Best Trivia Games for Kids

Ever found a kid say “NO” to playing games? Never ever, right?

However, when it comes to studies, we often have to break our heads to make them sit and learn for a few minutes. 

Not anymore!

Children are fond of playing so we have devised the best trivia games for kids that impart hands-on learning experiences to them. 

To help you assist your kids, we are here with some amazing trivia games ideas you can try at home. These fun trivia games for kids include games for Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, as well as learning Mathematics, Science, Geography, Language and much more. 

  1. Math Trivia Games for Kids
    • Identifying Shapes Around
      Shapes are found everywhere. You can ask your kids to identify any 5 shapes in a room. Like, an air conditioner’s rectangular shape, or a square-shaped window, a circular cap of the bottle, etc
    • Count and Match
      You can create a simple worksheet at home on which you can draw a bunch of 5 flowers, 6 apples, 1 pen, 9 stars, etc. Then write the numbers at the borders. Ask your children to count the number of articles and match it accordingly.
    • For instance, the bunch of flowers here will be matched to 5. 

    • Arithmetic Flashcards
      Flashcards are amazing when it comes to learning quickly. Prepare flashcards with different operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc.
    • For instance, you can write these on different flashcards

      3 + 7 

      10 – 3

      2 * 5

      Then ask your kid to answer 10 such flashcards in 15 seconds. 

  2. Science Trivia Games for Kids
    • Planets Quiz

      You can enjoy asking a little quiz on planets to your children. And, do not forget to set the timer!
    • For example,
      Which planet is nearest to the sun?

      Which planet is farthest from the sun?

      Which planets have rings around them?

      Which is believed to be the hottest planet in our solar system?

    • Evaporation-Condensation
    • We see science happening around us. All we need to do is to make our kids see that too!

      You can explain evaporation-condensation through a little activity in your kitchen. 

      Boil water in a container. Show them water-vapour rising above the water, which is the water evaporating. Switch off the flame and cover water with a plate. After some time, you can see water droplets on the inner surface of the plate. That is because of the process of condensation. 

    • Animals flashcards
    • Get images of animals printed on little flashcards and let your kid identify those animals in a stipulated amount of time.

  3. Geography Trivia Games for Kids
    • Countries and their Capitals
    • Make two sets of flashcards, the first set with the names of some famous countries and the other set with names of their respective capitals. 

      Ask your kids to pick a country from the first set and find its capital from the second set. 

    • The Five-Element Drawing
    • You can encourage your kids’ knowledge of nature by asking them to draw the five elements of nature- Earth, Air, Water, Sky and Fire. 

  4. Osmo’s Thanksgiving trivia game for kids
    • Thanksgiving Cards
    • Make Thanksgiving a memorable event with our Thanksgiving cards. 

    • Letter Pad for Thanksgiving
    • Spread gratitude with our lovely letter pads for Thanksgiving. 

    • Shuffle Words and Puzzles
    • Improve your children’s vocabulary with this amazing word exercise of shuffling words. Solve this amazing crossword puzzle this Thanksgiving!

  5. Osmo’s Christmas trivia game for kids
    • Cut and Color Sheets
    • We have for your children some fun-tastic cut and color sheets full of Osmo cartoon characters. 

    • Cut and Tie Coloring Hat
    • Get for your little ones some cut and color printable hats that they can tie with yarn. 

    • Christmas Unscramble
    • Let your kids unscramble the Osmo games words and number the pictures given on the sheets accordingly. 

  6. Osmo’s Halloween trivia game for kids
  7. Halloween is thoroughly enjoyed across the globe on the 31st of October. We have lots of fun activities for your kids to try out this Halloween season. Here are the details of some of those activities:

    • Cut and Tie Mask
    • Get funny and creative sheets where you can cut out the mask as per the given outline. Punch a hole and tie yarn to that. And there you have your own DIY mask ready. 

    • Coloring Images
    • Color cartoon characters as per the image provided on the top right corner of the sheet and enjoy your own Bunny, Beatrice, Misha and other cartoon characters. 

If you are wondering how to make a trivia game for kids, don’t worry as we have got you covered. You can refer to all the above-mentioned game ideas and watch your kids learn and play simultaneously. 

What Subjects does Osmo promote for Hands-on Kids Learning?

We offer hands-on learning games on various subjects like Math, Drawing, Spelling, Coding, World Geography, Shapes, etc. 


To refine your kids’ mathematical skills, we have Math games like Numbers and Pizza Co. 


Monster, Super Studio and Masterpiece are super-fun drawing games designed for kids.


In this game, an image is displayed on the screen. Kids have to identify the image and spell the word by putting together the alphabets of the word in front of the screen.


Coding Awbie, Coding Jam, Coding Duo are beginner, intermediate and high-level coding games where kids get to move physical elements to make changes in the digital screen.

And our list goes on. Find the perfect learning kits for your kids and kickstart their amazing learning journeys. Shop now!