Board Games For Kids

Board games for kids are one of the best ways to keep kids entertained and busy for hours. These games for kids also help them develop important skills like cognitive skills, logical and creative thinking, problem solving skills etc. Board games are also a great tool to help kids learn math skills, language skills, social skills, teamwork, focus, patience. Playing board games for kids offers the perfect opportunity to spend time with your kids. 

But choosing the best board games for kids can be confusing. So, we’ve put together a list of board games for kids that your little ones will enjoy playing.

Board Games For Kids

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Best Board Games for Kids

Here is a list of some amazing board games for kids. These games are not only fun but they challenge the child’s thinking skills, focus and patience.

List of Board Games for Kids

  1. Detective Agency: Osmo’s Detective Agency is a wonderful digital-physical board game for kids. In this game, kids get to run their own detective agency and solve mysteries. They travel across 6 famous cities using a magnifying glass to find clues to solve the mysteries. The game is a great way to expand your child’s knowledge of geography and other cultures.  Additionally, it enhances their observational skills, thinking skills and focus. It also encourages pretend play and improves their imagination. Check out these geography games for kids to improve their knowledge of geography. Age: 5+
  2. Chutes and Ladders: Chutes and Ladders is one of the most popular board games for kids. The main aim of this game is to climb up the ladders to reach the top of the board. Kids will have fun climbing up ladders on the board or sliding down when the number lands on a chute. This wonderful game is also a great tool to improve the child’s number recognition and counting skills. Check out these fun number games for kids that’ll boost your child’s numeracy skills. Ages: 3+
  3. Candyland: Candyland is a simple racing board game for kids. This is one of the best board games for kids who can’t yet read or strategize on their own. Little kids who love the movie Wreck it Ralph will love playing this game. The aim of the game is to find King Kandy, the lost king of Candy Land. It’s a great way to introduce toddlers to numbers and counting. Additionally, it also helps them learn social  skills like teamwork, taking turns, paying attention etc. Ages: 3+
  4. Guess who: This is a fun game where the opponents guess the character that the opponent has picked. The game board has images of 24 characters along with their names. Players get to ask well-crafted yes or no questions to eliminate candidates until they find the right character. As the child asks more questions with descriptive words, it improves their language skills and questioning ability. It also enhances their social skills like taking turns and making conversation. Check out some fun yes or no questions for kids. Ages: 5+
  5. Twister: Twister is one of the most fun board games for kids. It’s also one of the best indoor games for kids that get them to exercise. Additionally, it also boosts the child’s recognition skills. So, the next time your kids are antsy and need to burn off some excess energy, play a game of twister. Ages: 3+
  6. Checkers: Checkers, which is also known as Draughts is one of the best board games for kids. In this 2-player game, players take turns to move their pieces diagonally to an unoccupied space. The aim of the game is to capture the opponent’s pieces and ensure they cannot move by blocking them. This simple game is a great way to challenge the child’s thinking and strategizing skills. Ages: 4+
  7. Connect 4: Connect 4 is one of the simplest board games for kids. Kids can easily understand the rules and play the game. The aim of the game is to form a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line of four tokens. The kids will have to drop tokens of their chosen color in the grid to connect 4 tokens. Age: 6+
  8. Operation: Operation is a wonderful board game to test your child’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Additionally, this game also helps your child learn about different parts of the human body. The aim of this electronic game is for players to operate and remove ailments from the patient’s body. The kids need to remove them using tweezers without touching the edge of the cavity opening. Check out these fun science games for kids. Ages: 6+
  9. Monopoly: This is one of the most popular board games for kids. This fun board game teaches the basic rules of business and negotiating skills. In this game, kids distribute tokens among themselves and one of them plays the banker. The players buy and trade houses, hotels, develop the properties, collect rent, pay income tax etc. The aim of the game is to have a reasonable amount of money by the end of the game. Additionally, the players will also have to ensure the other players are bankrupt to win the game. Need less complex games about money and economics, check out these money games for kids. Ages: 10+
  10. Scrabble: Scrabble is one of the best board games for your kids to improve their vocabulary. Kids need to arrange letter tiles on the game board to form words. The child that scores the most number of points from the words wins the game. Check out words for kids to improve your child’s vocabulary. Ages: 6+
  11. Pictionary: Pictionary is a wonderful game to keep kids entertained. Additionally, this game teaches kids new words and improves their fine motor skills. The aim of the game is for kids to draw an image of a word from the deck of cards.The other members of the team have to guess the word within a particular amount of time. The team that makes it to the finish line first wins. Check out this list of pictionary words for kids. Ages: 7+
  12. Chess: Chess is a popular board game for children that improves their logical thinking and intellectual ability. The chessboard is made up of white and black tiles and pawns.The game is played by two players and the aim is to move the pawns strategically to conquer the opponent’s pawns. Each of the pawns move differently from the others and have special powers. The game might seem a bit complicated at first, but it’s a great tool to help kids learn to strategize. It also improves their focus, critical thinking and problem solving skills. Ages: 7+

Benefits of Board Games for Kids

Playing board games with your kids is a great way to keep them busy and entertained. But it has several other benefits too. Here are some advantages of playing board games with kids:

  1. It improves their gross and fine motor skills and cognitive skills.
  2. It also helps them learn new words and enhances their language and communication skills.
  3. It’s a great way to teach simple math skills like number recognition, shape recognition, counting, adding etc.
  4. It teaches children to interact with others and builds their social skills and confidence.
  5. It teaches them to be patient, take turns, think, strategize and solve problems on their own.
  6. It’s a great activity to spend quality time with your child.

For more activities, games and worksheets that make learning fun, check our kids learning section.

Frequently Asked Questions on Board Games For Kids

What are the benefits of playing Board Games For Kids?

The Board Games For Kids are snakes and ladders, ludo, carrom board, chess, monopoly, business, scrabble, etc.

What are the benefits of playing Board Games For Kids?

The benefits of playing Board Games For Kids are that they foster spending quality time with the family members, children learn different skills like counting skills, leadership qualities and negotiation skills.

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