Four Letter Words That Start With B

Explore List Of 4 Letter Words That Begin With B

By the time kids reach Kindergarten, they will recognize the letter, read, write and spell the words. Parents and teachers’ primary responsibility is to make sure that they have learned the four letter words that start with B. Then, they can involve the little learners in group activities, painting, matching the letters, filling in the blanks and other interactive activities.

Children learn pretty fast when they don’t feel the sense of pressure in learning the alphabets. Hence, the tutors can help them by engaging them in alphabet games, colors and other activities for kids at home. Along with these activities, make sure to include four letter words that start with B. 

List of 4 letter Words That Start With B:


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Quiz on Four Letter Words that Start with B

Parents and teachers can give kids the below given quiz and ask them to fill in the blanks.

  1. _ e a k
  2. B _ t _
  3. _ i k e
  4. B _ u e
  5. _ e a r

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