Number 5 Worksheets

A Simple And Easy Introduction To The Number 5

Numbers are an essential part of a child’s early education. Learning numbers helps children learn how to count and perform basic math operations. As they progress in school, this knowledge will come in handy as they learn more advanced mathematical concepts.

When kids reach the age of 5, they’re ready to go to kindergarten. So they must be equipped with a few more bits of knowledge than preschool. By the time they reach kindergarten they should be able to recognize the numbers and count to 20. And they should know how to write the numbers too. While most kids can recognize the numbers, they sometimes find it difficult to learn how to write the numbers.

This is because they are not given many opportunities to write and practice the numbers like they do with letters. Learning how to write numbers is equally important as learning how to write the letters. Number 5 worksheets are a great tool to help your child learn to write the numbers. Start with the number 1 and gradually teach the other numbers when they can confidently write the previous number. Once they’ve learnt how to write the numbers 1 to 4, it’s time to introduce your child to the number 5 worksheets.

Number 5 Worksheets

Number 5 Worksheets For Preschool

Trace and color the number 5 in the worksheet. Learn how to write the number 5 in uppercase and in lowercase using this worksheet. 

Number five worksheets 01

Adding Number 5

Addition is one of the basic operations of arithmetic. Here is a number 5 addition worksheet to help your child learn how to add. Learn the different ways you can make the number 5 by adding 2 numbers. 

Number five worksheets 04
Number five worksheets 03

For example: 1 + 4 = 5. Check out Osmo for more preschool addition worksheets and skip counting by 5 worksheets.

Number five worksheets 02

Multiplying By Number 5

Multiplication is another of the 4 basic operations of arithmetic. Learning how to multiply by 5 is an important skill kids must learn by the time they reach grade 2. Multiplying by the number 5 is a lot of fun and easy too. All you have to remember is the answer always ends in a 0 or a 5. Check out the 5 times table on Osmo.

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