Spelling Games For Kids

Best Spelling Games For Kids To Improve Their Spelling Skills

Along with reading and writing, learning spellings of new words is an equally important skill to possess for kids. They can easily learn the spellings of new words by playing the games listed below.

  • Dictation Games For Kids To Improve Their Spelling
  • Dictation is one of the classic activities that has been regularly followed by teachers in schools. Usually, it involves the teacher dictating (speaking in a loud voice) and the students writing down the correct spelling of the words. In the end, the teacher would grade the paper and award marks for the right spelling. It is one of the best ways to learn the spellings of new words. Moreover, this can be made more interesting by playing a dictation game for kids in the classroom.

    Materials required:

    Index cards, markers, a dictionary to find complicated new words

    Instructions to play the game:

    To play this spelling game, the teacher has to select a group of kids and divide them into two teams with an equal number of people. Prior to this, the teacher has to shortlist a set of complicated words from the dictionary. These words have to be written on the index cards with the help of a marker. The teacher distributes these index cards randomly to the kids.

     The kids from one team have to read out the word and the kids from the other team have to guess the spelling of the word and say it aloud. The team that guesses the maximum right spellings for new complicated words will be declared as the winning team. This spelling game is much more interactive for kids compared to the classic dictation activity.

  • Spell Bee Games For Kids To Learn The Spellings Of Complex Words
  • Spell bee is one of the popular and international games that is conducted for kids of different age groups at many levels. In this game, the kids are supposed to guess the correct spelling of complicated words. The level of difficulty increases at every level and a winner will be declared in the end who bags a grand prize. This spell bee game can be replicated in schools and at home for kids to improve their spelling skills.

    Materials required for this game:

    A stopwatch or watch, white sheets, pen

    Instructions to play this game:

    This spelling game will be more interesting if there are a bunch of kids involved. To play the spelling game, kids have to segregate themselves into three-four teams and one person should be made as an orator. This person is supposed to dictate the words to the teams. After dictating the word, the stop clock will be timed for 20 seconds. The kids can work out the spellings using pen and paper. The time limit can be increased by 10 seconds as the level of competition increases. Scores will be awarded for every correct spelling. The teams with the lowest score get eliminated. The team to survive the final level with the highest score wins the spelling game.

    This spelling bee game is the most fun to play during leisure time, for kids to learn spellings of new words and improve their vocabulary.

  • Spelling Puzzle Games For Kids
  • Spelling puzzle games are interesting and unlike other spelling games that require a higher skill set, this game is quite simple for kids. Spelling puzzle games are suitable for kids of all ages starting from 4-5-year-olds. Instead of learning the spellings of the new words and writing them down in a conventional way, kids find spelling puzzle games interesting to play.

    Materials required:

    Puzzles with colorful tiles of different letters and clues/pictures

    Instructions to play the game:

    Spelling puzzle games contain different puzzle blocks with letters printed on them. The clues will be in the form of pictures or sentences. To play this spelling game, kids are supposed to read the clues and arrange the spellings of the words horizontally or vertically on the puzzle board. This spelling game helps kids to easily learn the spellings of difficult words in less time.

  • Finding The Right Spelling Games For Kids
  • Along with learning the spelling of the words, this spelling game helps kids to improve their speed and agility. This game is suitable for kids aged 5 and above.

    Materials required to play this game:

    Storybooks, newspapers, encyclopedias, science books, stopwatch

    Instructions to play this game:

    This spelling game is played with the help of different types of books or newspapers with a lot of words. The teacher hands out a book or a newspaper to the kids and dictates the spelling of a complicated word from a particular page number. The timer should be started and the kids have to search for that word within a certain amount of time. The kid who finds the word within the shortest time period will be declared as the winner. By playing this spelling game, kids will learn to identify the spellings of the new words. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Spelling Games For Kids

What are some of the Spelling Games For Kids?

Some fun and easy Spelling Games For Kids are spelling bee competitions with a few challenging set of words, dictation games to help them improve their spelling, word search puzzles and riddles, filling in the blanks, and word building games.

Why are Spelling Games For Kids important?

Spelling Games For Kids are important because they help them to improve their spelling and learn new words regularly. Also, these spelling games engage children in learning as well as encouraging them to have fun.

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