1 Times Table

How does your child feel about learning the 1 times table? We imagine that it could be a bit of a challenge to keep them engaged when they learn math. Fret not, we’re here to take the yawn out of math with a few simple steps and games. Learning the 1 times table can now be a lot easier!

Did you know that learning the times table has several benefits? Beyond helping with multiplication (which is unfortunately used in our day-to-day lives), they also improve memory, develop a sense of confidence, and set the foundation necessary for learning more difficult math concepts.

1 Times Table Chart

1 x 1 = 1

1 x 2 = 2

1 x 3 = 3

1 x 4 = 4

1 x 5 = 5

1 x 6 = 6

1 x 7 = 7

1 x 8 = 8

1 x 9 = 9

1 x 10 = 10

1 x 11 = 11

1 x 12 = 12

5 Steps to Learn 1 Times Table

Learning the 1 times table can be super easy with just 5 steps!

Step 1a: See, Read, and Repeat

As the step suggests, all your child has to do is view the 1 times table you’ve written down, read it out loud, and then repeat! 

Step 1b: Learn in Sequence

Write down the 1 times table once again for your child. But this time, don’t write the full equation. For example, write down 1*1 = ___, 1*2 = ___, and so on. Kids need to recall what they’ve learned in Step 1, and then write down the answer accordingly.

Step 2: Drag & Place

Now, test your child’s knowledge of the 1 times table once again with a simple game. All you have to do is write down answers on different pieces of paper, and questions on the other pieces of paper. For example, you’d need to write 1*1, 1*2, 1*3, 1*4, etc, on one batch of papers, and 1, 2, 3, 4, etc on the other batch. Don’t scramble the question sheets, just scramble the answer sheets! Kids need to find, drag and place the answers next to the problems accurately. 1 times table games like these are sure to make your child have a blast.

Step 3: Shuffle Everything

This step is similar to step 2, but not quite. Instead of shuffling just the answer sheets, in this step, you need to shuffle the problem sheets too. Kids need to find both, and mix and match. It’s very much like solving a fun puzzle, and another awesome way to practice the 1 times table.

Another digital-physical puzzle game is Osmo’s Tangram. Check it out now! In this interactive learning game, kids get to arrange tangible Tangram tiles to match the image on the screen. Not only are they learning to think with shapes, but they’re honing their hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, and fine motor skills too.

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Step 4: Multiple Choice

Once more, test your child’s understanding of the 1 times table with a simple multiple-choice game! Write down various math problems belonging to the multiplication table 1 along with various possible answers your kids should choose from. You could even treat them with candy if they get the answer right!

Step 5: Final Certificate

Here’s the last step involved in learning the 1 times table after which your child could be awarded a ‘certificate’! All you have to do is have your kids dance around as you play some music. Next, randomly stop the music, say the name of a child, along with a 1 times table problem. They need to quickly answer the question. If they fail to answer correctly within a certain amount of time, they get disqualified. Once you’re confident your kids have learned the 1 times table, make a cute little certificate with their name on it and a few stickers of stars and give it to them! They could even have it framed for everyone to see.

More 1 Times Table Games

Here are some more 1 times table games for your kids to try!

Form a Circle

Have your kids form a circle and pass a ball around. Play some music in the background too. When you stop the music, the person who’s holding the ball must answer a 1 times table question. If they answer correctly, they continue passing the ball around. If they answer wrong, then they could do a silly dance, or make some funny expressions, or sing a song!


A game of hopscotch is one of the best 1 times table games for kids! All you have to do is use your chalk to form various boxes for your game. Inside each box, write down a 1 times table question. Kids need to roll a die and move the exact number of steps they see on the dice. As they land on a box, they answer the problem and then continue with the game.

Deck of Cards

Practicing the 1 times table is super fun with a deck of cards (where Ace can be considered as number 1) Kids need to keep drawing various cards, multiply it with Ace, and say the answer out loud. They could play with an opponent and participate in a math war! Whoever answers the problem the quickest wins that round.

For more math games for kids and kids learning games, check the rest of our website! We aim to make learning fun for your child while fueling their creativity and curiosity.