Board Games For Kids

Best Board Games For Your Kids To Play With Their Friends And Family 

Board games for kids can be considered as one of their favorite pastime activities and the best way to spend time with their friends and family. Here are some of the board games that you can teach your kids today and spend quality time with them. 

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Best Board Games For Your Kids

  • Classic board games for kids – snakes and ladders, ludo
  • Classic and popular board games such as snakes and ladders and ludo are some of the best board games that are available offline and online for kids. Both these games include dice, a board, and pawns. In the snakes and ladders game, the players are supposed to roll the dice and move the pawn according to the number that appears on the dice. The player ascends if the pawn lands on a ladder and descends when it lands on the snake.

    Similarly in the ludo board game, players roll the dice and the pawns move only when the player rolls a six. The first player to successfully bring all the pawns out of his/her respective houses will be considered as the winner. These fun board games can be played by kids with their family and friends during leisure.

  • Business board games designed for kids – Monopoly
  • Monopoly is one of the best board games which can be played by kids aged 10 and above. This fun board game teaches the basic rules of business and negotiating skills. In this board game, kids distribute tokens among themselves, one of them plays the banker, and the player who rolls the highest number initiates the play. As the play continues, players can buy houses, properties, pay income tax, etc. This fun board game can be played by kids of all age groups if they can understand the basic rules of the game.

  • Board games for your kids to improve their vocabulary – Scrabble
  • Kids can enhance their vocabulary skills by playing one of the best vocabulary board games, scrabble. Two players play this board game, and it includes tiles with letters on them and a game board. The players are supposed to use the tiles to form words. The player who forms the best words and puts them in the best place on the board will be declared as the winner.

  • Intellectual board games for kids – Chess
  • Chess is one of the popular and best board games for your kid to improve his logical thinking and intellectual ability. The chessboard is made up of white and black tiles and pawns. Two players are required to play this board game. The player with white pawns makes the first move and certain pawns such as horse, elephant have special powers and move in a different way compared to other pawns. The player who first conquers the opponent’s pawns emerges as the winner.

Advantages of playing board games at home with your kids

  • Best way to spend time with your kids and the rest of the family members
  • Board games are not just meant for kids but they can also be used as one of the best ways to spend time with your family and loved ones. Family game nights are followed as a tradition in many households. By playing these board games at leisure, you can spend more time with your kids and create an open space for them to share things.

  • Your kids can learn negotiating and mathematical skills by playing business board games
  • Business board games such as Monopoly are one of the best board games that is available for kids to learn basic negotiating and Mathematical skills. This board game requires the players to purchase a property, home, pay taxes, invest in a bank, etc. Your kid will also have fun along with learning essential skill sets through playing this board game.

  • Board games teach your kids to follow the rules
  • Every board game comes with a set of certain rules that has to be followed by all the players. By playing these board games, your kids learn to abide by the rules of the game. Playing board games also teaches kids to respect other players. The first and foremost rule which has to be followed in every game and also in life is ‘players should not cheat’. This is an essential life skill that can be learned by kids from a very young age by playing board games.

  • Social and emotional skills will be enhanced by playing board games 
  • A few board games such as scrabble and chess involve two players whereas other board games like snake and ladder involve four or more players. These board games prompt your kid to learn social skills by interacting with other players. Board games teach kids to patiently wait for their turn to play, which is an important life skill that needs to be instilled in them from childhood.

Frequently Asked Questions on Board Games For Kids

What are the benefits of playing Board Games For Kids?

The Board Games For Kids are snakes and ladders, ludo, carrom board, chess, monopoly, business, scrabble, etc.

What are the benefits of playing Board Games For Kids?

The benefits of playing Board Games For Kids are that they foster spending quality time with the family members, children learn different skills like counting skills, leadership qualities and negotiation skills.