Drawing Games for Kids

Every child has that inbuilt creativity and imagination. A great way to further develop these qualities is to teach them to express themselves through drawing.

When kids draw, they learn to bring their imagination to paper while improving their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creative problem-solving skills!

We hope that with these drawing games for kids, your children learn to harness their creative streak!

Fun Drawing Games for Kids

Here are a few fun drawing games for kids to bring out their artistic side:

  1. Collaborative Drawing Game for Kids
  2. This game is best enjoyed by a minimum of 2 kids. Allow one to draw anything they want, and then let the next person continue that drawing! For example, if a child draws the sun, their friend could draw a few clouds in the sky, or a try nearby. The possibilities are endless.

  3. Artistic Simon
  4. We’ve all heard of the Simon Says game. Usually, Simon (here, the parent) gives out orders that generally require some exercise (like dancing, running, walking, etc). In this game, Simon is rather artistic.

    For example, all you have to do is say “Simon Says, draw a hat!” and your kids need to draw exactly that. And just like the original game, instructions don’t mean anything if you don’t say Simon Says first.

  5. Copy Me
  6. As the name of the game suggests, all a child has to do is try to copy another child’s drawing to perfection. Beyond honing your child’s drawing abilities, it also tests their ability to concentrate and focus!

  7. Explain the Drawing
  8. If you’re looking for cool drawing games for kids that also test a child’s communication skills, we’ve got you covered! In this game, your kid first draws something of their choice and then tries to verbally explain what they’ve drawn to a friend. Based on their explanation, the other child tries to visualize and put their imagination to paper.

  9. Geometric Art
  10. Draw various shapes on a sheet of paper and call out any shape of your choice. Your child needs to use that shape in their drawing. For example, if it’s a circle, your kids could draw the moon or the Earth. If it’s a triangle, your kids could draw pizza, and so on!

    For a digital-physical game that teaches kids about shapes, check out Osmo’s Tangram.

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Drawing Games for Kids from Osmo

Osmo offers the best drawing games for kids to play while having fun!

  1. Masterpiece
  2. Take a picture of anything you like and Osmo’s interactive drawing tool creates simple outlines of the image for you to draw to perfection! You can even share a time-lapse video with your friends after you’re done.

  3. Monster
  4. Make your drawings a part of a magical animated activity with guidance and feedback from Mo the friendly Monster!

  5. Super Studio Series
  6. Osmo’s Super Studio games feature Super Studio Disney Frozen 2, Super Studio Disney Mickey Mouse & Friends, Super Studio Disney Princess, and Super Studio Disney Pixar Incredibles 2.

In all of these drawing games for kids, you get to embark on magical adventures with your favorite Disney characters, all while learning the fundamentals of drawing and animation.

We hope our drawing games for kids spark your child’s creativity in the best way possible. Don’t forget to also check out our STEM activities for kids, math games for kids, and many more kids’ learning games & activities for kids of all ages.