All you need to know about Kindergarten Sight Words

Kindergarten Sight Word List and Sight Word Stories

Sight words appear very frequently in texts and speech. Educators believe that kids should be well aware of these words. Then, the kids would not need time to remember the meanings and/or pronunciation of these words every time they come across them. 

Sight words act as the foundation words that help an individual comprehend the language sooner and better. As we come across these words lots of times, we start getting so familiar with them that we no longer need to think about them. Therefore, we need to introduce Sight Words for Kids in such a way that they can easily understand and grasp the words in their memory for long periods of time. Conducting vocabulary activities would be helpful in this regard.

Here, we will take you through all that you need to know about kindergarten sight words – around 100 kindergarten grade sight words list (including the 40 pre-K kids sight words), sight word sentences and stories made of sight words. 

Let’s begin!

Dolch Kindergarten Sight words list

Dolch gave the basic sight words for kindergarten. In the table given below, you will find the Dolch sight words for kindergarten i.e. the sight words that kids are expected to know by the time they study kindergarten.

like mustnew
funny gohelp

Kindergarten Sentences using Sight Words

There are lots of sentences that can be framed using kindergarten sight words. Here are a few examples:

1. This is a yellow school bus.

2. I can see the stars.

3. This is my pen.

4. I ate well.

5. Can you help me, please?

6. I go to school.

7. I saw a big blue whale in my dream.

8. This is a pretty dress. 

9. We played in the garden and came back soon. 

10. My brother rides a red bicycle. 

11. They ran away when they saw a big dog in my home. 

12. They say that they have a brown table at their house.

13. A saw a little white cat under the tree.

14. I went to the market with my friend.

15. I do not want to go eat pizza today.

16. My sister said that she will go to school with me tomorrow.

Sight Word Stories for Kindergarten

Yes, one can build stories with the kindergarten sight words!

Have a look at these examples:

This is a swan. It is in a lake. The swan is white in color. The swan has three cygnets. All the three cygnets are white in color too. They all look pretty. They eat together. I like to see them.

Lily has a cat. The cat sits on a mat. The mat is yellow. The cat is Lily’s pet. It hides under the table. Lily goes to school. The school building is brown. Lily is a good girl. 

Why should kindergarten kids know the first set of sight words?

Sight words for kindergarten grade have a lot of benefits for kids. 

  1. Kindergarten sight words are the first few words that become a part of the kids’ vocabulary.
  2. Sight words often have irregular pronunciations. They familiarize kids with how the pronunciation of words works.
  3. Kinder sight words let the kids frame simple sentences so as to communicate with others.
  4. Sight words develop reading process in children.

Frequently Asked Questions on All you need to know about Kindergarten Sight Words

What are some of the Kindergarten Sight Words?

Some of the Kindergarten sight words for kids are blue, red, gree, black, white, can, for, from, now, not, at, eat, to, say, tell, hi, up, in, so, four, one, two, play, come, go, yellow, etc.

What are some of the sentences formed using Kindergarten Sight Words?

Some of the sentences formed using Kindergarten Sight Words are as follows: this is a blue bus, I slept well, I can see the moon, This is a nice piano, My sister has a red bicycle, I went to the store with my father, etc.

Why should kids learn Kindergarten Sight Words?

Kids should learn Kindergarten Sight Words because these are the first words that they are introduced to and tend to remember them for a long time. And, these words also develop recognition in the little minds.

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