Alphabet for Toddlers

Games on Learning the Alphabet for Toddlers

To learn a language, we first need to learn the alphabets.

Are you searching for games and activities that will help you assist your toddler in learning alphabets? 

Don’t look any further as we have got you covered. 

We are here with some mind-blowing games that make learning alphabets for toddlers a cakewalk! 

  1. Find the big-small pair
  2. In this activity, you would need two sets of alphabet flashcards (you can either create these flashcards yourself, get them from nearby stores or get them online and take printouts of the same). 

    The first set will have 26 flashcards, each flashcard with an alphabet written on it in uppercase. 

    The second set will also have 26 flashcards, each flashcard with an alphabet written on it in lowercase. 

    Now, you or an instructor can speak out an alphabet. Then, wait for thirty seconds or one minute. 

    In this duration, kids have to find the alphabet from both sets of flashcards.

    This game strengthens their uppercase and lowercase letter recognition. 

  3. Match the correct alphabet
  4. For this game, you can create a worksheet wherein there will be a number of questions such that an image of an object will be given with four options of letters.

    The name of the object should start with one of the letters given in the options. 

    For instance, if the image is that of a pizza, then the options can be A, D, P, Z.

    Here, the correct choice would be “P”. 

  5. Color the one!
  6. In this game for practicing alphabets for toddlers, you can draw multiple objects on a sheet – fruits, flowers, vehicles, jugs, television, etc., for example. 

    Next, you have to speak any letter from the 26 letters of the English alphabet. 

    Kids have to color all such objects, the names of which start with that letter. 

  7. Tracing the alphabet letters
  8. Alphabet tracing for toddlers is a very simple yet effective way to teach them how to write alphabets. Tracing helps them develop good handwriting too. Here, You can find printable ABC tracing worksheets.

    All you need to do is write the alphabets in a dotted fashion. 

    Kids have to connect those dots and thus, they’ll learn writing the alphabets. 

  9. Listen and color the alphabet
  10. You can find alphabet coloring pages for toddlers. Alternatively, you can draw the shape of alphabets, big and thick enough to be colored by kids. 

    Then, you will speak the letter and kids will color the respective alphabet on their sheet. You can also mention the color you want that letter to be colored with.

    For example, you can say “W in green”. Kids will have to find W in their coloring page and color it with green color. 

  11. Osmo Lettertopia
  12. Lettertopia is a highly interactive game by Osmo that provides kids with a digital game experience. 

    In this game, kids have to move across the game board. They need to build boards with alphabets and collect as many creatures as possible. 

    This game will lead to kids’ enhanced spelling knowledge, letter recognition and word building skills. 

  13. Osmo ABCs
  14. Osmo offers super durable and safe silicon sticks and rings. Using these kids have to make letters in this game.

    A letter is displayed on the Osmo screen. Kids have to find the correct sticks and rings, and make the same letter in the physical world. 

    The entire game is assisted by Mo the Monster, one of Osmo’s cartoon characters. The game encourages kids to learn more with its amazing interactivity and digital environment. 

You can find lots of printable alphabet worksheets online and use them while enjoying a play-and-learn time with your little ones. 

Children can learn with alphabet toys and alphabet charts for toddlers. Alphabet charts can be pasted in the room or around their study table. This will help them memorize the letters and enhance retention. 

Osmo alphabet games for toddlers are designed keeping in mind that hands-on learning is the most effective way of educating children. Physically moving objects and being part of interactions while learning can help children immensely in building a conceptual understanding. 

Wish to have a look at other learning games that Osmo provides? Explore our kids learning and start shopping!