Math Games for Kids

Explore 19 Interesting Math Games for Kids. When’s the last time your child felt delighted at the thought of doing math? We’re pretty sure that unless it involves counting gifts or game scores, the mere idea of doing complex calculations has most of us feeling anxious or agitated. Incorporating math games for kids into your child’s learning routine could help reduce math-related stress.

Make learning numbers a breeze with Osmo’s Numbers, one of the most fun math games for kids:

Math Games for Kids

Learning Through Play

Develop core learning skills with Osmo — from math, to reading, to creativity!

List of Math Games for Kids

Replace tests with math games for kids that push children to think outside the box and learn core skills while having fun! 

Here are some math games for kids to learn important concepts through play:

  1. Number Dance – One of The Best Math Games For Kids to Learn Numbers

  2. Create several “number mats” by writing down a number on each “mat” (a huge sheet of paper) and place them on the floor. Turn up the music and state some equations for your kids to solve by jumping on the number mats! 

    For example, when you state “7 + 2”, they need to jump on number 9 on the mat. The faster they solve the equations, the more it resembles a dance!

  3. Math Scavenger Hunt – Fun Math Games for Kids of All Ages

  4. Create a list of clues for your kids to find around the room – but these clues need to be math problems! 

    All you have to do is write down simple problems such as “If Betty eats 2 pizzas from the 3 present, how many are left?” Once they solve the problem, ask them to look for their pizza (what a delicious treat!). Another example would be “Find 4 + 5 books in the house”, etc.

  5. Uno + Math – Double the Fun Educational Math Games For Kids

  6. We all love Uno, don’t we? Why not add a little more excitement to this game? This could be a great way to get rid of your child’s fear of figures.

    The next time you play this delightful card game, try this – Assign each color an action. For example, if your child gets a yellow card with the number 8 on it, he needs to hop 8 times. If he gets a red card with the number 3 on it, he should touch his toes 3 times, etc. 

  7. Measurement Game – Practice Math Games For Kids At Home

  8. This might sound hilarious but it could be a lot of fun. All you have to do is instruct your kids to measure things around the house!

    For example, they could measure the length of your television, or your table, a book, and so much more! 

    For a hands-on, interactive measurement game for kids, check out Osmo’s Math Wizard and the Secrets of the Dragons!

  9. Math in Everyday Life – Here, There, Everywhere!

  10. The beauty of math is that it’s everywhere! It’s in calculating the change we receive when we order our favorite meal, the ingredients we need to add while we cook, etc.

    The next time you order something from a restaurant or go to the grocery store with your child, let your child take the responsibility of calculating the bill. 

    Kids could also practice math by counting numbers on license plates, and even counting the steps they take as they walk!

  11. Math Bingo – Best Math Game For Kids To Learn Addition And Subtraction

  12. Have you ever tried playing mathematical bingo? If not, then let’s get started engaging kids with this interactive game. Prior to this, you need to write down answers for addition in bingo cards.

    For example, 2+6= 8, incorporate 8 in the cards and hand it over to the kids with multiple numbers on it. Then, you need to call out numbers such as 2+5 whose answer is 7.

    Kids will calculate the answer in mind and write it down on the additional sheet provided. Award points or certificates for the kids with maximum correct answers. This way,  kids will be able to add the numbers accurately. Not only addition, but you can also conduct subtraction and multiplication games for the kids. 

  13. Math Segregation- Best Math Game for Kids to Learn Shapes

  14. We come across different shapes in our everyday life such as ice cream, box, gas cylinder, ball etc. However, all these objects represent different 2d and 3d shapes. Therefore, you need to plan an activity that helps kids to segregate the shapes based on their dimensions.

    For example, circle, square, rectangle, triangle are 2d shapes whereas, cuboid, cylinder, cone, pyramid are 3d. 

    You have to give two boxes to the kids and ask them to separate the 2d and 3d shapes accordingly. Besides this, ask them to write down the names of the things around them which resemble these shapes.

  15. Math Wizard And The Amazing Airships:

  16. Math Wizard And The Amazing Airship is one of the outstanding math games for kids at Osmo. Here, kids can explore their creativity and practice mental math through hands on activity. Apart from this, there will be an increase in confidence among kids for the age group of 6-8. Using their mathematical skills, kids will develop cargo ships as per the demands of customers. They will learn addition and subtraction by adjusting their number of balloons, cargo, and goods to build an amazing airship. 

  17. Math Wizard And The Enchanted World Games:

  18. Introduce Math Wizard And the Enchanted World Games to kids in order to improve their mathematical skills. This is one of the perfect math games for kids where they can use multiplication to give their sports team the magic fuel. Here, kids can create their own smoothies with the help of a blender using blueberries, cherries, lime, and magical crystals. 

  19. Math Wizard And The Magical Workshop:

  20. This is one of the best self-paced learning math games for kids. Here, kids will learn addition and subtraction along with winning rewards. The blend of the digital screen and physical stuff will enhance their mathematical skills for better learning outcomes. With the help of addition and subtraction stickers, kids can create a self portrait. Kids will eventually build confidence to upgrade their arithmetic skills. 

  21. Math Riddle Games For Kids:

  22. Kids are curious about knowing things around them. Make use of this opportunity to bring out their curiosity in learning math. Conducting such math games for kids will encourage them to upgrade their level of understanding. Create math riddles for kids where they have to critically think and come up with logical answers. For example, there are two people living in the countryside. One is carrying 8 apples and the other 6. What is the total number of apples they are carrying? The answer is 14. Similarly, you can create riddles to teach addition, subtraction and other mathematical operations. 

