Would You Rather Questions for Kids

Playing a game of ‘Would You Rather’ is a great way to kill some time. Especially when you want to keep kids occupied while you prepare a meal, or if they’re bored studying and need a break.

Not to forget, this game is a great way to get your kids laughing their heads off too! This game can also be played in the classroom probably between classes. Read on to find out the ‘Would You Rather’ questions for kids we’ve listed for you to try with your little one.

100 Would You Rather Questions for Kids

Choosing between two appealing or unappealing scenarios sure sounds difficult, especially for indecisive little ones. All of us can admit to facing some difficulty when it comes to ordering something at a restaurant or picking out a gift for someone. We’re faced with the task of making several decisions without us even really realizing it! 

Check out these awesome, funny ‘would you rather’ questions for kids that encourage kids to not only be decisive but to be as imaginative as possible!

Would you rather…

  1. Meow like a cat after every sentence or moo like a cow?
  2. Have a horse tail or butterfly wings?
  3. Wear a clown nose or a clown wig for the rest of your life?
  4. Be really tall or really strong?
  5. Eat whatever you want and not gain weight at all, or be invisible?
  6. Read minds or talk to animals?
  7. Travel to the future or the past?
  8. Be a teacher or a police officer?
  9. Run really fast or fly?
  10. Be trapped in the desert with a friendly lion or 20 bees?
  11. Hug a frog or kiss a snake?
  12. Have an extra toe or extra finger?
  13. Constantly have a cold or a cough?
  14. Live on a farm or in a mansion?
  15. Have a pet zebra or a pet turtle?
  16. Go to the dentist or doctor?
  17. Eat rotten eggs or sour milk?
  18. Drink a cup of hot sauce or eat a huge block of cheese?
  19. Go bungee jumping or ice skating?
  20. Wear sweatpants for the rest of your life or a swimsuit?
  21. Have 4 legs or 4 arms?
  22. Live in the sea or in the sky?
  23. Eat an ant or a bee?
  24. Play basketball or badminton?
  25. Be friends with Superman or Spiderman?
  26. Eat french fries or chocolate pie?
  27. Have yellow ears or a green nose?
  28. Live in the South Pole or the North Pole?
  29. Be a monkey or a giraffe?
  30. Have a picnic at the beach or in the park?
  31. Go for a drive in a double-decker bus or a limousine?
  32. Have 100 friends or 3 really close friends?
  33. Have a trampoline or a pool?
  34. Have glue stuck on your foot or a bucket stuck on your head?
  35. Go to the aquarium or the zoo?
  36. Meet your favorite celebrity or be a celebrity?
  37. Go to a concert or the movies?
  38. Be the smartest person in the world or the funniest?
  39. Never have to clip your toenails, or never have to take a shower again?
  40. Walk backward for the rest of your life or crawl on all fours?
  41. Have 3 noses or 2 eyes in the middle of your head?
  42. Lick the bathroom floor or a dirty trash can?
  43. Have your own personal robot or a magic carpet that flies?
  44. Ride a bike or fly a plane?
  45. Create a new language or a new holiday?
  46. Be a famous dancer or a famous singer?
  47. Control the weather or speak to the dead?
  48. Star in a movie or direct a movie on your own?
  49. Have a very loud voice or only be able to whisper?
  50. Have a very clean house or a very clean car?
  51. Live on Mars or the Moon?
  52. Eat a whole lime or a raw onion?
  53. Change the color of your hair whenever you want or change the length of your hair anytime you want?
  54. Be the President or an Olympic athlete?
  55. Live without a phone or without the TV?
  56. Play every instrument or speak every language?
  57. Go paragliding or go on a roller coaster?
  58. Visit Japan or China?
  59. Play in the sand on a beach or snow in the mountains?
  60. Sweat honey or sweat pure water?
  61. Rake leaves or shovel snow?
  62. Live in the heat for the rest of your life, or in the cold?
  63. Live without ever watching a movie again, or without music?
  64. Have lived in the 1770s or 1870s?
  65. Play the piano or violin?
  66. Have a new pair of shoes every day in your closet or a new pair of pants?
  67. Not be allowed to eat sweets for a year, or not be allowed to eat noodles for a year?
  68. Have very big feet or very small hands?
  69. Have hot dogs or burgers?
  70. Be a science teacher or a math teacher?
  71. See a tiny giraffe or a giant turtle?
  72. Eat ice cream for every meal or eat pizza for every meal
  73. Play laser tag or play paintball?
  74. Jump in a pool of chocolate pudding or a pool of strawberry icecream?
  75. Have breakfast in a castle or dinner at the Eiffel tower?
  76. Constantly itch or constantly dance?
  77. Discover a live dinosaur or a secret treasure?
  78. Be 5 years older or 3 years younger?
  79. Be really good at sports or good at math?
  80. Text super fast or read super fast?
  81. Live in a house shaped like a triangle or a house shaped like a circle?
  82. Hold your breath like a whale or jump like a kangaroo?
  83. Be very lucky with an average IQ or very unlucky with a super high IQ?
  84. Never have to do any homework or be paid 5$ for every assignment?
  85. Play indoors or outdoors?
  86. Have several spiders crawl on your face or eat 1 non-poisonous spider?
  87. Live on a boat or a cabin in the woods?
  88. Have a treehouse with several slides or a big house with an entertainment system in every room?
  89. Drive an ambulance or a police car?
  90. Own a rat or a mouse?
  91. Do a science experiment or a book report for school?
  92. Be a dog sitter or a babysitter?
  93. Be able to read lips or know sign language?
  94. Move to a different country or a different city?
  95. Predict your future or completely forget your past?
  96. Have 1 bee sting you, or have 10 mosquito bites?
  97. Talk to dogs or cats, if you had the ability to?
  98. Get an extra 3 weeks of summer break or be able to travel to every country in the world?
  99. Ride a horse or a camel?

    100. Get up early or stay up late?

Benefits of Would You Rather Questions for Kids

Would you rather questions for kids surprisingly have more benefits than you may realize:

  1. You can play almost anywhere! Just try to mentally prepare your questions, or refer to the list of would you rather questions for kids above.
  2. It enhances your child’s listening skills. It pushes kids to pay attention to your questions, focus, and then tell their answers.
  3. Although our list includes a few silly would you rather questions for kids, there are a few that do require your kids to think before they answer. This improves their critical thinking skills.
  4. Any number of people can play! Unlike several other games that might have restrictions on the number of people that can participate, the would you rather game allows any number of kids to play, ask questions, and have a blast.
  5. It enhances reading and speaking skills without kids even realizing it. As kids listen to each question, they’re actually learning new vocabulary, which improves their reading and speaking skills.
  6. Would you rather questions for kids encourage kids to get creative as they imagine themselves in various situations. As the list includes many real-life scenarios too, it helps them get an idea of how they would behave if such a situation would present itself.
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  8. Finally, and most importantly, it’s FUN!

We hope you try these would you rather questions for kids. For more kids learning games and activities, check the rest of our website! 
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