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The number 12 is found between 11 and 13. Also, the number 12 is an even and a whole number. Make learning the number 12 easier for kids by using number 12 worksheets. These numbers worksheets help kids to trace, write, count, add and subtract 12 easily. 

Free Printable Number 12 Worksheets

Here are a few free number 12 worksheets for kids. These worksheets for kids will improve the child’s number recognition, writing, counting, adding and subtracting skills.

Number 12 Tracing Worksheets for Preschool

Help your preschooler learn to write number 12 by tracing on this worksheet. The kids get to learn how to write the number 12 in its numeric form as well as in words. Kids can practice tracing the number 12 on the worksheet given below.

Number 12 Tracing Worksheet

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Teach your little ones to count with counting activities for preschoolers

Number 12 Worksheets for Kindergarten

Check how well your little one can identify the number 12 using this worksheet. Ask your little one to find and circle all the number 12s hidden in the worksheet. Kids need to identify and circle the number 12 on the worksheet. This help children recognize and memorize the number 12 easily. Check out the number 12 worksheets for kindergarten kids given below.

Find Number 12 Worksheet

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Number 12 Addition Worksheets

Boost your child’s addition skills by helping them practice adding double digit numbers in this worksheet. Kids need to add the given number with the number 12, for example 12 + 4= 16. They can practice addition problems using the number 12 on the worksheets to understand the arithmetic concepts. Check out the number 12 addition worksheets for kids given below.

Number 12 Addition Worksheet

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Number 12 Subtraction Worksheets

Help children learn how to subtract double digit numbers in this number 12 worksheet. Practicing subtraction problems enable children to score good marks in the subject. Kids need to subtract the given numbers with the number 12, for example 19 – 12 = 7. Check out the number 12 subtraction worksheets for kids given below.

Number 12 Subtraction Worksheet

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Once your little one is confident with addition and subtraction, teach them how to multiply. Enhance their multiplication skills by teaching them the 12 times table.

Activities that Help in Learning Number 12 Worksheets 

Along with the number 12 worksheet, kids must be involved in learning activities. Hands-on fun activities help kids to use their senses while learning. Here are some activities that help in learning number 12.

  • Number Train: Little ones love everything that is colorful and fun. So, the number train activity is one of the most fascinating activities to involve the little learners in.
    • Materials Required:
      • Colored and different shapes of wooden blocks
      • A ruler
      • A tape
    • How to Play?
      Build a train with 12 blocks. Then, ask the kids to create a train with twelve blocks. Now, repeat the game as many times as the kids wish, or until the kids learn the number twelve. 
  • Number Hunt: Number Hunt or scavenger hunt is a similar game to a treasure hunt, except it has small written notes with numbers printed or written on them. This interactive counting game can be an exciting group game for the little ones.
    • Materials Required:
      • Post its or slips of paper
      • A pen
    • How to Play?
      Write down a number, from one to 12, on each piece of paper. Make sure not to repeat any number. Paste them in various places randomly, across the kids’ room or the house. Now, set a timer for twelve minutes and ask the little one to search for all the 12 slips of paper. Every time they find a number, they must read the number written on it aloud.
  • Number Riddles: Ask kids to solve riddles related to numbers, especially number 12. Create questions such as How many apples are there in 1 dozen? The Answer is 12. Similarly, prepare exciting questions for kids and ask them to come up with logical answers. 
  • Number Spot: This is a fun task for kids where they have to explore and spot the number 12 written on different things. Write the number 12 on several different things and place them around the room. You can add a few things with other numbers written on them too. Now ask the children to hunt for everything with the number 12 on them and get them. The child who got the most number of things with 12 on them wins.

Osmo has a wide variety of activities, games, worksheets, and learning materials to help kids learn better. Check our kids learning section to know more. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Number 12 Worksheet

What are the different types of Number 12 Worksheet?

The different types of Number 12 Worksheet are practicing writing number 12, learning addition and subtraction with the number 12 worksheet, recognizing the circle with the help of number 12, etc.

What are the benefits of Number 12 Worksheet?

The benefits of Number 12 Worksheet are that they improve child’s counting skills, engage them in learning for a long period of time, builds confidence and enhances their math skills.

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