  23. Math Conversion Game For Kids:

  24. Incorporating kinesthetic activities for kids will enhance their ability to understand mathematical concepts better. Therefore, conducting measurement math games for kids will enable them to differentiate between kg, meter, liter, etc. You can keep a few items on the table such as mangoes, milk, cloth, etc. Now, ask kids how will you measure these items kept on the table. For example, mangoes will be measured in kg, milk in liters and clothes in meters. Assess the knowledge based on their performance in measurement activity. 

  25. Math Building Blocks: 

  26. Little ones love playing with building blocks in order to develop their cognitive skills. However, this is one of the best math games for kids where you can teach mathematical concepts effectively. Number the building blocks and ask kids to arrange them in ascending and descending order. Besides this, they can also learn addition and subtraction from an early age. 

  27. Math Stickers:

  28. Everything you see around the house might have some connection with mathematics. Keeping this in mind, you can conduct math games for kids. Assign a task to kids where they have to stick numbers or shapes to their respective images. For example, if you provide a flashcard consisting of the number 9, kids have to search and stick the number 9 somewhere mentioned inside the household items like calendars, food cans, posters, etc. Similarly, you can assign tasks to teach shapes for young toddlers. 

  29. Math Walk:

  30. It’s always refreshing to walk around the woods especially for kids. While walking, you can conduct math games for kids. Needless to say, hands-on activities will add more value to your kids’ learning experience. Therefore, allow kids to explore the nature around them and learn something new. Ask kids the shape of particular objects they see while walking. For example, the shape of leaves, flowers, stones, bins, etc. Allow the children to make note of this in an entertaining way. 

  31. Math Bowling:

  32. This is quite a fun activity for children. You can conduct such math games for kids at home or in the classroom. Take ten empty bottles and mark them from 1-10. Place them in the shape of a triangle. Ask the children to throw a ball at the bottles and see how many of them fall. Then, ask kids to add the number of remaining bottles standing still. Continue this process until kids get familiar with addition. 

  33. Math Dice:

  34. Playing math dice games will enable kids to grasp the concept of mathematics in a creative way. This is one of the best math games for kids to learn addition and subtraction. Roll the dice and add or subtract the numbers for better learning outcomes. Take a double dice and roll it together. Add or subtract the two numbers. 

  35. Math Cards:

  36. Allow kids to create their own learning platforms in order to build confidence. Provide a set of cards to kids consisting of numbers written on it and ask them to count and form a given number. These math games for kids will enable them to critically think and recognize numbers effortlessly. 

  37. Math Dough:

  38. Kids are always excited to learn something new especially when you make them do hands-on activities. In this regard, you can prepare a dough and give it to the kids. Provide a sheet of paper with the numbers written on it. Little ones have to make tiny doughs and place them in the space provided under each number. These math games for kids will enable them to learn to recognize and count numbers in a creative way.

Learning Math can really be super easy and fun. Not able to believe this? Click on the links to explore our amazing range of kids’ learning games that hone their understanding of the subject:

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Benefits of Interactive Math Games for Kids

Not only are kids stressed about doing math; sometimes we are too! 

With interactive math games for kids, children start to view math as a fun activity rather than a complex subject. Here are some advantages of math games for kids:

  1. With Math Games For Kids, You Don’t Have to Worry about “Wrong Answer”!
  2. The root cause of math-related stress or math anxiety is the fear of getting an answer wrong. Children often feel that their level of intelligence is determined by their performance in the subject.

    With interactive math games for kids, there’s no way they can feel discouraged by a bad performance. This is because they have fun while they learn!

  3. Math Games for Kids Helps In Increasing Self-Confidence
  4. When children learn math through hands-on play, they develop the confidence they need to solve tough problems. As their confidence grows, their interest in math grows too! 

  5. Fun Math Games For Kids Replace Timed Tests
  6. We might feel like timed tests are a good measure of your child’s strengths and weaknesses but in reality, they’re putting a lot of pressure on them.

    Interactive math games for kids are a great way to replace these timed tests and take the fear out of figures.

  7. Get Rid of the Fixed Mindset With Math Games For Kids
  8. Sometimes the reason kids fear math is because they think they aren’t born with the “gift” for doing math. They think they are innately bad at it. This type of thinking shows a “fixed mindset”.

    When kids play math games, they begin to get rid of this fixed mindset. They realize that through hard work and determination, anyone can excel at math!

We hope these fun math games for kids prove to be helpful! For more cool math games for kids that teach core skills through hands-on play, check the rest of our website.

Frequently Asked Questions on Math Games for Kids

What Are Math Games For Kids?

Math games for kids are such games whose regulations are defined by math parameters such as, methods and results. Math games for kids are simple and easy to play. Children find these math games fun and enjoy playing them to the fullest. Math games for kids help kids learn at ease and find out the solutions quickly.

Why should we include math games for kids?

Math games for kids help them understand math in a simple method. Math games offer children to explore the world of numbers, counting and other mathematical concepts. Math games for kids also motivate them to understand the combinations of numbers, digit values, geometric shapes and patterns and vital math concepts.

What Are Some Different Types Of Math Games For Kids?

Math games for kids come in a variety of types. Some of the most popular math games for kids are Equation games, counting activities, sweet math, worldwide probability games, flying sums and differences, and many more. Kids enjoy playing these games and don’t get bored or stressed about learning complex math concepts.

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