Seasons Worksheets

As the Earth revolves around the Sun, it turns in a tilted direction. This tilt is the result of the change in seasons. In other words, seasons are the time of the year that are well-known for their unique conditions. The four seasons are Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, which follow regularly. Every season has its patterns, temperatures and lighting conditions. Kids usually find spring to be the most beautiful season as it would be colorful and lively all over. Help your child learn about the seasons with science worksheets like seasons worksheets.

We all know that seasons occur based on the climatic changes or weather patterns. Kids have experienced all the four seasons of the year but it is important for them to learn and understand about the seasons. This is certainly possible by making them practice seasons worksheets where they will learn all the seasons thoroughly. With the help of four seasons worksheets, kids will be able to understand the difference between the four seasons.

Free Printable Seasons Worksheets for Kids 

Practicing worksheets help children understand the concept that you want them to learn. They can gain deep knowledge of four different seasons of the year through coloring and other interesting exercises. These exercises offer great opportunity for kids to develop their thinking abilities and increase the retention of information they are learning. Here are few seasons worksheets for kids to help them learn about the four seasons in the year.

Spring Coloring Seasons Worksheet

Help your children color one of the four seasons on the worksheet. Ask kids to color the Sun rise, butterfly, blooming flowers, etc., on the seasons worksheet given below. This worksheet help them understand about the spring season and develop coloring skills at the same. Check out the spring coloring seasons worksheets for kids.

Color the spring season: Seasons worksheets for kids

Summer Coloring Worksheet

Summer is the exciting time for kids to enjoy beach vacation, eat ice creams, go for swimming, etc. Help your children color the image of the summer season on the worksheet. Kids can discover their creativity through coloring. Therefore, you can check out the summer coloring worksheet for kids given below.

Color the summer season: Free printable seasons worksheets for kids

Autumn Coloring Seasons Worksheet

Autumn or fall is the best season of the year. Kids enjoy the season that appear between summer and winter season. The temperature of the day start gradually declining during the season. Therefore, you can teach kids about the autumn season through coloring worksheet. Check out the autumn coloring seasons worksheet for kids given below.

Color the autumn season: Seasons printable worksheets

Cut and Paste Seasons Worksheets

To increase the knowledge of seasons in children, you can ask them to cut and paste the images of the seasons in their respective space provided. This help kids to recognize the different climate conditions of the year with the help of worksheets. Check out the cut and paste seasons worksheet for kids given below.

Cut and paste the seasons on the space provided: Four seasons worksheets for kids

Winter Coloring Seasons Worksheet

This is the best season of the year that appears after autumn and before spring. Kids can color image of the winter season on the worksheet given below. They learn about the winter season and the things associated with it, such as celebrating Christmas, wearing warm clothes, making snowman, drinking hot tea, etc.

Color the winter season: Seasons of the year worksheet

Types of Four Seasons Worksheets

Parents and teachers can provide the children with seasons of the year worksheets to teach them about the seasons, unique characteristics and other aspects of the seasons. Following this, according to the season, tutors can introduce the young children to the seasonal fruits, flowers and vegetables. By doing this, kids find their study time exciting and learn effectively.

In addition, educators must give little ones four seasons drawing worksheets and let them draw and color. By involving the kids in such engaging activities, motivate them to learn and remember the names of the seasons. Moreover, the seasons worksheet is one of the best ways to ensure the little learners revise and recollect the syllabus taught. Below is a list of free seasons worksheets for the kids to practice and have fun while learning. Also, refer to STEM Activities for Kids

Seasons Worksheets for Preschool

During this phase, kids would be able to identify colors, numbers and alphabets. It is time to introduce the little minds to the four seasons worksheet available at Osmo. Parents and teachers can teach the seasons of the year by singing a song with all the seasons’ names or naming a season and asking the children to choose the correct answer. It is a known fact that children learn about the seasons quickly when they are taught with the help of visuals and provided with seasons of the year worksheets. 

Seasons Worksheets for Kindergarten

It is essential to teach the Kindergarten children about the seasons by displaying the pictures that symbolize each season. For example, show them a picture of fresh flowers and trees and identify the season. The answer is, it is ‘Spring season’. Kindergarten kids would still be in the phase of learning to recognize the alphabets. Hence, show them the pictures or introduce them to the seasons worksheet for Kindergarten. By looking at the colorful images, little minds can quickly identify and remember the seasons. Parents and teachers can introduce kids to STEM Education For Kids

Four Seasons Worksheets for Kids 

Little minds are a curious bunch of people. They are known to ask many questions regarding the change in seasons and the reason behind the change. Thus, it is essential to provide them with the seasons worksheet and teach them. Parents and teachers must teach the kids in a simple way. Firstly, let the kids know that there are four seasons, namely, spring, summer, fall and winter. Every season lasts for three months. Summer is the warmest season, and winter is the coldest season. Spring and fall lie in between. 

