Brain Breaks for Kids

Learning is important but too much of a good thing can also be bad. When they’re constantly forced to sit down for lessons, kids can get distracted, frustrated and even bored. So it is crucial to give children a mental and physical break from time to time. Whether kids are in school or at home, brain breaks for kids are necessary. These brain breaks are activities for kids at home or school that add some fun and relaxation to their routine.

List Of Ideas For Brain Breaks for Kids

Here are some simple ideas for brain breaks for kids. The next time your child wants a break from learning, try one of these brain break ideas for kids.

  1. Cardio: A cardio session is a great way to liven up a kid who’s bored with lessons. Involve your little one in an impromptu cardio session in the middle of a boring lesson to get their heart pumping. You can try simple activities like jumping jacks, jogging and skipping.
  2. Practice Yoga: Yoga is a wonderful way to calm a child’s mind. So, the next time you need an idea for brain breaks for kids, try yoga. Have your kids try some simple yoga poses and meditation exercises to relax their mind and body. Not only does it improve their physical fitness, but yoga also boosts their  concentration, patience and tolerance.
  3. Trampoline: What kid doesn’t love jumping on the trampoline? This is one of the best brain breaks for kids who want a break from studying. The next time they feel like expending some of their pent-up energy, just let them jump on the trampoline. Don’t worry if you don’t have a trampoline, just ask your kid to jump or hop around for a while. They’ll be happy to comply!
  4. Dance: Who doesn’t love a dance break? Music has the power to lift up anyone’s mood. So, one of the brain breaks for kids is a fun dance-off. Challenge your little ones to a dance-off, play some peppy songs that your kids like and groove to the tunes.
  5. Passing the balloon: This game is one of the most fun brain breaks for kids and all you need is a balloon. The next time your child is bored with learning, just give them a break and play passing the balloon. The only hitch, they should pass the balloons to each other without dropping or bursting it. This game can be played in pairs or groups. You can make it more fun and challenging by turning it into a game of balloon soccer. 
  6. Doodling: A small doodle break is what a kid needs to calm their mind. Doodling is a great stress-buster. This is one of the best brain breaks for kids who are budding artists. Give them a 5 -10 minute break and ask them to unleash their creativity. Try these drawing games for kids and coloring pages to boost their creativity.
  7. Journal: Writing is a great way to exercise the brain. Help your child channel their thoughts and share it by writing in a journal. This is one of the best brain break activities for kids that also helps them practice creative writing. This personal time is a great way to calm their minds and thoughts. Try these writing games for kids to boost their interest in writing.
  8. Puzzles: Puzzles are a great way to give a child a break from learning. Crossword puzzles, word search puzzles for kids and jigsaw puzzles will help your little ones relax and have fun. Additionally, it’ll help them learn new words and build a solid vocabulary too.
  9. Genius Tangram: This is a puzzle game in which kids have to arrange the pieces to match the image on the screen. While it might seem an easy task, Tangram requires good observation skills and focus. The game is also a great way to help children learn shapes. Here are some more shape games for kids to boost their learning.
  10. Monster: Here is a great game for your budding artist. The next time you want some brain breaks for kids, try Osmo’s Monster. Kids can draw and make their creations come alive with this fun game. Mo, the monster will egg the kids on and make their  doodles come alive on screen. 
  11.  Take a hike: A breath of fresh air will do wonders for an antsy child. Take your child outside and go on a hike or a walk to a nearby park. This will help them exercise and calm them down. Additionally, the change of scenery will help them focus better when they sit down to study again.
  12. Animal pretend: Pretending to be animals is one of the simplest and funniest brain breaks for kids. Ask your child to pretend to be some animal. For example, meow and purr like a cat or jump like a kangaroo. This game not only exercises their bodies, but also improves their imagination and creativity.
  13. True or False questions: Asking questions is a fun brain break activity. Ask simple yes or no questions or true or false questions for kids. To make it more fun, you can also turn this into a game of jeopardy.
  14. Find it fast: This is a fun activity for kids who’re bored and restless. The aim is to get kids running around and finding things that you ask for quickly. For example, find the blue cushion or bring me a green crayon. Along with physical exercise, this activity also improves the child’s observational skills.
  15. Twister: Twister is one of the most fun brain break activities for kids. Just get the twister mat and board out and start playing with the kids. The kids will have great twisting themselves into different shapes to reach a color. 
  16. Coloring: Drawing, painting and coloring are among a child’s favorite activities. Let your little artist rest their brain from studying by coloring on worksheets. This helps them relax and unleash their creativity. Check out these animal coloring pages for kids.
  17. Simon says: Simon says is one of the most popular games and brain breaks for kids. All you need to do is say something starting with “Simon says” and the child will have to follow the command. For example, “Simon says hop on the spot.” This fun game will give them a break from learning and help them enjoy themselves.
  18. Build a tower: If your child is in need of a brain break, then give them one by making them build a tower. Give your child a bunch of paper cups and ask them to build the tallest tower possible. This activity helps enhance their thinking skills, problem solving skills and fine motor skills.
  19. Playdough: Molding playdough is one of the most fun brain break activities for kids. Give your kids some playdough in different colors and ask them to mold it into different shapes. This activity helps in relaxing their mind and bodies.
  20. Trivia Games: Playing trivia games is a fun way to relax and take your child’s mind off studying. The next time your child wants a break from learning, ask them some trivia questions. You can choose Disney Trivia questions or animal trivia questions for kids based on their age and interests.

Learning continuously can be overwhelming for little kids who are easily distracted and have too much energy. They might need a break to move around and stretch their muscles or just relax their minds. Including frequent brain breaks for kids has several benefits that improve their learning. It’s a great way to destress, help them focus and boost their energy and memory retention. Additionally, a break in between also helps sharpen their brain and thinking skills, which increases their productivity.  

We hope you and your kids enjoyed these fun brain breaks ideas for kids. Check our kids learning section for more games, activities and worksheets that help in your little one’s education.

Frequently Asked Questions on Brain Breaks for Kids

What are some of the Brain Breaks for Kids?

Some of the Brain Breaks for Kids are practicing yoga and simple exercises that help them to think positively, dancing to keep them healthy and active, doodling to bring out the little hidden Picasso in them and other enaging games.

Why are Brain Breaks for Kids important?

It is a known fact that kids usually tend to get bored of their regular academics, lessons and monotonous methods. Therefore, it is important to engage them in some brain breaks for kids to stimulate their motor skills and enhance learning experience. These brain breaks help them to stay active and positive throughout the day.