Brain Breaks for Kids

Brain Break Ideas for Kids

Whether kids are in school or at home, learning continuously can get overwhelming for them. That’s why it is important to add time for brain breaks into their schedule. They might need a movement break or a quiet break to just stay still. Taking frequent brain breaks for kids has many benefits such as energy restoration, memory retention, and the ability to focus. These breaks also increase productivity in kids. As per research, indulging in brain break activities for kids helps in making their brains sharper. 

List of Brain Breaks for Kids

Let us look at some of the brain break activities that your kid can do:

Exercise for 5-10 mins

Including exercises in kids’ routines is important for parents or teachers to give them a much-needed break. Teach kids a simple set of warm-ups, exercises, and a cool-down routine that they can easily do. There is no need to exercise for too long. 5-10 minutes of exercise is enough considering the kid’s age. Exercising has multiple benefits. It improves physical fitness, mental alertness and rejuvenates the mind and body. You can easily find simple exercises for kids online.

Do stretching

Sitting too long in one position is not good for spine health. Allow kids to take breaks and do some stretching to improve flexibility and blood circulation. Make them stand with their feet apart. Put their left hand on their waist and raise the right hand overhead. Then, lean towards the left side. Stretch their arm as far as it can go towards the left. Now, repeat the same for the right side.

Practice yoga

Kids can practice simple yoga poses as brain breaks for kids in school or at home. Incorporating yoga breaks is easy. You can find simple yoga poses online which will be easy for kids to do. Yoga is an excellent way to relax the mind and body. Kids can practice meditation as well to improve concentration, increase patience and tolerance, boost imagination and creativity, etc.

Sometimes just jump!

Well, kids are really energetic in their pre-teen days. Making them sit for long hours in classrooms can make them feel dull. Sometimes, they need to just expel their energy out. For this, ask them to jump like they are bouncing on a trampoline. 

Concentrate on sound

Concentrating on sound is similar to meditation. Ask kids to sit quietly with their eyes closed and take slow and deep breaths. Ring a bell, chime, or gong. Ask them to listen carefully to the sound and feel its vibrations as the sound reverberates and gradually fades.

Take a dance break

Who doesn’t like to take a dance break? Music has the power to refresh the mood. Just play party songs that your kids like and let them groove on them.

Practice doodle

A small doodle break is what a kid needs to calm his mind. Doodling is a stress-buster. Let your kid’s imagination flow when given the task to doodle. 

Sit idle

Sometimes doing nothing is a great idea for brain breaks. The teacher can ask the class to take a pause of 5 minutes and do nothing. Just sit idle without talking to other kids and observe nature through the window or maybe, something on the screen. This will generate good vibes in the class and recharge their mind to learn new things. This can also be practiced at home.

Practice writing

Writing is a great brain exercise. Maintaining a journal helps to channelize thoughts. This is one of the best brain break activities for kids. Ask the kids to open a notebook and write about anything that they like. There is no need for the kid to share it with anyone. This is like time spent with oneself.

Passing the balloon 

This is one of the brain break games for kids. All you need for this game is a balloon. Pass the balloon to each other without dropping the balloon on the floor. This game can be played in pairs or groups. In a group, you need to pass the balloon to the next person.

Brain Break games at Osmo

We, at Osmo, offer a variety of games that can be considered a great option for rejuvenating the mind. These games are the best brain breaks for kids at home. Given below are some of the games that can be used as brain breaks for kids:

Genius Tangram

This is a Tangram puzzle game in which kids have to arrange the Tangram pieces to look the same as the image on the screen. It appears that it is easy to solve Tangram puzzles. However, solving Tangram requires good observation skills. Enjoy the full digital experience with Genius Tangram.

Genius Words

In this game, kids will be shown different objects on the screen. Kids have to guess the object and spell it. This helps immensely in learning new spellings and building vocabulary.


In this game, kids are provided with a drawing board and marker. The monster whose name is Mo asks kids to draw something. As soon as the kids are done drawing, the doodle would come alive on screen. It is one of the best brain break activities for kids who enjoy doodling.

Pizza Co.

Kids can run a pizza store of their own and enjoy the experience of becoming entrepreneurs. They can sell pizza and earn money. Through this game, kids will also learn how to do monetary transactions.

There are other games that Playosmo offers like Detective Agency, Super Studio Disney Frozen 2, Super Studio Disney Princess, Genius Numbers, etc. Explore our kids learning section to know more about us!