Number 12 Worksheet

Free Number 12 Printable Worksheets For Kids 

The number 12 is found between 11 and 13. Also, the number 12 is an even and a whole number. And twelve is two more than ten. It is a known fact that little minds tend to get confused with numbers during the initial stages of learning the numbers. Hence, it is essential to introduce them to the number 12 worksheet for the kids available online. These worksheets help kids to  practice, learn and remember numbers effortlessly. In addition to this, kids will learn effectively when games like Number Games for Kids are introduced in their curriculum. 

When the little ones begin to practice math, parents and teachers must make it an exciting activity. Let them have some fun with math when they can. And, there are many ways to teach the children about numbers and counting. However, you can find number 12 printable worksheets for kids to practice recognizing and counting numbers. 

Free number 12 worksheets can be given to kids, which are available online. Number 12 worksheets will help children  to improve some crucial skills that enable little learners to process sensory data and gradually learn to analyze, assess, make comparisons, remember and comprehend the cause and effect. For example, young children enjoy learning numbers alongside they learn coloring and hand to eye coordination. Therefore, it is essential to engage kids in coloring the numbers, number rhymes, number train and other activities. Therefore, provide kids with number 12 coloring worksheets. Besides this, explore counting activities for preschoolers

Printable Number 12 Practice Worksheets 

Here are few free number 12 worksheets for kids mentioned below: 

Number 12 Worksheets: Practice writing number 12

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Number 12 Worksheets: Practice addition with number 12

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Number 12 Worksheets: Practice subtraction with number 12

Number 12 Worksheets: Identify and circle the number 12

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Explore List of Number 12 Worksheets For Kids 

Kids love learning how to count numbers when fun activities, number 12 practice worksheets and number games are a part of their learning process. Also, 12 Times Tables help them learn counting numbers. Number 12 printable worksheets play a significant role in assisting the children in focusing, practice, comprehend and remember numbers. In addition to this, worksheets improve a child’s thinking abilities, mental math skills, advanced counting skills, gross and fine motor skills and logical reasoning abilities. This is one of the advantages of introducing kids to cognitive learning. Below given is the number 12 worksheet for the kids to practice.

Number 12 Worksheet For Kindergarten

Kindergarten kids require additional focus from the teachers while learning the letters, colors and numbers. Therefore, it is ideal for providing the little ones with fun and exciting number 12 worksheet kindergarten, available at Osmo. During kindergarten, tutors usually give the kids Number Chart 1 – 20 and help them learn. Moreover, children must have a solid number sense to recognize numbers and learn other mathematical skills. Once the kids have mastered learning numbers, they can be introduced to mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Here is the number 12 worksheet for Kindergarten.

Number 12 Worksheet For Preschool

It is vital to develop math skills before kids get into formal schooling. Preschool aged kids usually play with math. They naturally arrange and sort as well as build and design. When kids are engaged in such activities at home, parents can give them number 12 worksheet preschool to practice. These are some math skills little learners seem interested in, and their development comes through playing. Little children learn the number 12 when they are involved in counting and writing numbers. Here is the number 12 worksheet for preschoolers.

Different Types Of Printable Number 12 Worksheets 

Here are few types of number 12 worksheets for kids given below: 

  • Number 12 Tracing Worksheet: Little ones love to scribble as they explore their creative side and draw their ideas on a piece of paper. It is known that tracing is considered a pre-writing task that lets them one step closer to writing numbers, letters and words. Also, tracing helps little learners strengthen their pre-writing abilities and builds the basics for drawing and writing numbers and letters. Tracing is advantageous because it supports building gross and fine motor skills. When kids begin learning numbers, one of the best ways to assist them in writing numbers is by providing them with a tracing number 12 worksheet. Here is the number 12 tracing worksheet for kids to learn.
  • Number 12 Coloring Worksheets: Encourage children to color the number 12 worksheets for better understanding and retention. Provide attractive worksheets for kids to color the number 12 along with images. This will create interests among the children to concentrate on learning numbers. 
  • Number 12 Writing Worksheets: Once the children get acquainted with recognition and counting, make them practice writing numbers on the worksheets. The number 12 worksheets will enable the children to write numbers systematically. 
  • Number 12 Matching Worksheets: Combination of images and numbers will develop an inclination to learn new things among the children. Therefore, you can ask the children to match the number 12 to the number of images depicted on the worksheet. This will enable kids to count the number of images and mark them accordingly. 

