock worksheet, analog clock worksheet, etc.

What are the benefits of Clock Worksheets?

The benefits of Clock Worksheets are that kids learn to read the clock and learn about hour, minute and second arms. Also, they learn about numbers and telling time correctly. Most importantly, kids learn about importance of time.

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