Months of the Year Printables

Students must practice reciting the months of the year. Parents and teachers can provide the kids with Months of the Year Printables and ask them to fill up the blanks and later assess the answers. Students put months into the proper order, play thrilling games and activities, march and sing a song, read aloud a comic tale and practice a monthly writing worksheet.

Learning the months of the year in the correct sequence is not the most straightforward assignment. However, listening to the months of the year song while learning the months of the year spelling certainly helps the children.

Months of the Year Printables

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How to Teach Months of the Year?

Teach the Months of the Year Vocabulary

Begin by viewing an English calendar with everyone. Find some fun ways to learn the calendar. Firstly, ask students to show the holidays such as Christmas and show their birthdays by encouraging them to practice free printable months of the year worksheets. Question in which month their birthdays fall. And point to the month name (for instance, April) at the top of each month. Begin to teach the English words for months. Tell the kids to read the months aloud. By doing this, children gain confidence. Ask what is the current month as well as the following (by using the calendar):

  • Which month is Christmas?
  • Months additional holidays are in (for example, famous national holidays, Easter, this, however, depends on the country the kids are from).
  • Months for various seasons (for example, spring, summer, fall, and winter).

Sing the Months March Song

Place one set of months cards on the board in the proper sequence (or use our song poster). Get all the students to stand to attention, and then follow the actions in the ‘Gestures for Months March’ given below. If this is the first time a child sings a song, play it at least two times and let everyone have fun marching around in the classroom or home. Parents can give the kids a months of the year worksheet, which helps them practice and learn effectively.

Lyrics for ‘Months March’

Ready … March!

January (January)

February (February)

March (March)

April (April)

May (May)

June (June)

July (July)

August (August)

September (September)

October (October)

November (November)

December (December)

Everybody … Stop!

Ready … March!

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December.

Everybody … Stop!

Months March can be used as a worksheet for how to spell the months of the year?

Gestures for ‘Months March’

The steps are effortless for the song:

  1. Get all the kids to stand in a straight line facing forwards. All of them have to stand at attention like warriors (chin up, chests out, relatively straight and still).  Eventually, while practicing and reciting the months march, kids can be given months of the year for kindergarten worksheets.
  2. Begin the song and get all the children to march in time to the song on the command ‘Ready … March!’. All of them have to march in a straight line, arms waving up to the horizontal.
  3. The song’s first line is a repeat/call style: the musician names out the months, and all the kids repeat. Have everyone walk up and down the classroom reciting the months.
  4. On the word ‘Everybody … Stop!’ everyone pauses and stands to attention. Then begin marching again on ‘Ready … March’!
  5. Finally, now there is no repetition. Kids have to memorize the months and recite the song as they march.

Note: Parents and teachers can create engaging months of the year tracing worksheets for the kindergarten kids.

Play ‘Wall Touch’

Stick the cards on the wall. Ask all the kids to paste their cards across the walls around the room randomly. Then bring everyone into the centre of the room. Then, shout out ‘July’, and all the kids have to run over to a July card and touch it. Then ‘August’ and so on (in the right sequence) until they make it through all the printable months of the year for kids on the calendar.

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