Number 11 Worksheet

Explore Free Printable Number 11 Worksheets For Kids 

An excellent number sense supports children learning numbers to calculate efficiently and gives them the confidence to solve problems. In addition, kids who have an incredible number sense can evaluate how reasonable a solution is and regularly predict answers before computing. It is essential to tell kids that numbers are just like alphabet letters. Each letter has a sound, and so do the numbers, and each number has a value. To teach the little ones numbers, worksheets play a vital role in their math development. Hence, introduce kids to the number 11 worksheet for their practice. There are free printable number 11 worksheets for kids available online. Besides this, you can also explore number games for kids to engage kids in learning numbers effectively.  

A solid understanding of numbers is the foundation to become a math wizard. Firstly, to help little minds comprehend what a number is, briefly explain to them what is a number. Once kids feel comfortable understanding the meaning of a number, begin teaching them Number Chart 1 – 20. Kids learn quickly and tend to forget soon. Therefore, free printable number 11 worksheets must be provided to kids to practice, grasp, comprehend and retain the numbers in their little minds. Also, to give them an idea about the number 11, provide them with a box of 11 candies and ask them to count. When they are done counting, let them know that each candy represents one quantity. Thus, eleven candies or eleven numbers. Here is a list of number 11 worksheets for the little learners to practice and have fun while learning.

Printable Number 11 Worksheets For Kids 

Here are few number 11 worksheets for preschool and kindergarten kids are mentioned below: 

Number 11 Worksheet: Practice number 11 on the worksheet

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Number 11 Worksheet: Practice addition with number 11


Number 11 Worksheet: Practice subtraction with number 11

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Number 11 Worksheet: Identify and circle the number 11

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A List of Number 11 Worksheets For Kids 

When parents and teachers introduce the number 11 to the kids, they can try teaching in this way. In math, the number eleven represents a value or a quantity of 11. It is a whole number that falls in between the numbers 10 and 12. Therefore, eleven is one more than ten. Tutors can find out different ways to teach the number 11, like counting games, 11 Times Table, number 11 worksheet, number line, coloring activities, etc., When kids are involved in such interactive games and activities, they don’t feel the pressure of learning numbers and learn quickly.

In addition to these, one can introduce children to some facts about the number 11. Like, the number 11 is the smallest double-digit prime number, and it is an odd number. Also, parents can ask the kids to connect with sports like the American football team or soccer and cricket by asking them about the number of players in a team. Also, let the little minds wander in space by questioning them about the name of the first spacecraft to land on the moon or the number of points in the star-shaped foundation of the Statue of Liberty, New York. With all these activities, don’t forget to give them the number 11 tracing worksheet to practice. Below provided are the worksheets for number 11.

Number 11 Worksheet for Kindergarten

Learning math in kindergarten is all about the fundamentals. First, they learn to count numbers, identify numbers up to 20 and recognize objects. Then, using props, they learn the concepts of more and less, ordinal numbers, creating patterns, basic addition and subtraction. During class hours, teachers can engage kids with math activities. These games help to teach the little ones to count, reverse counting the number and remember. And, with the additional help of number 11 worksheets kindergarten, they learn effectively. Here is the number 11 worksheet for kindergarten.

Number 11 Worksheet for Preschool

Similar to Kindergarten, preschoolers learn basic math during the entire year. Kids would have just begun learning the numbers through number names, counting, and written numbers. In addition to this, students learn to count objects and comprehend the concept of numbers. They also start to compare a variety of sets of things and count accordingly. Math Activities for Preschoolers is an excellent resource for teaching numbers. These activities help children improve their reasoning skills, logical thinking, problem-solving, fine and gross motor skills. Alongside these activities, the preschool number 11 worksheet allows children to learn effectively. Here is the number 11 worksheet preschool.

Different Types Of Number 11 Worksheets 

Here are a few types of worksheets that help children to practice number 11 in a creative way given below: 

  • Number 11 Tracing Worksheet: Not to forget, kids at the age of 3-4  start identifying the numbers in order to begin their journey towards learning mathematics. Therefore, to enhance their recognition, you can provide number 11 tracing worksheets for children. They will concentrate on the worksheet and try to identify the numbers. 
  • Number 11 Matching Worksheet: As the kids are visual learners, you can incorporate numbers along with images in order to teach counting and recognizing numbers. Make them count of the number of images and match with their corresponding numbers. This will help them to count numbers and at the same time find it visually appealing to learn. 
  • Number 11 Coloring Worksheet: Ask kids to color the numbers or the images on the worksheet using crayons or colored pencils. This will engage kids to learn more and more. Also, there will be development of other important skills required for improving academic performance in the future.
  • Number 11 Cut and Paste Worksheet: Encourage kids to do hands-on activities by cutting number 11 and pasting it on the worksheet. These number 11 worksheets will enable them to learn numbers and at the same time develop creativity skills. 

Activities That Help In Teaching the Number 11 Worksheet

Eleven to twenty are quite a challenging set of numbers for the little ones to learn. However, it is not at all difficult to learn the number eleven, as the number 11 worksheets, Math Worksheets For Kids, educational games and activities help kids learn in a simple way. Activities help little ones enjoy, learn and remember the numbers they learn. Moreover, little minds would be free from stress when they are engaged in activities that help them learn. Here are a few activities that help little learners learn the number 11 alongside the number 11 tracing worksheet.

  • Neighborhood Numbers: This is one of the best ways to teach the number 11 to the little ones. Neighborhoods are filled with numbers on curbs, signs, doorways, and mailboxes. So the next time parents take a stroll with kids, they must keep their eyes on the numbers and take turns telling them aloud. One can even enhance the intelligent quotient of this number activity by fixing a counting rule: Once the child finds the number 11,  they must count up to 11, whether they count cars, trees, telephone poles, or dogs.
  • Cleaning: Encourage the little critter to guess which things represent the most considerable amount of the mess. Ask them if there are more books or more LEGO? Then help them to count the toys as parents check who guessed right. Make a chart of their favorite toys (books, action figures, stuffed animals, cars) with the help of free printable number 11 worksheets and keep a count of what shows up at clean-up time. Now, kids begin connecting the numbers with the amount of the mess they represent.
  • Rhymes: Kids love verses. So, create your rhyme or introduce the little ones to a few with numbers and counting. A few of kids’ favorites are ‘Eleven Little penguins’, ‘Eleven Little Monkeys’, and ‘Hickory Dickory Dock’. Make sure to hold up kids’ little fingers to represent the creatures in the rhyme, and the kid grasps a good number sense that ‘eleven’ is more than ‘ten’. And, now start repeating the rhymes and ask the little minds to read them aloud. Also, repetition in the rhyme improves the child’s math vocabulary by repeatedly listening to numerical terms. In addition, some of these songs can be practiced to count backwards.
  • Number Snacks: Write down the numbers from one to eleven on the base of paper cupcake liners, then help the kid count the correct number of cereal pieces or small snacks into each. This game is for excellent counting practice and adds a tactile dimension that creates a learning stick.
  • Color it Out: Create a homemade number activity coloring sheet by sketching the outlines of the numbers one to eleven on a piece of paper. Now, ask the little one to color inside the lines. Also, it is a great method to boost a child’s fine and gross motor skills and sense of numbers.

Benefits Of Using Number 11 Worksheet

Some of the benefits of number 11 worksheet for preschool and kindergarten kids are mentioned below: 

  • Enables kids to recognize and count the number 11 effectively. 
  • Develops interest in learning mathematics. 
  • Improves retention of numbers in their memory for longer periods of time. 
  • Develops fine motor skills. 
  • Engages and entertains children with different types of number 11 worksheets. 

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