St. Patrick’s Day Games 

Looking for ways to keep your kids occupied during St. Patrick’s Day? Then, check out these St. Patrick’s Day games for kids. Festivals and children are a match made in heaven. Kids love all the traditions, celebrations and excitement involved in holidays and celebrations. But too much excitement can spell trouble for the parents too. One of the best ways to keep kids busy during holidays and celebrations is with games for kids. These games are fun and also help keep their excitement in check. 

St. Patrick’s Day games are one of the best holiday activities for kids. These fun games will keep your little ones entertained, while you get on with your work. To help you get started we’ve compiled a list of entertaining St. Patrick’s Day games for children

St. Patrick’s Day Games 

Here are some fun games that every child and adult will enjoy playing on St. Patrick’s Day. These St. Patrick’s Day games are also a wonderful way to spend some quality time with your child and strengthen your bond with them.

  1. Pot of gold scavenger hunt: What game can be more perfect for St. Paddy’s Day than a scavenger hunt? Hide some clues and a pot of treasure around the house. Then ask your little Leprechaun to go hunting for clues and decipher them to find the treasure. Check out these scavenger hunt riddles for kids to make the game more fun.
  2. Building an edible terrarium: Building a terrarium is a fun project for kids. This St. Paddy’s Day build an edible terrarium with your little ones. All you need is a glass, some Lucky Charms and other sugary treats. Then let their imagination unfold as they build their own terrariums. This is one of the best St. Patrick’s Day games for kids, which they’ll enthusiastically participate in.
  3. Leprechaun hunt: Nothing can be more exciting than going on a hunt to catch a Leprechaun. Legend has it that the little old man will lead you to his pot of gold to gain his release. So, take your kids hunting or build a trap to catch the magical creature. Check out this Leprechaun trap project to learn how to build the perfect Leprechaun trap.
  4. St. Patrick’s Day maze: Kids love activities like mazes. So, hand them St. Patrick’s Day-themed maze worksheets to keep them busy for a while. Check out these free St. Patrick’s Day printables for fun maze printables.
  5. Hot Potato: Hot potato, which is a twist on the traditional passing the parcel, is a great game for a bunch of kids. Gather the kids and ask them to make a large circle. Now, hand them a potato and turn on some music. Ask the kids to pass it around from one person to another. The person with the potato when the music is turned off has to do a funny task. 
  6. Rainbow gold nugget toss: This is one of the best outdoor St. Patrick’s Day games for kids. Make a rainbow using color paper cups and wrap a small ball with gold-colored paper. Now, give kids the gold nugget (ball) and ask them to toss the ball into the rainbow cups. Each color that the ball lands in earns them different points or prizes.
  7. Pom Pom Toss: Does your little one love basketball? Then, they’re sure to love this rainbow coin toss game. Twist some pipe cleaners to make a small hoop that is large enough for a pom pom to pass through. Now hang the hoop at a small distance from the child and hand them some pom poms. Now, ask them to aim and toss the pom poms at the hoop so that it falls through it. 
  8. Hershey’s Kisses matching game: This is a fun game to put your child’s memory to the test. Get a pack of St. Patrick’s Day-themed Hershey kisses and round colored stickers. Put the colored stickers on the bottom of each of the candies and place them on a mat. Ask the children to match the color at the bottom of the candy with another to collect them.
  9. Rainbow Froot Loops counting: Just because it’s St. Patrick’s Day, it doesn’t mean the kids shouldn’t learn math. This rainbow Froot Loops counting game is one of the best math games for kids on St. Paddy’s Day. Give kids a sheet of paper with rainbow colored strips and a bowl of Froot Loops. Call out a number and a color. Then ask the child to count that many number of Froot Loops and place it on that colored strip. For example, if you call out 5 red, the kids will have to count 5 red colored Froot Loops and place it on the red strip. This is one of the best St. Patrick’s Day games to teach kids about math.
  10. Pin the beard on the Leprechaun: This is a great game that everyone from little children to adults can play and enjoy. Use a Leprechaun cutout and print a beard for him. Add a small pin to the beard so that it can be pinned onto the cutout. Blindfold the players and ask them to pin the beard on the cutout. 
  11. St. Patrick’s Day word search puzzles: This is one of the best games to keep kids entertained. Additionally, word search puzzles for kids are a great way to boost their vocabulary and spelling skills. Give kids some St. Patrick’s Day-themed word search puzzles and help them learn words related to the holiday.
  12. St. Patrick’s Day jigsaw puzzles: Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to keep kids occupied for a while. Additionally, these puzzles also boost the child’s thinking skills, fine motor skills and shape learning. Hand your little ones some St. Patrick’s Day-themed jigsaw puzzles on the holiday and watch them have fun as they put it together.
  13. Shamrock Hopscotch: Hopscotch is a fun game that kids love to play. On St. Patrick’s Day, add a fun twist to the usual game. Instead of boxes, draw shamrocks on the floor and use a pebble covered in gold-colored foil to play the game.
  14. Irish dancing freeze jig: This is one of the most fun St. Patrick’s Day games to get your kids to spend some of their energy. Put on some peppy Irish tunes and get the kids to dance. When you turn off the music, the kids will have to freeze mid-dance. The child who moves first loses their spot in the game. Switch on the music and continue till you have a winner. Extra brownie points for kids who add in an Irish dance move or two. This is one of the most fun St. Patrick’s Day games for kids.
  15. St. Patrick’s Day-themed would you rather: Would you rather is a popular game where players pose a dilemma in the form of a question. The other player will have to choose one of the two options to answer the question. Print a list of St. Patrick’s Day-themed would you rather questions for kids and give it to the kids. Or, you can come up with creative questions of your own, like would you rather drink milk or shamrock shakes?

We hope you and your child had fun playing these St. Patrick’s Day games. For more activities, games and worksheets that make learning fun, check our kids learning section.

Frequently Asked Questions on St. Patrick’s Day Games

What are some fun St. Patrick’s Day Games for kids?

Treasure hunt, St. Patrick’s Day costume contest, shamrock hopscotch, jigsaw puzzles, Leprechaun hunts, pin the beard on the Leprechaun are some fun games you can play with your kids on St. Patrick’s Day.

How do these games help kids?

These games keep kids occupied and entertained during the holiday. Additionally, they also enhance their thinking skills, memory skills, vocabulary, focus and concentration while they play.