Positive Words for Kids

We often find that kids are almost always happy. This is because they find joy in the simple pleasures of life. They feel super thrilled when they see a butterfly, watch an airplane, jump over dirty puddles, and even when they get to have their favorite meal. However, there are a few sad days for kids too. Sometimes they’re not even able to identify the source of their worry. You can help make them feel a little better during those days with this list of positive words for kids.

These positive words for kids will help turn those negative emotions into positive ones!

List of Positive Words for Kids

  1. You make me happy
  2. Your opinions and choices are important to me
  3. I love you
  4. I believe in you
  5. You are unique
  6. You are gifted
  7. Your thoughts are valuable to me
  8. You are thoughtful
  9. You are intelligent
  10. You can tell me anything
  11. You are special to me
  12. I love spending time with you
  13. I am so proud of you
  14. Tell me how your day was
  15. Let me know if you need any help
  16. I am always here for you
  17. Follow your heart
  18. You are amazing
  19. Don’t give up
  20. Effort is more important than winning
  21. Don’t compare yourself to others
  22. Follow your dreams
  23. You deserve a break sometimes
  24. It’s okay to be sad
  25. Go play!
  26. Nobody is perfect and that’s absolutely fine
  27. Your negative feelings will pass
  28. Have fun!
  29. Don’t be afraid. If you are, it’s okay. We can deal with it together
  30. Enjoy the moment
  31. You will get through this
  32. You are strong
  33. Take deep breaths
  34. Help yourself and your loved ones always
  35. Be honest
  36. It’s okay to make mistakes
  37. You can say no
  38. I see you working hard
  39. I need you
  40. Let’s try it your way

Benefits of Positive Words for Kids

  1. Telling your kids a few positive words everyday will help them develop a positive mindset
  2. Our list of positive words for kids will help boost self-esteem
  3. It will build a happy, supportive home life
  4. It will change how kids perceive themselves, in a positive way. This will in turn make them believe in themselves.
  5. It also pushes them to be determined. Because these positive words make kids more self-confident, they can bounce back from setbacks and develop resilience and determination to overcome challenges.

Tips on Using Positive Words for Kids

When you refer to our list of positive words for kids, make sure to do the following:

  1. Always focus on their abilities instead of efforts. This will develop a growth mindset. If kids are praised just because of their successes, they believe that they’re incapable of winning.
  2. Remember to not praise them too much. Although our list of positive words for kids are all about complimenting your little ones and making them feel special, it’s best to not overdo the praises. When kids are always praised, it might cause them to be arrogant. It might also decrease their motivation.
  3. Try to not generalize when you use positive words for kids. For example, instead of saying “wow, great job!”, you could say “the way you did _____ (insert whichever activity your child has done) was admirable”. This will make your comment sound more personal and genuine.