Exciting Easter Riddles For Kids

Easy Easter Riddles for Scavenger Hunt

Easter celebration is around the corner and we know how special you want this celebration to be!

So, we have got the best and the most brain-tickling Easter Riddles for kids. Use these riddles including the ones for Scavenger Hunt and make this Easter a lot more fun-filled and memorable for your children. 

In the riddles, you will find exciting Easter jokes along with Easter bunny riddles, Easter Math riddles, easy Easter egg scavenger hunt riddles for around the house, and much more. So stay tuned!

(Answers to the Easter Riddles and Easter Math Riddles are provided at the end of the article)

Easter Jokes and Riddles

1. I am a creature hopping around

Gnawing carrots is what I like

I hop and leave Easter eggs behind

Find them all during your hike

Can you guess, who am I?

2. What’s the bunny’s favorite genre of music?

3. How did the sister Easter egg react when she saw the brother Easter egg getting scolded by the mother Easter egg?

4. Why are rabbits so fond of eating carrots? 

5. What would you say if a rabbit is angry at you? 

6. What are the planes of rabbits called? 

7. Which are the most favorite movies of rabbits? 

8. I grow larger when you take away more from me. What am I?

9. What would a rabbit wish to say to the carrot it finished eating?

10. Why don’t the bunnies fly?

11. Easter bunny is able to color up all the Easter eggs because ___________.

12. What did the bunny have when he was in despair? 

13. What would you call a bunny who got a runny nose? 

14. This is something that can be used only once it’s broken. What is it?

15. Why was the Easter bunny agitated?

16. Which is the day that the Easter Eggs are scared of?

Easter Math Riddles

1. Ginnie has 4 Easter eggs. Jason has 3 more Easter eggs than Ginnie. Matthew has 2 less Easter eggs than Ginnie. Sara has 6 more Easter eggs than Matthew. 

How many Easter eggs do they all have in total?

2. The Easter Bunny was on his way to bringing 36 Easter eggs. On his way, he gave 10 to the Johnsons family and 7 to the Simpsons family. He then gave 10 to the Nielsons.

Can you tell how many Easter Eggs is he left with?

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt Riddles around and outside the house

Presented here are a few riddles you can use as clues during Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt Riddles while playing the hunt around or outside the house. 

1. Among the leaves, there’s a place to be found,

Find me where the birds fly and chirp around.                

(This means that the next egg is on a tree)

2. Be all prepared for your pizza and coke,

You will find me where you keep the fork.

(This implies that the next egg is somewhere in the kitchen)

3. I am in a dark place and I am scared too,

Find me where you keep your shoe. 

(That is, the next egg is in the shoe rack)

4. You use this to go places far, 

Can you find me inside your ____?

(This means that the next egg is somewhere inside the car)

5. It’s a game let’s be fair,

You will find me on the brown ______.

(This implies that the next egg is on a brown chair)


Easter Riddles Answers:

1. Rabbit

2. Hip-Hop

3. She cracked up!

4. As he doesn’t want to be near-sighted! (Carrots are great for keeping your vision healthy)

5. The rabbit is hopping mad at me!

6. Hare-planes

7. The ones which have HOPpy endings.

8. A Hole (The more soil you dig out, the larger the hole becomes)

9. It was a pleasure Gnawing you!

10. Well, no bunny knows!

11. He gets help from Santa’s elves during their lean season.

12. HOP (hope) is all he had!

13. A runny bunny

14. Egg

15. Because he had a bad HARE day!

16. The Fry-days!

Easter Math Riddles Answers: 

1. 21 Easter eggs 

2. 9 Easter eggs