Subtraction With Regrouping Worksheets

Subtraction is an elementary math concept that all children will have to learn. In math, subtraction is the process of taking away or finding the difference. Learning subtraction can be difficult compared to addition, so help kids learn using fun math worksheets for kids. Initially, students learn how to subtract single digit numbers. But as they progress to grade 2, students will have to learn how to subtract bigger numbers, numbers with 2 or more digits. This is when they’re taught subtraction with regrouping and the easiest way to teach the concept is using subtraction with regrouping worksheets.

Learning subtraction with regrouping could prove a bit difficult for them to understand. So, before moving on to more advanced subtraction, revise the basics. Practice subtracting single digit numbers with the children until they are confident. Help kids solve double digit subtraction worksheets to practice problems. Revise the place value system with the kids before you teach subtraction with regrouping. Then help them learn using free, printable subtraction with regrouping worksheets.

List of Subtraction with Regrouping Worksheets

Help students become more confident in solving bigger subtraction problems using subtraction with regrouping worksheets. These worksheets for kids include 2 digit, 3 digit and 4 digit subtraction problems. It also includes subtraction word problems that students can use the regrouping method to solve.

2 Digit Subtraction with Regrouping Worksheets

Solve the subtraction sums in the worksheet using the regrouping or borrowing method. Write the numbers in the vertical or column method before solving the problem. Check out the two-digit subtraction with regrouping worksheets given below.

Subtract the numbers by regrouping: Printable subtraction with regrouping worksheets

3 Digit Subtraction with Regrouping Worksheet

Help your children practice subtraction with regrouping worksheets. Kids can learn to solve three-digit numbers on the worksheet given below. This worksheet help them learn subtraction effectively.

Subtract 3 digit numbers: 3 digit subtraction with regrouping worksheets for kids

Find the Missing Number Subtraction with Regrouping Worksheet

Allow kids to expand their thinking abilities with the help of worksheets. You can provide them with worksheets consisting of interesting exercises. In this worksheet, kids need to find the missing number of an equation. Check out the subtraction with regrouping worksheets given below.

Fill in the missing numbers: Free subtraction with regrouping worksheets for kids

Tips to Help Kids Solve Subtraction with Regrouping Worksheets

Here are a few tips that will help children learn how to subtract big numbers in the subtraction with regrouping worksheets above. Before you teach subtraction using regrouping, ensure that the children know the terms used in subtraction.

A subtraction equation has three different numbers. They’re called minuend, subtrahend and the difference.

  • Minuend: The minuend is the number from which we subtract another number. It is the first number in the subtraction equation. For example, 7 – 4. Here, 7 is the minuend.
  • Subtrahend: The subtrahend is the number that we subtract from the other number. It’s the number after the minus sign (). In the example above, the number 4 is the subtrahend.
  • The difference: The difference is the number you get when you subtract the subtrahend from the minuend. In the subtraction equation, the difference is the number after the equals sign ( = ). In the example above, the number 3 is the difference.

A subtraction problem can also be solved using the column or vertical method. Let’s consider the same example as before, 7 – 4.

Subtraction With Regrouping Worksheets

Mostly, the minuend is a larger number than the subtrahend, but sometimes, the subtrahend could be a larger number than the minuend. In such situations, you need to subtract the numbers using the regrouping method. Regrouping or borrowing is the process of breaking down a number into tens and ones, according to the place value system. In a subtraction problem, if the subtrahend is greater than the minuend, we regroup or borrow to make the minuend a bigger number. This makes it possible to subtract the subtrahend from the minuend. Solving problems using free subtraction with regrouping worksheets makes it easier for kids to grasp the concept.

To solve a subtraction problem using regrouping, the numbers of the problem are written in columns according to the place value system. First, the numbers in the ones column are subtracted. Then the numbers in the tens column and then the hundreds column and so on. Here is an example to help you understand.

Let’s find out how much 162 – 98 is.


Since 2 is lesser than 8, we need to regroup. 142 can be written as 100 + 60 + 2. Borrow 1 ten from 60. Add it to 2, so now we have 12 and 50 or 5 tens. Now, subtract 8 from 12.


But 5 tens is lesser than 9 tens, so we borrow 1 hundred from 100. Add it to 5, so now we have 150 or 15 tens. Now, subtract 9 from 15. Finally, since we borrowed 100 to add to 5, we’re left with 0.


Therefore, 162 – 98 = 64.

Subtraction with regrouping might seem complicated but it is quite simple. When students practice subtraction using regrouping often, they’ll gradually understand the concept. And it is a very useful tool that will come in handy when dealing with money and measuring time and distance. 

Benefits of Using Subtraction with Regrouping Worksheets

The benefits of using subtraction with regrouping worksheets for kids are given below.

  • It helps children learn subtraction creatively.
  • It develops mathematical skills in children.
  • It improves children’s academic performance.
  • It keeps children active and engaged while practicing subtraction problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Subtraction With Regrouping Worksheets

What is subtraction with regrouping?

Subtraction with regrouping is a simpler way of subtracting two or more 2 and 3 digit numbers. In this method, the numbers are arranged vertically to perform subtraction. In this method, the digits are broken down into tens and ones according to the place value system. In case the minuend is smaller than the subtrahend, you regroup or borrow from the previous number to increase the value of the minuend.

How do you find the difference between two numbers using subtraction with regrouping?

You can use following steps to use subtraction with regrouping method given below:
Step 1: Arrange the numbers vertically, according to the place value system.
Step 2: Then subtract the numbers in the ones first. If the minuend is larger than the subtrahend, borrow or regroup 1 from the tens column. Subtract the numbers to find the difference.
Step 3: Now you subtract the numbers in the tens column. If you’ve borrowed from the tens column, the number reduces. Subtract the numbers as usual. If the minuend is smaller than the subtrahend, borrow 1 from the hundreds column. Subtract the two numbers to find the difference.
Step 4: Continue with the rest of the digits until you’ve calculated the answer for the last digits.