Colors For Toddlers

Simple Learning Colors For Toddlers Printables 

Once your toddler turns 1 or 2, you can notice he/she will start to observe things around them. Your child will try to process new information and learn any sort of signs, gestures, or simple words that you teach them. You can also notice that your child will start mimicking you or other elders around them. It is because, from the time they are born to age 5, your child’s brain develops drastically. Therefore, it is essential to teach your toddler basic things such as learning alphabets, counting numbers, identifying shapes and sizes, etc. Among these, teaching colors for toddlers is important for enhancing kids’ learning experience. There are interesting and simple learning colors for toddlers printables available online. 

Learning colors can improve your toddler’s brain activities and help them keep active. You can teach all about primary and secondary colors with the help of color learning games for toddlers. A number of free online color learning games for toddlers that will help them to learn about colors effectively. In this article, we will be introducing colors for toddlers that are easy to recognize. But, before that, let us learn about the difference between primary and secondary colors and the advantages of learning colors for toddlers. To enhance their learning, introduce alphabet coloring pages at the beginning of their learning process. 

Different Types Of Learning Colors For Toddlers 

You can try this coloring activity with your toddler to learn the difference between primary and secondary colors. There are many learning colors for toddler games available online. With this, you can conduct learning color activities for toddlers in a creative way. Apart from this, explore drawing games for kids where they can apply all the attractive colors to the images. When a few colors such as red, yellow, or blue are mixed, different colors are produced. For example, mixing red and yellow produces orange. 

  • The colors that are produced when mixed with other colors are secondary colors. These colors are orange, purple and green.
  • The ones that cannot be produced by mixing different colors are primary colors. Red, yellow and blue belong to the primary colors group.
  • Mixing primary and secondary colors produces tertiary colors

Simple Activities To Learn Colors For Toddlers

Kids at this age are extremely joyful and fun in doing things they like. Therefore, you can introduce colors for toddlers right at this moment. Until  kids reach 3 years of age, they might not recognize the colors effectively. However, you need to put extra effort in color learning games for toddlers. Besides this, conduct art activities for kids where they can learn about colors more efficiently. 

List Of Learning Colors For Toddlers

  • Coloring puzzles for your toddlers to recognize and identify different types of colors: This is one  You can easily teach your toddler to learn about primary and secondary colors with the help of simple puzzles. A number of puzzles are available online and offline which help toddlers to recognize and remember colors. These puzzles contain colorful blocks such as red, green, blue, orange, etc with the name of the color printed on a different block. Your toddler can solve this puzzle by matching the right color block to its name block. 
  • Learning colors with the help of crayons, paint and color pencils: This is one of the easiest and best ways for your toddler to learn about colors. They can simply use different colored pencils, paints, crayons, and watercolors and draw or scribble anything on the canvas. When your toddler is holding a different color pencil or paint in his/her hand, make sure you recite the color names so that they can get a hand of different colors and their names. 
  • Teach your toddler about colors with the help of coloring books: You can purchase different coloring books that are available for toddlers. These books usually have their favorite cartoon or Disney characters. Make your toddler color all the white spaces that have to be filled. They can use any different color to make the picture more colorful. With constant practice, your child will learn to color within the picture and space provided.
  • Clay doughs: Playing with clay dough is considered to be one of the favorite activities for toddlers and young kids. You can teach your toddler to use play doughs of different colors to learn about primary and secondary colors. This activity can be done with the help of colorful play doughs. You can teach your toddler to mix different colored playdough which produces new colors and also create different structures or shapes using clay dough. 
  • Learning and recognizing colors with the help of nature and surroundings: There are different colors and patterns everywhere around us. If we observe closely we can find them every day. You can help your toddler recognize and identify the colors by teaching them to observe nature. The blue sky, red and orange sunrise and sunset, green leaves and trees, different colored flowers, insects, animals, etc. Observing all these different-colored phenomena and living beings that exist in nature can impact your child’s brain positively and help them connect with nature. 
  • Learning colors by labelling all the household objects: kids love to explore things around the house. In such a scenario, you conduct color learning games for toddlers at home. Label some of the important items and ask kids to explore and identify the colors mentioned on it. Keep them engaged with such activities. 

Ways For Learning Colors For Toddlers

Simple ways to conduct color games for toddlers for learning colors are mentioned below: 

  • Start with simple and two colors at a time. 
  • Add more colors once the kids get familiar with primary colors. 
  • Teach kids to differentiate colors. 
  • Conduct engaging activities to create interest in learning colors. 
  • Use household materials to teach colors for toddlers. 

Benefits Of Color Learning Games For Toddlers

Some of the benefits of color for toddlers are mentioned below: 

  • Learning colors impact your toddler’s cerebral development drastically
  • Learning colors with the help of games and activities help your toddler to focus for a long period of time
  • Coloring activities are fun, easy and less time consuming
  • Your toddler will be more excited to draw and color various cartoons and pictures which keeps them active throughout the day
  • Coloring activities hugely enhance your toddler’s cognitive skills such as reading, writing, observing and paying attention

Frequently Asked Questions on Colors For Toddlers

What are the colors that the toddlers can be given?

The colors for toddlers are something they would always be curious about and would love to learn more about it. Hence, you can introduce those colors that are not harsh to their eyes and have a subtle hue. You can also introduce them to those colors that have simple spellings and easy to remember.

How to introduce colors for toddlers?

Colors for toddlers can be introduced to them by showing them different colored objects that they get to see on a daily basis. By doing this, kids learn to identify colors quickly and remember them for a long time.

Can toddlers learn coloring?

Yes, colors for toddlers are one of the most engaging activities for them. Kids can certainly learn coloring once they learn to identify colors and remember the names. Also, you can give them to color some simple objects during their initial stages of learning coloring.

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