Mickey Mouse Games for Kids

We’re sure your kids absolutely love Mickey Mouse and his friends! Here are a few Mickey Mouse games for kids they can play at home.

5 Mickey Mouse Games for Kids

Check out these mickey mouse clubhouse games for kids:

Hide & Seek

Hide pictures of Mickey Mouse and his friends all over your house. Kids need to find each image. You could make this game more challenging by printing out matching pictures of Mickey Mouse. So your child needs to find every matching pair in order to be declared the winner! For digital-physical Mickey Mouse games for kids, check out Osmo’s Super Studio series.

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Goofy’s Hat

Here’s the ‘passing the parcel’ game with a twist! It’s not exactly a parcel, but it’s Goofy’s hat! Kids need to pass it around when music plays in the background, and whoever is found holding the hat while the music stops needs to overcome a goofy challenge! Some challenges include doing a goofy laugh, making funny faces, and more. This is one of the best Mickey Mouse games for kids.

Minnie’s Bowtie

If you’re looking for creative Mickey Mouse clubhouse games for kids, we’ve got you covered. To begin, draw a picture of Minnie Mouse (you could use Osmo’s Masterpiece drawing tool for this!) along with an image of her famous bowtie. Then, blindfold your child and have them try and place the bowtie in the right spot! Once they’re done, they could also draw, color, and decorate their very own bowtie.

Pluto’s Bone

Here’s one of the best Mickey Mouse games for kids that encourage movement! First, form two teams with 3-4 members in each team. Place an image of a dog’s bone (in this context, it would be Pluto’s bone) right in the center of the room. When you say “go!”, one person from each team rushes to the center of the room. Whoever manages to grab the bone without being touched by their opponent wins that round!

If you think this game might not be suitable to play indoors, you could try another game. This game works if you’ve got a sandbox. All you have to do is bury an image of Pluto’s bone deep inside the sandbox. Kids need to find this bone as fast as they can!

Donald Duck Game

Have your kids walk around like a duck and do the chicken dance while you play some music. When you stop the music, they need to sit down as fast as possible! Whoever is the last person to do so, loses. 

If your child isn’t in the mood to play these games, maybe you could take their help making some Mickey-Mouse-shaped pancakes. Cooking together is a great way to learn some math too because it requires counting and measuring.

Alternatively, you could also consider keeping your kids engaged with Mickey-Mouse coloring pages. Once they’re done, you could even hang it on the wall for everyone to see! 
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