Positive Words for Kids

Teach Your Child To Be Kind, Encouraging And Caring By Filling Their Vocabulary With This List Of Positive Words For Kids

Words might be the smallest unit of language, but even the smallest word carries power. When used negatively, it could cause lasting damage. Kids learn everything by observing the people around them. Teaching words for kids is important, but it is more important to use positive language around them and teach positive words for kids. 

Kids are almost always happy because they find joy in the simple pleasures of life. They feel super thrilled when they see a butterfly, jump over dirty puddles, and even when they get to have their favorite meal. But they also have the occasional blues, feel sad and be depressed too. Using positive words for kids can help them overcome this. Moreover, these positive words for kids will help turn those negative emotions into positive ones! 

In addition to this, positive words for kids are a great addition to a child’s vocabulary. These vocabulary words for kids helps them learn how to be encouraging, kind and nurturing. Using positive words around a child creates an encouraging and nurturing environment, which is helpful for their well-being and growth. Here is a list of positive words for kids to help them build a strong and encouraging vocabulary. 

List of Positive Words for Kids

MotivatingAdventurousFree Spirited
Straight ForwardEnterprisingWitty

Positive Words For Kids: Encouraging Words For Kids In School

Here are some words of encouragement for kids in school you can use to egg them on and help them in school.

  1. I believe in you
  2. You are intelligent
  3. I am so proud of you
  4. You are gifted
  5. Don’t give up
  6. Trying is more important than winning
  7. Don’t compare yourself to others
  8. Follow your dreams
  9. Enjoy the moment
  10. You will get through this
  11. You are strong
  12. Take deep breaths
  13. I see you working hard
  14.  Let’s try it your way
  15. It’s okay to make mistakes
  16. You make a great leader
  17. I believe that you can achieve great things in life
  18. Don’t give up, keep going.
  19. Reach for the stars
  20. You are unstoppable
  21. Your ideas are amazing and creative
  22. Well done! All your hard work paid off
  23. Congratulations on achieving your goal
  24. You’re a star!
  25. I admire your strength.

Positive Words For Kids: Words Of Encouragement For Kids

Sometimes even the happiest of kids needs to know they are loved and appreciated. These words of encouragement for kids are a great way to lift their spirits and show them that you care. These words also teach them to be empathetic towards others.

  1. I love you
  2. You make me happy
  3. Your opinions and choices are important to me
  4. You are unique
  5. Your thoughts are valuable to me
  6. You are thoughtful
  7. You can tell me anything
  8.  You are special to me
  9. I love spending time with you
  10. Tell me how your day was
  11.  Let me know if you need any help
  12. I am always here for you
  13. Follow your heart
  14. You are amazing
  15. You deserve a break sometimes
  16. It’s okay to be sad
  17. Go play!
  18. Nobody is perfect and that’s absolutely fine
  19. Your negative feelings will pass
  20. Have fun!
  21. Don’t be afraid. If you are, it’s okay. We can deal with it together
  22. Help yourself and your loved ones always
  23. Be honest
  24. You can say no
  25. I need you

Positive Words For Kids: Funny Words Of Encouragement For Kids

These funny words of encouragement are a great way to boost your child’s confidence. Use these encouraging words before a test for kids or just to pep them up.

  1. The night before an exam is like the night before Christmas. You can’t sleep and still expect a miracle in the morning.
  2. Respect your elders, they passed school without Google.
  3. Going to school is the easiest job you’ll ever have.
  4. A smile is the only inexpensive thing you can do to change your looks.
  5. Nothing is impossible. The word itself says “I’m possible!”

Benefits of Teaching Positive Words for Kids

Teaching positive words for kids doesn’t just build a robust vocabulary for kids, it has several other benefits too. Here are some ways that including positive words for kids in a child’s vocabulary helps them.

  1. Telling your kids a few positive words every day will help them develop a positive mindset.
  2. Our list of positive words for kids will help boost the child’s self-esteem and make them more confident.
  3. It will build a happy, supportive home life. These words also help children learn to be empathetic, encouraging and nurturing towards others.
  4. It will change how kids perceive themselves, in a positive way. This will in turn make them believe in themselves.
  5. A vocabulary filled with positive words for kids also pushes them to be determined. Because these positive words make kids more self-confident, they can bounce back from setbacks and develop resilience and determination to overcome challenges.

Tips To Teach Children To Use Positive Words for Kids

Just teaching positive words for kids is not enough. Kids should be able to remember these words and use them effectively in their communication too. Here are some tips to help you teach your child to use positive words and words of encouragement for kids appropriately.

  1. Always start and end the day with positive words and ensure to use several encouraging and positive words for kids in your conversation. It’s not just about praising them, it shows that you appreciate them and care for them. Your kids will observe this behavior and try to emulate you.
  2. Always focus on their abilities instead of efforts. This will develop a growth mindset. If kids are praised just because of their successes, they believe that they’re incapable of winning. Additionally, this will help them understand how to use these words to show appreciation to their peers and the people around them.
  3. Use encouraging words around your child to show that you love them, care for them and will always support them. This helps children learn to show empathy and egg people on without being pushy. So it contributes towards their growth and development positively.
  4. Remember to not praise them too much. Although our list of positive words for kids is all about complimenting your little ones and making them feel special, it’s best to not overdo the praises. When kids are always praised, it might cause them to be arrogant or even demotivate them. But egg them on to achieve their goal without being pushy.

Frequently Asked Questions on Positive Words for Kids

What are some positive words for kids?

Some of the Positive words for kids are You are gifted, You are special, You are thoughtful, Follow your heart, Effort is more important than winning, Nobody is perfect and that’s absolutely fine, Help yourself and your loved ones always, Let’s try it your way, etc.

What are some positive words for kids?

The benefits of learning positive words for kids are that they stay positive in all the situations and how they face situations in the future. It all changes the way kids accept life and it builds an optimistic approach surrounding them and theit family.