Number Chart 1-20

Easy And Free Printable Number Chart 1-20 With Words

One of the most important skills that preschoolers need to pick up is learning to count using Number Chart 1-20. Before they reach preschool, kids need to understand the concept of numbers and counting. Children come across various concepts of math like quantities and patterns from an early age. So, it might not be very hard to teach them, since they already have a basic understanding of counting. All you need to do is make them learn the number chart 1-20 at the beginning in a fun and interactive way. Moreover, you can explore free printable number chart 1-20 with words online. 

To help them understand what numbers are, first explain to them what a number is with the help of number games for kids. A number represents the quantity or amount of something. For example: Place 4 toys in front of your child. Ask your child to tell you how many toys they see in front of them. Then explain to the child that each toy represents one quantity. So together they’re 4 quantities or 4 numbers. In this regard, Number Chart 1-20 will be extremely beneficial for kids to read and write numbers effectively.

Number Chart 1-20 With Words For Kids 

Apart from a printable number chart 1-20, you need a number name chart 1-20 for better understanding and recognition of numbers. Conducting math activities will engage kids to concentrate and focus on what they are learning.  Here is a list of number chart 1-20 with words for kids mentioned below: 

List Of Number Chart 1-20:

1One 11Eleven 
2Two 12Twelve 
4Four 14Fourteen 
5Five 15Fifteen 
8Eight 18Eighteen 
9Nine 19Nineteen 
10Ten 20Twenty 

Free Printable Number Chart 1-20:

Number chart 1-20
number chart 1-20

How To Teach Number Chart 1-20 For Kids?

There are several ways to teach your child how to count and understand numbers. Number rhymes and games will make your life a lot easier and will make learning fun for your child. But the easiest way of them all is a printable number chart from 1 to 20. Start slowly, don’t rush your child. Let’s start with teaching them the numbers from 1 to 20.

List Of Tips To Teach Number Name Chart 1-20 For Kids

  • Number Chart 1 – 20: The first step in teaching your child the numbers is to hang a number chart. Since we’re teaching them the numbers from 1 to 20, hang a number chart 1 – 20 in their room. Go over each number with your child until they have them memorized. Show them the number chart and point out each of the numbers and explain their sequential order. Explain to them that the numbers get bigger as you go up the number chart 1 – 20. Use real objects to help them learn to count. Numbered toys are a great way to teach your child to recognize numbers. Point out the number on the toy and the corresponding number on the number chart 1 – 20. Say the number out loud and have your child repeat after you. 
  • Counting with your fingers: As you recite the numbers from the number chart 1 – 20, teach your child to count with their fingers. For example: Point out the number 4 on the number 1 – 20 chart and hold up 4 fingers on your hand. Explain to your child that the fingers you’re holding up correlate to the number 4 on the chart. Another fun activity you can do is counting fingers and toes. Ask your little tot to count the number of big toes they have. Or ask them how many thumbs they have or the number of ears they have.
  • Use daily tasks to teach counting: A great way to teach children how to count is to include it in their daily tasks. Children tend to learn faster when they practice consistently. And there’s no better time than their daily tasks to help them learn. For example: Include your child when you’re washing up after a meal and ask them to count the number of spoons and forks. Another trick you can use is to get your child to count when they put their toys away after playing. Or you can get them to count clothes as you fold them and put them away.
  • Pin the number on the number chart 1 – 20: If your child loves to play “Pin the tail on the donkey,” they will love this activity to learn counting. For this activity, you’ll need a number chart 1 – 20 and the numbers 1 to 20 with some colorful thumbtacks. Hang the chart where your child can reach it easily. Call out a number from 1-20 and ask your child to pick up the number and pin it on the chart. It’s alright if they get it wrong a few times, gently correct them and urge them. As they get confident you can use riddles too. Allow the child to guess the right answer and then pin it on the chart. Reward the child for every right answer.
  • Connect the dots games to learn numbers: Another great activity to teach your child is the connect the dots activity. This activity will help your child learn the correct order of the numbers. Draw a shape using numbered dots on a chalkboard or a large piece of paper. Hand a piece of chalk or crayon to your child and explain to them that they need to connect the dots in sequential order. Allow the child to color the shape once all the dots have been connected. You can turn this into a group activity. Gather your child’s friends. Draw a large shape using numbered dots from 1-20. Have a few number riddles ready. For example: I am the number of days in a week. What am I? The answer is 7. The child who gets the answer right gets to draw a line between two dots. Continue the game until each child gets a turn to draw. If the children get confused, help them by pointing out the number on the number chart 1-20.
  • Draw and create your own number chart 1 – 20: Children love to draw. Any learning activity that includes drawing will be an immediate hit with them. So, learning math using drawing will make the learning experience a fun one for them. Once your child is confident with the order of the numbers, help them create a number chart from 1- 20 on their own. Help your child write down the number on the chart and then tell them to draw that many apples on the chart. For example: Have your child write the number 5 on the chart and have them draw five apples next to it. Repeat the activity until you have completed all the numbers on the number chart.
  • Be patient and consistent: Little children are naturally curious and learn quickly. However, some kids might find it hard to understand, be patient and explain it to them again. The trick to teaching little kids the numbers is to practice it constantly. Set a time in your daily schedule to sit and learn the numbers with your child. Make them practice for just 15 minutes a day and make it a fun activity to help them learn. Your child will learn gradually as they grow and understand the concept of numbers.
  • Take kids for a nature walk: Use creative and innovative ways to teach your child number chart 1-20. The best way to engage your child is to take them for a nature walk. While walking, collect a few flowers, leaves, stones, fruits, etc and place them on the ground. Ask your child to count the number of things displayed in front of them. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Number Chart 1-20

What is a number chart 1-20?

A number chart 1-20 is a table representation of numbers from one to twenty:
1 One
2 Two
3 Three
4 Four
5 Five
6 Six
7 Seven
8 Eight
9 Nine
10 Ten
11 Eleven
12 Twelve
13 Thirteen
14 Fourteen
15 Fifteen
16 Sixteen
17 Seventeen
18 Eighteen
19 Nineteen
20 Twenty

What are some of the easy ways to teach kids the number chart 1-20?

The simple tricks to teach kids the number chart 1-20 are counting with their little fingers, engaging them in counting activities on a daily basis, connecting the dots, asking them to count and asking them to count the number of windows or chairs or pets at home.

Why is number chart 1-20 important to kids?

Number chart 1-20 play an important role in helping children get the most required number sense. When kids are engaged in counting and have learned it thoroughly, they learn to count big numbers easily and don’t feel the burden of counting.