Drawing Games For Kids

You can explore some interesting drawing games for kids where they can learn drawing and color accordingly. These drawing games for kids will enhance their creativity skills.

Learn to draw with Osmo’s Masterpiece – Drawing Games For Kids,

When kids draw, they learn to bring their imagination to paper while improving their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creative problem-solving skills. You can find drawing games for kids online. Moreover, drawing games for kids can be played at home or in the classroom. Take a printout of an image or illustration that your child wants to draw. Then, teach them basic ideas and rules to draw images or pictures in a systematic way. Must say! There are fun drawing games for kids. However, drawing activities for kids at home will overcome problems associated with boredom among children. We hope that with these drawing games for kids, your children learn to harness their creative streak. 

Best Drawing And Painting Games For Kids 

Kids have boundless imaginations and energies with them. Why not expand their imagination and creativity with the help of fun drawing games for kids. To keep them entertained and occupied, you need to come up with cool drawing games for kids. In addition to this, check drawing board games for kids which are extremely easy for them to start and get a hold on to the activity. Most importantly, it will enhance kids’ learning experience with a better eye-to-hand coordination and other important skills. 

List Of Drawing Games For Kids 

Here are a few fun drawing games for kids to bring out their artistic side as given below: 

  • Drawing with friends- Collaborative Drawing Game for Kids: This game is best enjoyed by a minimum of 2 kids. Allow one to draw anything they want, and then let the next person continue that drawing. For example, if a child draws the sun, their friend could draw a few clouds in the sky, or a try nearby. The possibilities are endless.
  • Super Studio Series: Osmo’s Super Studio games feature Super Studio Disney Frozen 2, Super Studio Disney Mickey Mouse & Friends, Super Studio Disney Princess, and Super Studio Disney Pixar Incredibles 2.
  • Drawing Artistic Simon: We’ve all heard of the Simon Says game. Usually, Simon (here, the parent) gives out orders that generally require some exercise (like dancing, running, walking, etc). In this game, Simon is rather artistic. For example, all you have to do is say “Simon Says, draw a hat!” and your kids need to draw exactly that. And just like the original game, instructions don’t mean anything if you don’t say Simon Says first.
  • Drawing Copy Me: As the name of the game suggests, all a child has to do is try to copy another child’s drawing to perfection. Beyond honing your child’s drawing abilities, it also tests their ability to concentrate and focus. 
  • Monster: Make your drawings a part of a magical animated activity with guidance and feedback from Mo the friendly Monster.
  • Drawing explanation: If you’re looking for cool drawing games for kids that also test a child’s communication skills, we’ve got you covered! In this game, your kid first draws something of their choice and then tries to verbally explain what they’ve drawn to a friend. Based on their explanation, the other child tries to visualize and put their imagination to paper.
  • Masterpiece: Take a picture of anything you like and Osmo’s interactive drawing tool creates simple outlines of the image for you to draw to perfection! You can even share a time-lapse video with your friends after you’re done.
  • Drawing Geometric Art: Draw various shapes on a sheet of paper and call out any shape of your choice. Your child needs to use that shape in their drawing. For example, if it’s a circle, your kids could draw the moon or the Earth. If it’s a triangle, your kids could draw pizza, and so on. 
  • Drawing cards: The best gift that you could ever receive from your child is cards. They like to draw something really special for their loved ones irrespective of any occasions. Conduct drawing games for kids where they can explore creativity by making colorful cards. 
  • Drawing nature: Take kids for a nature walk and ask them to draw whatever they see around them. Make them sit somewhere on the grass or near the bank of the river. Conduct fun drawing games for kids by encouraging them to think creatively and use their imagination for good portraits. 
  • Drawing thoughts: Kids have boundless imaginations when it comes to arts and crafts. Conduct drawing games for kids where they have to draw whatever comes into their mind at that moment. With this, kids will be able to express their thoughts in the form of images. Must say! It can be entertaining to watch them draw something really funny and creative. 
  • Drawing Scenarios: This can be one of the cool drawing games for kids where they have to draw scenarios given to them. You can give some simple situations where kids can depict them in the form of a drawing. For example, Sam goes to the shop to buy milk. While returning, he will see two dogs sitting across the street. He will go to them and feed them milk which he got from the shop. Similarly, you can give small scenarios and see how well they can express themselves in the form of drawing. 
  • Drawing funny faces: Have you seen the reaction of kids when you show them funny faces? It’s pretty obvious that they would enjoy watching them. Why not ask them to draw funny faces on the sheets that you provide. Conduct drawing games for kids to expand their skills in a fun and entertaining way. 
  • Drawing pictionary words: This is one of the cool drawing games for kids to play. You need to assign them a word that has to be depicted in the form of images. The team members have to guess the word that is being represented on the board. If they are successful in doing so, points will be awarded. Also, explore pictionary words for kids
  • Drawing words: This is quite an interesting drawing game for kids where they can draw the words. Nothing much effort you have to put in this regard. You have to dictate words and they have to draw them. For example, leaves, fruits, boats, pencils, tables, etc. With this, kids will be able to learn drawing and at the same time develop good vocabulary skills. 
  • Drawing with suggestions: You need a partner for this particular drawing game for kids. This is something that kids have to trust their partner and draw on the board. You have to give a picture to one of the kids and ask them to describe the image to their partner who is drawing. For example, if your partner says, the nose is too long, there are two leaves on the tree, crow is drinking water, etc. Each step has to be listened to properly and implemented correctly on the image. The winner will be declared based on the image that was close to the original picture given to them. 
  • Drawing sentence: This is a very funny drawing game for kids where you will really enjoy playing. You can give kids a sentence that has to be drawn by the kids. But, make sure that the sentence is tricky so that kids use their imagination and creative mind to represent that on board. For example, the tree on the man. 
  • Drawing mystery images: The best part of this drawing game for kids is exploring their imagination and coming up with creative ideas. Here, you need to provide an image that is not clearly visible or completely zoomed. In such cases, kids cannot find the exact image. Ask kids to draw the image and see how funny and interesting it appears to be. With this, kids will learn critical thinking and problem solving skills. 

In all of these drawing games for kids, you get to embark on magical adventures with your favorite Disney characters, all while learning the fundamentals of drawing and animation.

We hope our drawing games for kids spark your child’s creativity in the best way possible. Don’t forget to also check out our STEM activities for kids, math games for kids, and many more kids’ learning games & activities for kids of all ages.

Frequently Asked Questions on Drawing Games For Kids

What Are Different Types Of Drawing Games For Kids?

Here are some of the different types of drawing games for kids, Osmo’s super studio series like, Mickey Mouse and friends, Disney princess and many more. Some more simple drawing games for kids are, tracing, geometric shapes, drawing on the cardboard, drawing the nature and other games.

Why are drawing games for kids so important ?

Drawing games for kids are important to them because they develop their hand and eye coordination, creativity and the art of coloring. These drawing games also help children involve themselves for an extended period and learn new things. It also develops their fine and gross motor skills along with problem solving skills.

Why Should You Introduce Drawing Games For Kids?

When you introduce them to drawing games for kids, they don’t feel the stress and burden of learning instead they enjoy learning to the fullest. You can also introduce children to these drawing games when they are able to identify colors, alphabets and numbers.

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