Spring Season Worksheet for Kids 

Spring is a season that lies in between summer and winter. Spring is the vibrant season, and common spring flowers are tulips, lilies, daffodils and lilacs. In addition to introducing the little ones to the seasons worksheet pdf, parents and teachers can introduce them to Spring Crafts for Kids. In addition, engage children in fun games and activities. Moreover, take them for a walk and ask them to identify the name of objects they learned during the study time with the help of the seasons worksheet. 

Summer Season Worksheet for Kids 

The summer season is the warmest season of the year. The temperature stays warm even after sundown. Therefore, kids can be introduced to the four seasons drawing worksheet during the summer and ask them to draw and color. In addition to this activity, parents can motivate little ones to be involved in Summer Crafts for Kids. Moreover, the seasons worksheet plays a vital role in teaching kids about the seasons. 

Fall Season Worksheet for Kids 

Fall is the season that lies in between the summer and winter season. During the Fall season, farmers harvest the crops. Leaves turn red, brown or yellow, and trees lose their leaves. Another fun fact about the fall season is it is associated with Halloween festivities and joy. Therefore, it is the right time to introduce kids to the seasons of the year worksheet and let them identify the current season. In addition, parents and teachers can introduce the little learners to Crafts for kids. The tutors must include fun activities during the teaching sessions along with the seasons worksheet. Here is the fall season worksheet for the children.

Winter Season Worksheet for Kids 

Winter is the coldest season of the year. The Winter season lies in between the autumn and spring season. This is when the animals like Polar Bears hibernate, and there exist no leaves on the deciduous trees. It is important to let the kids know these facts about each season of the year, along with an introduction to the four seasons worksheet. In addition, winter is the festive season of Christmas. In addition to these facts, engage little ones in Winter Crafts for Kids. These crafts help kids explore the world around them, and in the meanwhile, they learn with the help of the seasons worksheet. 

Teach Interesting Facts about Four Seasons

Some of the interesting things that your child must know about seasons are mentioned below: 

  • Everyday the earth spins on its axis. 
  • There are four seasons in a year i.e., spring, summer, fall and winter. 
  • It is summer when the earth is facing the sun and becomes night when the sun is turned away from the sun. 
  • Did you know that June 21 is considered to be the day when the earth is close to the sun and December 21 is the day when the earth is farthest from the sun. 
  • Summer is considered to be warm and hot whereas winter is cold. 
  • Fall is considered to be the season when Thanksgiving and Halloween are celebrated across the world. 
  • Few animals like to hibernate during the winter season. 
  • All the countries do have the same kind of season.
  • Winter has the shortest days compared to summer. 

Benefits of Seasons Worksheets For Kids 

Some of the benefits of seasons worksheet pdf are mentioned below:

  • Improves knowledge on different seasons of the year: Kids from a young age will learn and understand about the seasons and its importance. While practicing the seasons worksheet, they will know how many seasons are there in a year and what are its causes? This will enable them to improve their knowledge and know why we need different seasons. 
  • Develops Important Skills: With seasons worksheet, kids will be able to develop fine motor, critical thinking and problem solving skills. All these skills will be inculcated in kids from an early age. 
  • Builds concentration: When they practice writing, coloring, tracing, cutting or pasting seasons on the worksheet, there is improvement in their concentration level. They will focus on things that they are doing for successful results. 
  • Develops creativity: Kids will start becoming creative while practicing seasons worksheet. They will think out of the box and learn something new from it. There will be an increase in their thinking skills and the ideas that can help them to achieve their goals. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Seasons Worksheets

What are the different types of seasons?

The 4 different types of seasons are spring, summer, autumn and winter.

What causes the seasons to change?

As the earth travels on its orbit around the sun, it’s relationship with the sun changes because it’s tilted. This affects the amount of sunlight each hemisphere gets, which causes the seasons to change. For example, when the south pole is tilted towards the sun, it’s winter in the northern hemisphere. Similarly, when the northern hemisphere experiences summer when the north pole is tilted towards the sun.

How do kids benefit from practicing seasons worksheets?

Practicing seasons worksheets will help kids to learn about different seasons and their importance.They learn about change in seasons and how it affects our lives.