Rhyming Games for Kids

Did you know that rhyming games are a great way to build a love for language? Plus, it also develops your child’s reading skills. Here are some more benefits of rhyming games:

  • Rhyming games improve phonological awareness, as it encourages kids to understand how different words sound the same.
  • Rhyming games add fun to learning and therefore make the task of reading less challenging.
  • When kids anticipate what the rhyming word could be, they develop their prediction skills which are important for reading.
  • Rhyming games also help kids understand the rhythm of language.

5 Rhyming Games to Try with Your Kids

We’ve got rhyming games your kids will love! Speaking of which, can you think of words that rhyme with ‘game’?

Rhyming Memory

This could be one of the best rhyming games for preschoolers. All you need are a few picture cards that depict simple vocabulary words. For example, cat, fan, etc. Make sure to have picture cards with their rhyming words as well. Your child needs to flip over each card, and find its matching rhyming word! As they do so, they need to pronounce each word as well. Have you checked out our alphabet letter matching game too?

To hone your child’s early literacy skills, check out Osmo’s ABCs game from the Little Genius Starter Kit.

Rhyming Race

Here’s one of the most awesome rhyming games for kids who love to move! Pin a word to each child’s shirt and have them dance to some music. When the music stops, they need to run to the person who has a coordinating rhyming word. You could make this game more fun by replacing words with images. 

Dinner Time

In this pretend play game, first gather your kids in the kitchen. Make sure to place a few pictures on different plates too. Kids need to use spoons or spatulas to pick out these rhyming pictures and transfer them to the right plates. Pretend play rhyming games for kindergarten like these, are perfect to make learning fun!

Rhyming Hopscotch

Here’s a twist on the popular game of hopscotch! As you can guess, all you have to do is first create the game using chalk and then write down words (or place images) inside each box. Next, say a word out loud so your child identifies the appropriate rhyming word and hops to it! If you’re looking for rhyming games for first grade, you could make a few changes to this game to make it a little more challenging. Maybe use tougher vocabulary words?

Animal Feeding

Got a few shoeboxes at home? Perfect. Here’s another cool rhyming game your kids will love. Place a few shoeboxes in front of your child and label each box to represent an animal. For example, if you’ve labeled the word “dog” to that box, kids would need to feed it with bones. Here, the ‘bones’ are actually the rhyming words. As in, you’d need to make various pairs of rhyming words in the shape of a bone for your kids to first identify these words and feed the dog! Rhyming games like these are a must-try.

For more letter recognition games and games for kids that develop your child’s literacy skills, check the rest of our website.

Frequently Asked Questions on Rhyming Games for Kids

What are some of the Rhyming Games for Kids?

Some of the Rhyming Games for Kids are rhyming memory games, rhyming race, rhyming dinner games, animal feeding rhyming games, filling in the missing letters, etc.

What are the advantages of Rhyming Games for Kids?

The advantages of Rhyming Games for Kids are that they improve their letter recognition skills, level of understanding the words, and the rhythm of any language.

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