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Learning numbers is an important part of early math education for children. Once they’ve learnt the numbers from 1 to 10, it’s time to introduce them to the number 11. Number worksheets are a great learning resource for kids to learn how to write, count, add, and subtract number 11. So, introduce kids to the number 11 worksheets to make learning fun.

Free Printable Number 11 Worksheets

Once little ones get acquainted recognize the numbers, it is essential to revise them regularly to retain the numbers they are learning in their memory. In this regard, worksheets play crucial role in teaching numbers to kids in a creative way. Here is a list of number 11 worksheets for the little learners to practice and have fun while learning.

Number 11 Tracing Worksheets for Preschool

Preschool is when children start learning how to write numbers and letters of the alphabet. Help your child learn how to write the number 11 in its numeric form and in words by tracing on this worksheet. Practicing tracing the number 11 help children write the number effectively. Check out the number 10 worksheets for preschoolers given below.

Number 11 Worksheets

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Number 11 Worksheets for Kindergarten

Put your kindergarteners’ number recognition skills to the test. Ask them to find all the number 11s hidden in the worksheet below and circle them. Little ones need learning tools that are engaging and visually attractive. Ask children to find and circle the number 11 from the given series of numbers on the worksheets. This exercise help children recognize the numbers easily.

Find Number 11 Worksheet

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Number 11 Addition Worksheets

Help your child practice adding the number 11 with this worksheet. Kids can add the given numbers with the number 11 in the space provided. Once your children solve single-digit numbers, they can move on to complex digits for better understanding of the concept. Check out the number 11 addition worksheets for kids given below.

Number 11 Addition Worksheet

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Number 11 Subtraction Worksheets

Enhance your child’s subtraction skills by helping them solve this number 11 subtraction worksheet. Kids need to subtract the given numbers with number 11 on the worksheet, for example, 15 – 11 = 4. They can practice subtraction problems using the number 11 for effective learning experience. Check out the number 11 subtraction worksheets for kids given below.

Number 11 Subtraction Worksheet

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Introduce your child to multiplication and teach them how to multiply by 11 with the 11 Times Table

Activities Using Number 11 Worksheet for Kids

Eleven to twenty are quite a challenging set of numbers for the little ones to learn. Activities help little ones enjoy, learn and remember the numbers they learn. Here are a few activities you can involve your kids in while they solve number 11 worksheets to make the lesson more fun:

  • Neighborhood Numbers: This is one of the best ways to teach the number 11 to the little ones. Neighborhoods are filled with numbers on curbs, signs, doorways, and mailboxes. So take a stroll with kids around the neighborhood and ask them to point out all the number 11s they see. Or you can make it more challenging by asking them to count 11 numbers of specific things. For example,11 blue cars, telephone poles, brown dogs etc.
  • Rhymes: Kids love verses. So, create your rhyme or introduce the little ones to a few with numbers and counting. A few of kids’ favorites are ‘Eleven Little penguins’, ‘Eleven Little Monkeys’, and ‘Hickory Dickory Dock’. Make sure to hold up kids’ little fingers to represent the creatures in the rhyme, and the kid grasps a good number sense that ‘eleven’ is more than ‘ten’. And, now start repeating the rhymes and ask the little minds to read them aloud. Also, repetition in the rhyme improves the child’s math vocabulary by repeatedly listening to numerical terms. In addition, some of these songs can be practiced to count backwards.
  • Number 11 candies: Counting with manipulatives like candies helps children learn how to count easily. Additionally, this activity also helps the child understand that 11 represents a quantity. So, give them a box of 11 candies and ask them to count. When they are done counting, let them know that each candy represents one quantity. Thus, eleven candies or eleven numbers. 
  • Color it: Create a homemade number activity coloring sheet by sketching the outlines of the numbers one to eleven on a piece of paper. Now, ask the little one to color inside the lines. This builds their number sense and also helps them learn the order of numbers.
  • Number 11 facts: In addition to these, introduce children to some facts about the number 11. The number 11 is the smallest double-digit prime number, and it is an odd number. A football team and soccer team is made up of 11 members. 11 is the first repdigit, which means a natural number that’s made up of the same number.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Number 11 Worksheet

What are the different types of Number 11 Worksheet?

The different types of Number 11 Worksheets are practicing the number 11 worksheet, practicing addition using the number 11 worksheet, practicing subtraction using the number 11 worksheet, etc.

What are the advantages of the Number 11 Worksheet?

The advantages of the Number 11 Worksheet are that it helps the little ones to identify the numbers, improves their memory retention, improves their fine motor skills, develops their counting skills, etc.