Paper Games for Kids

Paper Games for Kids are one of the most exciting games that keep the kids entertained. Kids tend to get bored quickly. However, at Osmo, learning is great fun. To keep the children engaged for a more extended period, the parents and teachers must regularly find new ways. However, it is not an easy task to follow. Below are the six best paper-pencil games for kids that can be played at home and school.


Draw a framework on paper – a square drawn with smaller squares. The number of squares can differ, depending on the child’s attention span. Towards the left, at the bottom, place some letters of the alphabet (for instance, one could spell out a child’s name: SAM). Over the top, write sections – for instance, boys’ names, girls’ names, colors, animals, cars, places. Parents and teachers can make this more challenging or simpler by replacing or switching the categories. Players have to take turns filling up the words that fit the category and begin with the letter in the left-hand column. (Next to the letter E, in this instance, one might have Emily, Edward, Emerald, and Elephant). Give bonus points for words that no one else thought of. ‘Categories’ is one such game for kids with paper that keeps the children engaged for a more extended period.

LetterGirls’ NamesBoys’ NamesColorsAnimals


People know how to play the traditional version of Hangman. But how about kids who aren’t yet master spellers?

Emma plays a spell suitable for pre-writers. “We play it like 20 Questions at a time – I would think of something, and my son must think of Yes or No questions to figure out what it was,” she says. “Every time he got an incorrect answer, I would add another part to the Hangman figure”.

paper games for kids

Squares and Dots

  • Start by drawing a grid of dots on a piece of paper.
  • Using graph paper or lined paper can make this relatively easier.
  • The first child draws a line joining two dots beside each other.
  • Next, the second kid then draws another line to join another two dots.
  • The purpose is to be the person who draws the last part of a square.
  • Kids must update their initials inside the box (or some other name to claim their square).
  • In other variants of this game, if a player completes a square, they get another chance.
  • When all the boxes are drawn, the child with the most squares is declared to be the winner.
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Give every kid a piece of paper, on the top section, sketch head. It can either be a person’s head or an animal’s head. Now ask the kids to fold that section backwards and slide it over the table to the next child. Without seeing the secret sketch, the next person must draw arms and chest (of an alien or an animal or a person), fold it, and pass it on to the next child. Without looking at the previous images, that person must draw a body (hips and stomach), and the last person has to draw the feet and legs. (Parents and teachers can have additional or fewer sections depending on the number of people playing). Ultimately, unfold the papers and have fun with the funny creatures created.

Building Words

This is one of the most exciting games to play on paper with kids who can read and spell. Below are detailed steps of how to play this thrilling game.

  • The first person has to write down a letter.
  • The next person adds a note for children who can spell and read this and have a memory word.
  • The subsequent player adds another alphabet, again thinking towards spelling out a word.
  • Now, the next player continues to add another letter, and so on until no one can add another letter.
  • If a kid thinks the other player doesn’t have a word in mind anymore, they can challenge them.
  • If the child says she/he doesn’t know the word, she or he is out.


This game is meant for two players. Battleship is one of the popular games they can play without the official version. All a child requires is a graph sheet. Each player needs two grids. Name each grid by writing numbers on the top and alphabets down the side to classify the squares easily. For instance, V6 or A9. One grid locates the ships, and the other records the gunshots against your enemy’s ships. Each player must place three or four ‘ships’ on his box. The first child to tilt all the other ships can be declared as the winner. Battleship is one of the exciting paper pencil games for kids.


If the kids don’t understand how to draw on a clean grid of dots, parents and teachers might find this game more convenient and easy.

  • Draw dots all over the paper.
  • The leading opponent draws a line within any two dots and draws another dot in the middle of that line.
  • The following player draws a line between any two dots, and places a dot in the middle of that line.
  • No lines can intersect each other, but not necessarily be straight to circle other lines.
  • Only three lines can arise from any of the dots.
  • The dots in the middle of the lines have two lines joining them to the two other dots, so they can only have one more line.
  • The game continues till one cannot draw more lines.
  • The person who does it in the last line is declared as the winner.

Osmo also provides Easy Riddles for Kids for the benefit of children.