Math Games for Kids – Fun Math Games for Kids

When’s the last time your child felt delighted at the thought of doing math? We’re pretty sure that unless it involves counting gifts or game scores, the mere idea of doing complex calculations has most of us feeling anxious or agitated. Incorporating fun math games for kids into your child’s learning routine could help reduce math-related stress.

Learning Math can really be super easy and fun. Not able to believe this? Click on the links to explore our amazing range of kids’ learning games that hone their understanding of the subject:

Stress-Free Math: Interactive Math Games for Kids

Not only are kids stressed about doing math; sometimes we are too! 

With interactive math games for kids, children start to view math as a fun activity rather than a complex subject. Here are some advantages of math games for kids:

  1. With Math Games, Kids’ Don’t Have to Worry about “Wrong Answer”!
  2. The root cause of math-related stress or math anxiety is the fear of getting an answer wrong. Children often feel that their level of intelligence is determined by their performance in the subject.

    With interactive math games for kids, there’s no way they can feel discouraged by a bad performance. This is because they have fun while they learn!

  3. Math Games for Kids Helps In Increasing Self-Confidence
  4. When children learn math through hands-on play, they develop the confidence they need to solve tough problems. As their confidence grows, their interest in math grows too! 

  5. Replace Timed Tests
  6. We might feel like timed tests are a good measure of your child’s strengths and weaknesses but in reality, they’re putting a lot of pressure on them.

    Interactive math games for kids are a great way to replace these timed tests and take the fear out of figures.

  7. Get Rid of the Fixed Mindset WIth Math Games
  8. Sometimes the reason kids fear math is because they think they aren’t born with the “gift” for doing math. They think they are innately bad at it. This type of thinking shows a “fixed mindset”.

    When kids play math games, they begin to get rid of this fixed mindset. They realize that through hard work and determination, anyone can excel at math!

Fun Math Games for Kids

Replace tests with fun math games for kids that push children to think outside the box and learn core skills while having fun! 

Here are some fun math games for kids to learn important concepts through play:

  1. Number Dance – The Best Math Game For Kids to Learn Numbers
  2. Create several “number mats” by writing down a number on each “mat” (a huge sheet of paper) and place them on the floor. Turn up the music and state some equations for your kids to solve by jumping on the number mats! 

    For example, when you state “7 + 2”, they need to jump on number 9 on the mat. The faster they solve the equations, the more it resembles a dance!

  3. Math Scavenger Hunt – A Fun Math Game for Kids of All Ages
  4. Create a list of clues for your kids to find around the room – but these clues need to be math problems! 

    All you have to do is write down simple problems such as “If Betty eats 2 pizzas from the 3 present, how many are left?” Once they solve the problem, ask them to look for their pizza (what a delicious treat!). Another example would be “Find 4 + 5 books in the house”, etc.

  5. Uno + Math – Double the Fun
  6. We all love Uno, don’t we? Why not add a little more excitement to this game? This could be a great way to get rid of your child’s fear of figures.

    The next time you play this delightful card game, try this – Assign each color an action. For example, if your child gets a yellow card with the number 8 on it, he needs to hop 8 times. If he gets a red card with the number 3 on it, he should touch his toes 3 times, etc. 

  7. Measurement Game – Practice Math at Home
  8. This might sound hilarious but it could be a lot of fun. All you have to do is instruct your kids to measure things around the house!

    For example, they could measure the length of your television, or your table, a book, and so much more! 

    For a hands-on, interactive measurement game for kids, check out Osmo’s Math Wizard and the Secrets of the Dragons!

    YouTube video
  9. Math in Everyday Life – Here, There, Everywhere!
  10. The beauty of math is that it’s everywhere! It’s in calculating the change we receive when we order our favorite meal, the ingredients we need to add while we cook, etc.

    The next time you order something from a restaurant or go to the grocery store with your child, let your child take the responsibility of calculating the bill. 

    Kids could also practice math by counting numbers on license plates, and even counting the steps they take as they walk!

  11. More Fun Math Games for Kids from Osmo
  12. Learn important math concepts with Early Math Adventure Bundle (Digital), Family Game Night Bundle (Digital), and many more interactive games that make math fun.

We hope these fun math games for kids prove to be helpful! For more cool math games for kids that teach core skills through hands-on play, check the rest of our website.