Moral Stories For Kids

Teach Kids Important Life Lessons And Good Values Using Moral Stories For Kids

For most parents and kids, reading or storytelling is a cherished bedtime ritual. Moreover, stories are a great way to impart some important life lessons and values too. Moral stories for kids are important for kids learning, they help them learn about kindness, compassion, humility, respect, integrity, and responsibility. Additionally, they also learn about shape, color, sounds, words, and language skills. Moral stories for kids also boost their imagination, brain development, focus, social skills, and communication skills.

Short Moral Stories For Kids

Moral Stories For Kids help them understand the wide world around them, different languages, and cultures. It also introduces them to new emotions and how to process them. We’ve compiled a list of 7 amazing moral stories for kids to help them learn good values like love, empathy, kindness, courage, etc.

List of 7 wonderful short moral stories for kids:

  1. The Hare And The Tortoise
  2. The Ants And The Lazy Cricket
  3. The Beautiful Rose And The Thorny Cactus
  4. The Goose That Laid Golden Eggs
  5. The Boy Who Was Always Angry
  6. The Boy Who Cried Wolf Too Many Times
  7. The Milkmaid And Her Pail
  1. The Hare And The Tortoise
  2. Once upon a time, there lived a hare in the forest who’d never lost a race he participated in. The hare was very proud of this fact and made fun of all the other slower animals. One day, the hare decided to challenge the tortoise to a race. He knew he’d win the race because the tortoise moved so slowly. He mocked the tortoise saying, “Do you ever get anywhere, you slowpoke?”

    On the day of the race, they both began at the starting point. The hare was indeed fast. By the time he’d reached the halfway point, the tortoise was still near the starting point. The overconfident hare thought he’d still win the race even if he took a nap near the finish line. The tortoise continued moving at his slow pace while the hare slept. The tortoise moved slowly, yet steadily without wasting a second. By the time the hare woke up, the tortoise had already crossed the finish line and won the race. 

    Moral Of The Story – The Hare And The Tortoise: Keep going, don’t stop, and work hard towards your goal, you’ll achieve it even if you’re slow.

  3. The Ants And The Lazy Cricket
  4. There once was cricket and a colony of ants, who lived in the same garden. Every morning the ants would hurry out to work. They searched for food and carried it home and they did this every single day during the summer. The cricket, who lived in the garden, made merry and sat singing all day. One day he asked the ants, “Why do you waste such a glorious summer day working so hard?” 

    The ants replied, “We’re storing food for the coming winter!” The cricket then said, “But winter’s a long way away. Take a break and have some fun.” The ants continued working, while the cricket laughed at him and continued enjoying the summer sun. But when winter came, it was harsh and cold. There was no food to be found anywhere. 

    The cricket knocked on the ants’ door and begged for some food. The ants asked him what he was doing all summer, while they worked. He said he sang and made music. The ants said, “Well, then you can dance to your music now!” and shut the door in the cricket’s face. The cricket died cold and hungry because he was lazy.

    Moral Of The Story – The Ants And The Lazy Cricket: If you make merry while the sun shines you’ll suffer tomorrow when it’s cold.

  5. The Beautiful Rose And The Thorny Cactus
  6. In a faraway land, there lived a beautiful rose. It was planted right next to a large, thorny cactus. The rose was very proud of its beautiful looks and hated that it had to live next to the ugly cactus. Every day the rose woke up and mocked the cactus calling it thorny and ugly. Even though it was hurt, the cactus never insulted the rose. The other plants tried to get the rose to correct its ways, but it refused to listen.

    Eventually, spring turned to summer and the days became hotter and the land turned into a desert. The rose started wilting in the heat and started losing its beauty without any water. The cactus stood upright in the heat without any problem. One day, the rose saw a bird drinking some water from the cactus. Shamefacedly, it asked the cactus for some water. The kind cactus gave the rose water without any thought and helped it through the summer. 

    Moral Of The Story – The Beautiful Rose And The Thorny Cactus: Don’t judge anyone by their looks. Beauty doesn’t last forever, but kindness and empathy will always help you. 

