Syllable Games

Syllables Games For Kids To Learn Words

As kids grow older, they start to learn words with many syllables in them. No longer are they reading simpler words like “cat”, “box”, and “rat”, but instead, they’re learning words that need to be divided into “chunks” to pronounce accurately.

Syllables are basically parts of words that contain sounds or phonemes. To teach your kids about syllables, here are some fun syllable games you should try with your little one.

Fun Multisyllabic Word Games

When you teach kids how to divide words into syllables, it helps them decode the word quicker. It can also help them read and speak more fluently. 

Here are some fun multisyllabic word games your kids will love!

  1. Marker Activity
  2. Here’s one of the best multisyllabic word games to try with your little one. All you have to do is write down a few words with many syllables. Next, ask them to use their marker to count those syllables. 

    Instead of using a marker, you could even provide your child with tokens. But make sure to first draw horizontally connected boxes on their paper, so that they can place the token in each box based on how many times they hear a syllable in the word dictated to them.

  3. Multisyllabic Manipulation
  4. This is one of the best syllable division games for kids. First, divide words into syllables. Next, jumble each syllable for your kids to rearrange! For example, have your child arrange the following syllables, “tas fan tic”, to form the right word. (fantastic!!)

    Osmo’s Words game is a great way to introduce your kids to new words. Check it out! In this game, kids need to solve challenging word puzzles by arranging tangible letter tiles in front of their screen.

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  5. Clapping Games
  6. Another great way to teach kids syllables is by clapping! Clapping could serve as one of the best syllable games for preschool.

    As the name suggests, all kids have to do is clap every time they hear a syllable! If you dictate the word “fork”, they have to clap one time. But if you say “table”, “baby”, or “napkin”, they need to clap twice, and so on.

    You could teach them how to count syllables by instructing them to place their hand under their chin so that every time they say a word and feel their chin go down, they’re observing different syllables of the same word.

  7. Mirror Activity
  8. Here’s another split words game to try with your kids. Provide your kids with a mirror each. Next, ask them to place the mirror in front of them so they can see how often their mouth opens while saying a specific word. The number of times their mouth opens is likely going to be the number of syllables that exist in that word.

  9. Jumping Syllables
  10. Syllable segmentation games like this are a great way to teach kids syllables while having fun!

    All you have to do is provide your child with a list of words. Next, ask your kids to identify the syllables in the word and then make the syllables “jump” to a different part of the word. For example, the word “pencil” could be recreated to form “cilpen”. This could be a silly, new word that your child creates.

We hope you liked our syllable games for kids! For more kids learning games and activities, check the rest of our website.