Easter Puzzles

Fun Puzzles for Easter

Easter is a festival that brings a lot of merriment to one’s life. Easter is all about traditional food, fun, and frolic. With Easter being around the corner, kids are super excited to celebrate the festival. Easter puzzles are a fun way to involve kids in activities on the Easter holiday. In fact, these can be enjoyed with the whole family. There are many Easter puzzles for kids available over the internet, which are not just fun to solve but also educate kids about the festival and celebration. 

Different Types of Easter Puzzles

Easter is a good time to solve some interesting puzzles. Following are some of the puzzles that can be solved on the holiday of Easter.

Easter Crossword Puzzles: One of the most popular puzzle games among families is Easter crossword puzzles for kids. Given below are some crossword puzzles for the kids. Parents can help their children in solving crossword puzzles. Such activities engage children as they are looking for solutions to puzzles.

Easter crossword puzzle 1

Solve Easter crossword puzzles:  Easter puzzles for kids

Easter crossword puzzle 2

Solve the puzzles using hints: Easter crossword puzzles for kids

Easter Jigsaw Puzzles: There are many Easter bunny and Easter eggs puzzles available during the festival. Kids would love to solve Easter-themed jigsaw puzzles. Easter jigsaw puzzles for kids can be bought online or from some stores. Kids would feel the excitement when all the puzzle pieces are put together correctly.

Easter Egg Puzzle: Everyone loves Easter eggs. There are many Easter egg puzzles and games available in the market. Kids can design a whole easter egg with Easter egg puzzle pieces. The puzzle pieces need to be bought online. Given below is an Easter egg Math problem that kids can solve with the help of parents and adults in the house.

Easter Egg Puzzle

Solve Easter egg math puzzle: Printable Easter puzzles for kids

Other Easter games are joining dots to dots, Easter maze, Easter sudoku puzzles, etc.

Easter Dots to Dots: In the Easter dots to dots activity, kids need to join dots to dots to form an image. Since it is Easter-themed, the images would be related to the Easter festival. This is a fun activity as kids love to draw. It is not just an entertaining activity but also an educational activity as children get to practice their counting skills. Given below is an example of dots to dots puzzle. 

Dots to dots Easter puzzle

Connect dot to dot Easter puzzle: Free printable Easter puzzles for kids

Easter Mazes: Get easter mazes in printed form and enjoy these maze games. The Easter maze activity is a great activity that would keep the kids busy in finding the right route without getting stuck.

Solve the Easter maze: Easter egg puzzles for kids

Easter sudoku puzzles: Given below is an Easter Sudoku puzzle. All you have to do is put the right thing in the right cell so that it doesn’t repeat itself in rows and columns.

Solve Easter sudoku puzzle: Children's Easter crossword puzzles

Get these Easter puzzles printable and enjoy the festival together solving puzzles and playing games. These are the puzzles that even adults can enjoy. Easter puzzles for adults would be advanced versions of the puzzles given above. Kids can also solve Easter math puzzles printable and brush up their math skills. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the best Easter puzzle games and make your Easter celebration even more fun and enticing.

We hope you liked Fun Puzzles for Easter. For more kids learning resources, keep visiting Play Osmo. Also read, Math Games For Grade 2, Tongue Twisters For Kids, Math Games For Grade 3 & Spelling Games For Kids.

Frequently Asked Questions on Easter Puzzles

What are the different types of Easter Puzzles?

The different types of Easter Puzzles are Easter crossword puzzles, Easter eggs puzzles, Easter bunnies puzzles, connecting the dots Easter puzzles, Easter riddles, Easter sudoku puzzles, etc.

Why should you introduce Easter Puzzles to kids?

Kids must be introduced to Easter Puzzles because they are helpful in improving their fine motor skills, problem solving, decision making skills, creativity, dexterity and overall cognitive skills.

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