Paper Games For Kids

Paper Games for Kids are simple games for kids, which make road trips, waiting rooms, or a day at home more fun and exciting. Here are 12 paper games for kids which are not only fun but help kids learn at the same time. 

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Additionally, these games for kids with paper are a great way to spend some quality time with your kids.

12 Best Paper Pencil Games For Kids To Enhance Their Creativity

Kids are often bored and testy when they are stuck indoors, going on a long drive or at the doctor’s office. Additionally, kids these days are addicted to electronic devices and play on them often, which harms them in several ways. So, what do you do to keep kids entertained and occupied? The answer to this question is paper games for kids. These games for kids with paper and pen are not only fun, but they are educational too.  

List Of Paper Games For Kids

All you need to play these games are paper and pens. Apart from organizing activities for kids at home, you can also conduct paper games for kids. These games are easy and entertaining and can be played anywhere and anytime. Check out these simple but fun paper games for kids. An added bonus is that these indoor games for kids help them detach from their devices and have fun with friends and family.

12 Simple Paper Games For Kids 

We’ve compiled a list of 12 amazing paper games for kids that your little ones are sure to enjoy.

  1. Categories
  2. This is one of the most loved paper games for kids and people all over the world play this game. This game is more fun when it’s played with a group of people. First, decide the number of categories and draw lines to divide a piece of paper into several categories. Pick a letter from the English alphabet and set a timer for 2 minutes. Then ask the kids to write words from that letter under the categories. For example, the categories are Girl’s name, boy’s name, color, place, animal, and thing and the chosen letter is B. Then you would write Bree, Brad, Blue, Boston, Badger, and Bottle under the categories.

    LetterGirls’ NamesBoys’ NamesColorsAnimals
  3. Hangman
  4. Hangman is one of the most popular paper games for kids. Additionally, it’s a great game to teach words for kids. All you have to do is think of a word and write a dash for each letter in the word. Then ask the child to guess the letters. For each correct guess, you write the letter on the dash. But for every wrong guess, add a part to the hangman figure. The game continues until the child guesses the word correctly or the hangman figure is completed.

    Paper games for kids
  5. Squares and Dots
  6. This is one of the easiest paper games for kids to play. Squares and dots or boxes are another wonderful game for kids that only need paper and a pen. Just draw dots on a sheet of paper. Each person takes a turn to draw lines to connect the dots with a straight line on the paper. The goal is to connect the dots to form a square. The first person to draw a square gets to write their initials inside. The person with the most squares and initials inside is the winner.

    Paper games for kids
  7. Foldovers
  8. This paper game is one of the best drawing games for kids too. Give every kid a piece of paper, ask them to draw a head on top of the page. It can be a person’s head or an animal’s head or an alien’s depending on the child’s imagination. Now ask the kids to fold the picture and hand it to the person next to them. The next person must draw the arms and chest, without seeing the first part of the drawing. It can be an alien or an animal or a person, depending on the child’s perception. Then, ask them to fold the paper again and pass it to the next child. Similarly, the next person draws a body (hips and stomach) and the last person draws the legs and feet. Finally, unfold the papers and have fun with the funny creatures that are created.

  9. Rhyming Word Ladder
  10. One of the most popular paper games for kids is word ladder. Word ladder is a fun word-building game, which helps children practice their word skills. This game differs slightly from the original word ladder, in this game the child just has to write a rhyming word to the first word. First, write a word on a sheet of paper. Then ask your child to write a rhyming word to the first word. This game is a great way to help children learn rhyming words for kids.

  11. Battleship
  12. Battleship is one of the most popular paper games for kids and they can play the game without the official version. All a child requires is a graph sheet. Each player needs two grids. Name each grid by writing numbers on the top and alphabets down the side to classify the squares easily. For instance, V6 or A9. One grid locates the ships, and the other records the gunshots against your enemy’s ships. Each player must place three or four ‘ships’ on his box. The first child to sink all the other ships is the winner. 

