Simple Subtraction Worksheets

How and when do kids normally learn to add and subtract?

  1. It begins in kindergarten. They learn to count forward and backward and begin to compare and understand the difference between amounts.
  2. When they progress to first grade, they usually learn to add and subtract single-digit numbers.
  3. In second grade, they begin to learn more complicated concepts like “borrowing”.
  4. It is only by 4th grade that they gain more expertise in the addition and subtraction of multi-digit numbers. It is at this stage that they wouldn’t need to use pictures and objects to understand the concept.

Simple subtraction worksheets are a great way to review your child’s basic math skills. Find a wide range of simple subtraction worksheets below.

Free Simple Subtraction Worksheets

Check out our free simple subtraction worksheets! We’ve got simple subtraction worksheets for kindergarten and simple subtraction worksheets for preschool.

Simple Subtraction Worksheets 1
Simple Subtraction Worksheets 2
Simple Subtraction Worksheets 3

We hope these simple subtraction worksheets will help your little ones. If you’ve noticed them struggling with math, it could be due to the following reasons:

  1. The foundation might be poor
  2. They may have math anxiety which prevents them from solving a problem
  3. Number sense might not be very solid

In addition to our simple subtraction worksheets, here are some strategies to help your child with addition and subtraction:

  1. Ask them “What number comes next?” This will help them picture the number line and eventually learn to subtract.
  2. Teach basic “plus zero” facts by using large numbers. Kids will enjoy this better and will love learning in the process. For example, say “a trillion-plus zero equals a trillion”
  3. Use the math ladder technique. For example, to find out the solution for 8 – 3, start with bigger numbers first. Such as, ask, “what is 8-7?”, then “what is 8-6?”, until they reach 3.

Subtraction Games: Alternatives to Simple Subtraction Worksheets

Smash Play-Doh

Play-doh is a great way to teach your child about subtraction. As they use their hands to count the balls of play-doh, they understand the concept better. You could try this activity before or after working out problems in our simple subtraction worksheets above.

Feed the Penguin

Here’s another great alternative to simple subtraction worksheets (or an addition). First, use craft paper to make your penguin, along with tiny fish. You could glue a few fish onto the penguin’s stomach, and leave a few fish in the “water”, and then write down a word problem like “there were 8 fish in the water. The penguin is 5 of them. How many fish are left?”

Lego Subtraction

All you need for this game are dice and lego bricks. First, stack your lego bricks. Then, ask your child to roll the dice. They need to subtract the numbers from the dice, and then take away those many numbers of lego bricks from the stack! Play this game right after you try out our simple subtraction worksheets. Find more math dice games on our website.

For digital-physical addition and subtraction games, check out Osmo’s Math Wizard series.

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