Simple Subtraction Worksheets

By the end of kindergarten, kids move from basic number recognition and counting skills to more advanced math concepts. They start learning the basics of arithmetic operations like addition and subtraction. Once your child learns how to subtract numbers, help them revise the lesson with simple subtraction worksheets. Solving math worksheets for kids are a great way to boost their math skills and also helps you review your child’s understanding of basic math concepts.

Most kids learn addition quickly, but subtraction is a bit more tricky. Kids sometimes find it difficult to understand the concept of taking away. But playing math games for kids or involving them in hands-on activities helps them understand the same concept in an entertaining way. Simple subtraction worksheets are another great way to reinforce the knowledge of subtraction and help the children remember it. Read to find a wide range of simple subtraction worksheets below.

Free Simple Subtraction Worksheets

Here are some free, printable simple subtraction worksheets to help your child learn how to subtract numbers easily. These worksheets are perfect for kids in kindergarten.

Single-Digit Subtraction Worksheets for Kindergarten

Subtract the number of fruits on the worksheet: Simple subtraction worksheets

Subtract Using the Take Away Strategy Worksheet for Kindergarten

Count the number of objects in each pile and subtract the numbers to find the answer.

Subtract the given numbers on the worksheet: Free subtraction worksheets
Subtract the number of objects: Printable simple subtraction worksheets for kids

We hope these simple subtraction worksheets will help your little ones. Check out these double digit subtraction and 1st grade subtraction worksheets to help your kid practice more subtraction sums.

Tips to Learn Subtraction Easily with Simple Subtraction Worksheets

Before handing your child simple subtraction worksheets to solve, you’ll need to assess if your child has understood the concept. Revise the lesson on subtraction with your child. If you notice that they’re struggling with subtraction, it could be due to the following reasons:

  1. The foundation might be poor
  2. They may have math anxiety which prevents them from solving a problem
  3. They might not have a solid number sense, which hinders their learning.

In addition to simple subtraction worksheets, here are some strategies to help your child with learning subtraction:

  1. A number line: Teaching kids how to subtract on the number line makes it easier for them to understand a concept. When a concept is broken down into simpler parts, kids can grasp it quickly. Ask them “What number comes next?” This will help them picture the number line for kids and eventually learn to subtract. 
  2. Start simple: Don’t rush headlong into solving simple subtraction worksheets or problems. Help your child understand using simpler and easier to understand concepts like subtraction facts. Teach basic “minus zero” facts with both small and large numbers. Kids will enjoy this better and will love learning in the process. For example, say “a trillion minus zero equals a trillion”
  3. Use the math ladder technique: A reverse approach can sometimes help kids understand how to subtract faster. Help them find the answer with a step-by-step or ladder technique. 
  4. For example, to find out the solution for 8 – 4, help them reach the solution step-by-step. First, help your child understand that subtraction is taking away from the number. Then explain to them that taking 1 away from 8, gives you 7. Next, you take 2 away from 8 and you’re left with 6. Do this until your child can calculate the answer to 8-4 on their own.

Subtraction Games: Alternatives to Simple Subtraction Worksheets

Sometimes children just need a break from their lessons and solving subtraction worksheets for kids. In such situations, you’ll need to try an alternative method to keep kids engaged in their lessons. Here are some learning games and activities that can help kids learn how to subtract numbers.

  • Play Dough Subtraction: Play dough is a great way to teach your child about subtraction. As they use their hands to count the balls of play dough, they understand the concept better. You could try this activity before or after working out problems in our simple subtraction worksheets above.
  • Feed the Penguin: Here’s another great alternative to simple subtraction worksheets (or an addition). First, use craft paper to make your penguin, along with tiny fish. You could glue a few fish onto the penguin’s stomach, and leave a few fish in the “water”, and then write down a word problem like “There were 8 fish in the water. The penguin ate 5 of the fish. So, how many fish are left in the pond?”
  • Lego Subtraction: All you need for this game are dice and Lego bricks. First, stack your Lego bricks. Then, ask your child to roll the dice. They need to subtract the numbers from the dice, and then take away those many numbers of Lego bricks from the stack! Play this game right after you try out our simple subtraction worksheets. Find more math dice games on our website.

For digital-physical addition and subtraction games, check out Osmo’s Math Wizard series.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Simple Subtraction Worksheets

What are the examples of Simple Subtraction Worksheets?

Some of the examples of Simple Subtraction Worksheets are as follows: You have given 10 apples to the kids and taken away 4 apples from them.What is the total number of apples left with them. The answer is 2. Similarly, you can ask kids to subtract using their mental math technique.

What are some simple alternatives to Simple Subtraction Worksheets?

There are some simple alternatives to Simple Subtraction Worksheets such as LEGO subtraction games, subtraction play dough, feeding the bears and many more fun ways. You can also engage kids in counting activities and backward counting games.

How to teach kids Simple Subtraction Worksheets?

You can start teaching kids Simple Subtraction Worksheets by using the number line. The Number line helps them to get an idea of integers, positive and negative numbers. You can also use the number ladder strategy to teach children the concept of subtraction.