  13. Sprouts
  14. If drawing a straight grid of dots for squares and dots is difficult, this paper game for kids is more convenient and easy. Draw dots all over a piece of paper. The first player draws a line within any two dots and draws another dot in the middle of that line. The next player draws a line between any two dots and places a dot in the middle of that line. 

    No lines can intersect each other, but not necessarily be straight to circle other lines. Only three lines can arise from any of the dots. The dots in the middle of the lines have two lines joining them to the two other dots, so they can only have one more line. The game continues till one cannot draw more lines. The person who draws the last line is the winner.

  15. Tic-Tac-Toe
  16. This is one of the simplest paper games for kids where two people battle to win. This game for kids with paper is one that is loved by people of all ages. All you have to do is draw a tic-tac-toe grid. The first person is X and can place their X anywhere on the grid. The second player is O and must place the O corresponding to where X is placed on the grid. They continue until they get 3 X’s or Os in a row. The player who reaches the goal first wins. 

  17. Pictionary
  18. Pictionary is a very popular board game, but it can also be played with just a pen and paper. This game is best when you play it with two or more people. The main motive of the game is to guess the word represented in the form of an image. One player draws an image depicting the word given to him/her. The other has to guess the word correctly. For each correct guess, the person gets a point. The team with the maximum number of points is the winner. 

  19. Paper Fortune Teller
  20. Origami is a wonderful paper game for kids. Additionally, this activity is one of the best crafts for kids. A paper fortune teller or cootie catcher is a form of origami that is sure to keep kids entertained for a long time. To make your own paper fortune teller, you’ll need a square-shaped piece of construction paper, ruler, and markers. Follow these instructions to make your own paper fortune teller:

    • Fold the piece of paper diagonally, so that the top right corner touches the bottom left corner. Crease the fold and unfold the paper again.
    • Rotate the paper 90o and fold the paper in half so that the top half meets the bottom half of the paper. Crease the paper and unfold it. Now you’ll have 4 lines on the paper intersecting in the middle.
    • Using a ruler, draw on the lines with a marker. Now fold the corners of the paper and bring it to the center, where the lines intersect. Press down on the folds to hold them in place.
    • Once you’ve folded all the corners, you’ll have a square. Turn the paper over and fold the corners to the center until you have a smaller square with four triangles.
    • Write numbers from 1 to 8 in ascending order on each of the triangles. Turn the paper over and write the names of four colors on the front side of the fortune teller.
    • Write the fortunes or answers to questions underneath the flaps for each number. 
    • Your paper fortune teller is ready to use. Slide your fingers under the squares and start telling fortunes!
  21. Why, Because
  22. This is a fun paper game for kids that boosts their imagination and creativity. To play this game, hand each of the children a sheet of paper. Ask the children to write a question starting with why on the paper. Then ask them to hand the paper to the child sitting on the left. Now they have to answer the question starting with because. For example, why do dogs chase their tails? The answer can be “ because they want to chase the fly on their tail.”

  23. Balderdash
  24. This wonderful game is one of the most entertaining paper games for kids. It tests the player’s creativity and imagination. Additionally, it also tests their knowledge of words and their correct meanings. The first person writes a rare or strange word and the other players guess the definition of that word. This will lead to a lot of funny moments and laughs because of the weird definitions.

We hope you and your child enjoyed these paper games for kids. For more exciting games, activities and learning resources, check our kids learning section.

Frequently Asked Questions on Paper Games For Kids

What are paper games for kids?

Paper games for kids are those games that help kids to make creative things using paper such as animals, birds, flowers or such games that are played by drawing or writing on a piece of paper.

What are different kinds of paper games for kids?

The different kinds of paper games for kids are hangman, name, place, animal, thing, squares and dots, origami, word building activities, battleship, pictionary and many more. These are some of the different kinds of paper games for kids.

What are some easy tricks for paper games for kids?

Some of the easy tricks for paper games for kids are these games involves them in hands on play activities by using paper and pencil, motivate children to participate in the games and support them to think creatively and improve their vocabulary.

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