  7. The Goose That Laid Golden Eggs
  8. A poor farmer once found a goose that laid golden eggs. Each day, the goose gave him one golden egg. The money from selling the golden egg kept him and his wife comfortable and happy. But the farmer was not satisfied with getting one golden egg per day. He thought, “If I cut open the goose, I’ll get a lot more golden eggs and money. Why should we settle for less?” 

    He told his wife and she foolishly agreed with him. So, the farmer cut open the goose hoping to find a lot of golden eggs. But all he got was a lot of blood, guts, and a dead goose on his hands. The farmer realized his foolish mistake and cried but the goose that laid golden eggs was dead. 

    Moral Of The Story – The Goose That Laid Golden Eggs: Think carefully before you act.

  9. The Boy Who Was Always Angry
  10. There was once a boy who got angry at anything and everything and said mean things. His father tried telling him to control his anger, but he never listened. One day, the father gave him a bag of nails and a hammer. He told him to hammer nails into the fence each time he was angry. The first day, the boy hammered half the nails in the bag into the fence. The next day he hammered fewer nails. 

    Each day the number of nails that he hammered into the fence reduced. One fine day, he went up to his father and said he didn’t feel the need to hammer any nails into the fence. Then the father told the son to remove a nail from the fence for each day he didn’t feel angry. After a few days, the son told the father he was done removing the nails. The father then took the son outside and showed him the holes that were left in the fence. He explained that mean things said in anger can wound people and will always leave a scar.

    Moral Of The Story – The Boy Who Was Always Angry: Wounds might heal but a scar always remains. Things said in anger can hurt people.

  11. The Boy Who Cried Wolf Too Many Times
  12. In a tiny village near the forest, there lived a boy who grazed his sheep on the hillock near the forest. One day, the boy was bored and decided to play a prank on the villagers. He cried, “Wolf, there’s a wolf trying to eat my sheep. Help!” The villagers heard his cries and ran shouting to chase the wolf. But when they reached there, they found the boy laughing and no wolf around. They warned him and walked back to the village.

    The next day, the boy decided to dupe the villagers again.  “Wolf, there’s a wolf trying to eat my sheep. Help!” The villagers ran again to help him, but found him laughing at them again. The villagers warned him again and walked back to the village. But immediately, the boy saw a wolf walking stealthily towards the flock of his sheep. He screamed and cried for help, but no one came to his rescue. He came crying down to the village and asked the villagers why they didn’t come to his aid. The village elder replied, “You cried “wolf” one too many times. No one believes a liar!” The boy learned his lesson and never lied again.

    Moral Of The Story – The Boy Who Cried Wolf Too Many Times: No one believes a liar.

  13. The Milkmaid And Her Pail
  14. There was once a milkmaid who loved to daydream. Every day she milked the cows and took the milk to the town to sell. One day, on the way to town the milkmaid started dreaming. She dreamed of the amount of money she’d earn from selling the milk. 

    She first thought she’d buy a basket of fruit and some scones. Then she thought, “No, no I should buy a chicken. Then, when it starts laying eggs, I can sell both milk and eggs and make more money!” She hopped and skipped as she walked dreaming of all she’d do with the money she earned. And the milk pails she carried swayed along with her. 

    A little further down the road, she thought, “With the extra money I earn from the eggs and the milk, I’ll buy a new dress and shoes.” She dreamed of how jealous all the milkmaids would be of her and hopped and skipped along. As she hopped and skipped, the milk in the pails started spilling over the edges on the road and the milkmaid’s dress. Soon she was drenched in milk and the pails were empty. Sad, she returned home crying about all the spilled milk and money she didn’t earn. 

    Moral Of The Story – The Milkmaid And Her Pail: Don’t count your chickens before they hatch! Focus on the task at hand rather than expecting success from things that are yet to happen.

We hope you and your child enjoyed these 7 amazing moral stories for kids. For more learning material for kids, check the rest of our website.

FAQs On Moral Stories For Kids

What are moral stories for kids?

Moral stories for kids are stories that carry a message or a moral. These stories help children learn important life lessons and good values.

What do moral stories for kids teach us?

Moral stories for kids teach us values like kindness, compassion, humility, respect, integrity, and responsibility.

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