Number Spelling

How Do You Spell Numbers Like 4, 8, 10 & More To Enhance Language Skill?

Does your kid often make mistakes while writing the Number Spellings? Some common mistakes include the spelling of words related to 4,8,10, 12, etc. These mistakes in number spelling can hamper kids learning experience. While some number words are easy to spell, few number spelling can get really tricky. We often get confused between ‘forty’ or ‘fourty’. How do you spell thousands? Before that, you start focusing on teaching smaller numbers and gradually increasing the numbers based on their understanding. 

If you are wondering how to spell 3, 8, 30, 50, 100, etc. We can guide you through easy spelling words to difficult ones. Learning how to spell numbers is an important part of mathematics and English language. Sometimes, there is a need for number spellings in write ups or texts to make it an effective language for communication. Some of the tips and tricks are valuable in remembering spellings for those who are learning how to spell numbers for the first time.

Teaching Number Spelling To Kids

Once the kids get familiar with digit numbers, you can encourage them to learn number spelling from 1- 100 at the beginning of their learning process. Then, gradually move on to the next set of numbers. You need to keep asking kids on how to spell 3, 8, 50, 100, 1000, etc. It is not possible to memorize the spellings at once. Rather, it requires continuous practice to learn number spelling. To achieve this, you can conduct spelling activities for kids to ensure that they are learning the spellings in a systematic way. 

List Of Names of Numbers 1 To 50 In English For Kids

1 = One11 = Eleven21 = Twenty-one31 = Thirty-one41 = Forty-one
2 = Two12 = Twelve22 = Twenty-two32 = Thirty-two42 = Forty-two
3 = Three13 = Thirteen23 = Twenty-three33 = Thirty-three43 = Forty-three
4 = Four14 = Fourteen24 = Twenty-four34 = Thirty-four44 = Forty-four
5 = Five15 = Fifteen25 = Twenty-five35 = Thirty-five45 = Forty-five
6 = Six16 = Sixteen26 = Twenty-six36 = Thirty-six46 = Forty-six
7 = Seven17 = Seventeen27 = Twenty-seven37 = Thirty-seven47 = Forty-seven
8 = Eight18 = Eighteen28 = Twenty-eight38 = Thirty-eight48 = Forty-eight
9 = Nine19 = Nineteen29 = Twenty-nine39 = Thirty-nine49 = Forty-nine
10 = Ten20 = Twenty30 = Thirty40 = Forty50 = Fifty

List Of Number Spelling In English For Kids

NumberCardinal numberOrdinal number
100one hundredone hundredth
1000one thousandone thousandth

How to Teach Number Spelling For Difficult Numbers? 

At times, kids do find it difficult to remember similar looking or sounding numbers. For example, how to spell 8, it is e, i, g, h, t and what about 80, it is e, i, g, h, t, y. In this case, both the numbers spell almost the same. Due to this, kids might get confused, so you need to come up with effective teaching strategies so that they become proficient in how to spell 8 and 80. To enhance their learning, conduct spelling games for kids in order to improve their number spelling skills. 

Few Examples of Number Spelling

  • 9: 9 has one of the confusing spellings. Let us see the letter E when spelling words with nine. Observe that only NINTH doesn’t have an E. 9- NINE, 9th- NINTH, 19- NINETEEN, 90- NINETY
  • 4: 4 is another confusing number when it comes to its spelling. You will observe that only FORTY does not have a U. 4- FOUR, 4th-FOURTH, 14-FOURTEEN, 40-FORTY
  • 5: Confused about the spelling of 5? Don’t know 50 spelling? Let us observe the spellings of numbers associated with 5. 5- FIVE, 5th- FIFTH, 15- FIFTEEN, 50- FIFTY. The letter V appears only in FIVE.

List Of Number Spelling For Kids 

  • The spelling of 1000 often confuses kids. If you are looking for the spelling of 1000, it is correctly spelled as thousand. How do you spell thousands? Ask kids to write a thousand spellings.  
  • How do you spell 30? 30 is correctly spelled as Thirty.
  • How to spell 50? You can spell the word 50 as fifty and ask kids to read and write 50 spellings unless they get familiar with spellings. 
  • Wondering how to spell 8? The number 8 is correctly spelled as Eight. How do you spell eight ? Ask kids to spell the number 8 creatively. 
  • How do you spell number 3? The spelling of 3 is three.
  • Thinking how do you spell 6? Well, it is really simple. 6 is spelled as six.
  • How to spell 100 often confuses many kids. 100 is spelled as hundreds.

Different Activities For Learning How To Spell Numbers

Numbers are often expressed in words. That is why it is important to learn how to spell any number. This can happen only when one is well versed in writing numbers from 1 to 100. Parents and teachers can teach the correct spelling of numbers to kids with many fun activities, crossword puzzles, etc. There are many literacy games for kids to enhance their language skills for better comprehension. 

Activities To Learn Number Spelling

  • Practice Numbers- Kids can practice number spelling with the help of worksheets. There are many worksheets for kids available online. With this, you can learn how to spell 8 and many other numbers. These worksheets are not only visually appealing for kids but also offer flexibility in learning numbers. 
  • Osmo’s Numbers – Learn Numbers: Here, you can learn to count, add, and multiply as you arrange physical tiles to match the numbers on the screen. With instant feedback and guidance at each step, you get to learn through experimentation in a stress-free environment. With this, kids will be hearing numbers on a regular basis for better understanding and practice. 
  • YouTube video
  • Puzzles: Conducting puzzles for kids is extremely beneficial in learning spelling. You can teach how to spell 30, 50, 100, etc to the kids. You can provide an opportunity for children to explore crossword puzzles and mark words such as  eight, nine, six, forty, etc. With this, kids will be able to learn number spellings in an entertaining way. 
  • Osmo’s Pizza Co.- Practice Math and Money Skills: Run your own pizza shop and practice math and money skills! As you use tangible pizza and money tiles to manage your business, you also develop fast-paced mental math skills and entrepreneurial knowledge. Who knew learning math could be so supremely delicious? Explore, more about Pizza Co. Playing such games will enhance their knowledge on numbers and eventually learn to spell the numbers effectively. 
  • YouTube video
  • Bingo: You can conduct bingo to teach number spellings to the kids. Here, a sheet of paper consisting of many words are provided. You have to read out numbers such as ten, hundred, twenty, six, etc and ask kids to mark the answers on the sheet. Based on the number of correct answers, you can assess their performance. With this, you can check whether they’ve identified the correct number spelling or not.

Benefits of Learning Number Spelling 

Some of the benefits of learning spelling of numbers are mentioned below: 

  • Develops good reading and writing skills. 
  • Enables kids to interpret information in an effective way. 
  • Explanation of information will be more clear with the help of number spellings in textual contents. 
  • Improves academic performance.
  • Enhances learning experience. 
  • Strengthens language and vocabulary skills. 

Spelling a number correctly is not that difficult. Kids need to regularly practice the spellings to keep it in their memory. It is natural to get confused about the spellings of certain words. Thus, writing the spellings from 1 to 100 is extremely important for young children. 

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