Activities That Help In Learning Number 12 Worksheets 

Along with the number 12 worksheet, kids must be involved in learning activities. Hands-on fun activities help kids to use their senses while learning. They touch, see, and move the objects to finish tasks and worksheets. This implies that numbers, letters, colors, shapes, etc., are brought to life. Young ones start to comprehend the meaning and values of the letters and numbers. They strengthen their fine motor abilities. Also, they learn to communicate, concentrate and dedicate themselves to complete tasks and solve problems. Moreover, it improves their attention span, allowing them to build number sense and develop their memory. Here are some activities that help in learning number 12.

  • Number Train: Little ones love everything that is colorful and fun. Hence, number train activity is one of the fascinating activities to involve the little learners in. So, let us learn how to play this game now.
  • Materials Required:

    • Colored and different shapes of wooden blocks
    • A ruler
    • A tape

    How to Play?

    Begin by demonstrating the activity. Tell the children to choose a number under 15. According to this context, let us consider the number as 12. Pile up 12 blocks. Then, give each kid a set of 12 blocks or make teams if fewer building blocks are available. Provide them with the number 12 and ask them to create a train, as demonstrated earlier. So if the number is twelve, they have to create a train with twelve blocks. Now, repeat the game as many times as the kids wish, or until the kids learn the number twelve. Also, give them the number 12 worksheet to practice.

  • Number Hunt: Number Hunt or scavenger hunt is a similar game to a treasure hunt, except it has small written notes with numbers printed or written on them. This interactive counting game can be an exciting group game for the little ones.
  • Materials Required:

    • Post its or slips of paper
    • A pen

    How to Play?

    Write down a number, from one to 12, on each post. Make sure not to repeat any number. Paste the posts at various places randomly, across the kids’ room or house. Place them in areas where the kid finds it easy to find them. Now, set a timer for twelve minutes and ask the little one to search for all the 12 slips of paper. Every time they find a number, they must read the number written on it aloud.

  • Number Riddles: Ask kids to solve riddles related to numbers, especially number 12. Create questions such as How many apples are there in 1 dozen? The Answer is 12. Similarly, prepare exciting questions for kids and ask them to come up with logical answers. 
  • Materials Required: 

    • Worksheets
    • A pen 

    How to play?

    Provide a worksheets consisting of 10 questions for 2 marks each. Ask kids to write down the answers for the space provided on the sheet. Give them marks based on their number of correct answers. At the end of the game, declare the winner for the kids with the maximum number of correct answers. 

  • Number Spot: This is a fun task for kids where they have to explore the house and spot the number 12 written on the items. Kids will be extremely excited to participate in such activities that include hands-on experience. 
  • Materials Required: 

    • Paper
    • Pen
    • Household items such as calendars, cans, food packs, etc. 

    How to play? 

    Ask kids to list down items which have number 12 written on it. Ask them to collect around 10 items within 10 mins. Place all the items and count how many items they could successfully bring on the table. 

Benefits Of Learning Number 12 Worksheets 

Some of the benefits of number 12 worksheets are mentioned below: 

  • Improves recognition of numbers. 
  • Develops critical thinking and fine motor skills. 
  • Enables children to practice numbers using different types of worksheets. 
  • Encourages children to learn and have fun at the same time. 
  • Engages kids for longer periods of time. 
  • Boosts confidence among children. 
  • Improves academic performance
  • Develops mathematical skills. 

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