Easy Halloween Riddles for Kids 

Halloween Jokes and Riddles for Kids

Planning to have a little chat and spend some quality time with your kids this Halloween? 

Well then, we are quite sure that you would love these amazing and easy Halloween riddles for kids with answers. 

This Halloween season, don’t just dress up goofy and tell spooky stories but also let your children enjoy exercising their brain while having lots of fun!

You can have children brain-tickle each other or you can be the quiz master. Ask these super exciting and mind-boggling riddles on Halloween to children. 

Take turns to ask these riddles and have fun solving them. 

Let’s have a look at these funny Halloween riddles for kids:

Halloween Riddles for Little Kids:

1. A crazy person went to the house of a monster. But the monster didn’t eat him. Why?

2. Vampires love to save X in a bank and also to draw X. What is X called?

3. The one who makes it, does not use it.

    The one who buys it, does not need it.

    The one who uses it, is not aware that he’s using it!

    What is it? 

4. Some say it exists, some say it doesn’t. 

    People who believe in its existence, are scared of it.

    It has a creepy sound and roams around.

    Stay away from its sight, as it lurks at night!

    What is it?

5. She flies on a broom, she is wicked and cruel. 

    She wears a hat on her head and scares people to death!

    Can you guess who it is?

6. This has thousands of ears but still can’t hear you. What is it?

7. Which is the favorite part of roads for ghosts and demons? 

8. When should you consider black cats as bad omen?

9. What’s the name of the pumpkin that is lit every year, has eyes but can’t see, has a mouth but can’t eat?

10. Mr. X says that there’s a spirit in his room. But there’s no one else. Can you find who’s the spirit?

11. I look like you. I have a head, bones, hands and legs just without clothes. But people find me spooky. Can you guess who I am?

12. I have a skeleton so funny that it will make you laugh out loud. What would you call him?

13. What’s the issue if a witch has a twin sister? 

14. I can fly

      But I can’t take you on a ride

      I can glide

      And I can sweep the floor just right

      Can you try –  What am I?

15. This has screeching doors and weird sound,

      Creaking floor and some blinking lights around!

      People get scared even on its sight, can you guess this right?

16. A witch went to a hotel for a stay. Guess what she ordered? 

17. You get taller when you grow, but I get smaller as I age.

       I light up your celebration on Halloween days. 

       Guess what am I?

18. Spooky, the ghost; 

      Goofy, the zombie;

       and Nutty, the witch – bought a big house together to scare people.

       Which room will you not find in their house? 

19. My first letter is in goofy and aghast.

      My second letter is in fourth and howling.

      My third letter is in foul and owl.

      My fourth letter is in scare and last.

      My fifth letter is in twilight and fright.

      What am I called?

20. I am scrutinized by the archaeologists and I am all wrapped up in whites. 

       I can still see you from my eyes, that’s the reason for your frights. 

       Who am I?

21. On a dark night late at night, John heard knocks at his door in the hotel room. He opened the door to find a strange man who said that he mistakenly thought that it was his room and he left. 

But John knew there was something shady about the man. Why did John feel so?

22. Spiney, the skeleton, went to a ghost party. But he couldn’t dance. Why was that so? 

23. Once upon a time, two men were on their way to a graveyard. 

One of them walked towards a grave when the other one asked, “Who is inside the grave?”

The first man responded, “Siblings I have had none, but the one in the grave is my father’s only son!”

The second man got scared and ran away as fast as he could!

Can you tell whose grave is it? 

24. I am black and not a fan of light. 

       I resemble birds and I fly at night.

       Can you guess who I am?

Funny Halloween Riddles Answers:

1. Because the monster was hypersensitive to nuts.

2. Blood!

3. A Coffin. 

4. Ghosts

5. Witch

6. A Cornfield. (A cornfield has lots of corns and thus lots of ears of corns!)

7. The dead-ends!

8. When you’re a mouse

9. Jack-O’-Lantern

10. Mr. X

11. A skeleton

12. A funny bone

13. Well, you won’t be able to find which witch is which!

14. A broom

15. A Haunted House

16. A b-Room service!

17. A candle

18. The ‘Living” room!

19. Ghost

20. A Mummy

21. John felt so because if the stranger had really thought that room to be his, he would never have knocked. Who knocks on the door of one’s own room!

22. That’s because Spiney had no-body to dance with!

23. It is the first man’s grave!

24. A bat

Let your little ones guess and find the answers. Or, let them have a super cool Halloween celebration by asking these riddles to their friends.

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