Ph Words For Kids

Check First Grade Ph Words For Kids

The digraph ph is an ancient greek language that sounds as /fuh/ for the words such as photos, phantom, physics, etc. Isn’t it interesting to know that p and h are blended together to produce a sound /f/. Well, now you can easily list down ph words for kids in order to improve their vocabulary skills. 

Once the kids are well acquainted with letters, they start picking up different words around them. Therefore, you can plan effective strategies to teach first grade ph words for kids so that they can improve their language skills for better educational development. Apart from this, conduct spelling activities for kids so that they will know how to pronounce the words correctly. 

How important is it to teach first grade ph words for kids? Well, it will certainly help them to frame meaningful sentences not only in conversation but also excel in their academic performance. You can teach vocabulary for kids during their formative years of learning. For that, you need to explore different techniques for teaching simple ph words for kids. 

A List Of Ph Words For Kids

Here are few first grade ph words for kids as mentioned below:

Words That Start With Ph

Pharmacy Physical
Photocopy Pheasant 
Photosynthesis Phoenix
Physique Photoset 

Words That End With Ph

Autograph Digraph 
Telegraph Photograph 
Paragraph Nymph
Auxotroph Micrograph 

How To Teach Ph Words For Kids? 

First grade kids are quite smart in learning and understanding new words. Therefore, plan lessons that will help kids in learning ph words efficiently. You can find abundant resources available for teaching ph words for kids. However, you need to make sure that words for kids are taught in such a way that it becomes easy for them to understand and pronounce. 

Below Are The Activities That Help In Learning First Grade Ph Words For Kids 

  1. Fill in Missing Letters 
    • P H _ N _
    • P H R _ S _
    • P H _ _ O
    • P H O _ _ A
    • P H _ N_ O M

    Answers: Phone, Phrase, Photo, Phobia & Phantom. 

  2. Complete the Sentence
    • Can you give me your ___________ ? I have to call my mother. 
    • We need your passport size ____________for the application form. 
    • I have to go to the ________________ to buy medicines. 
    • You can introduce ________________games for kids to learn alphabets. 
    • _____________________ is my favorite subject. 

    Answers: Phone, Photograph, Pharmacy, Phonic & Physics. 

  3. Crosswords Puzzles
  4. Participating in engaging activities will not only occupy kids for longer periods of time but also entertain them. There are numerous crossword puzzles for kids available online. Download and take a print of these puzzles to teach words in an interesting way. Provide these sheets to kids and ask them to mark or circle the first grade ph words for kids. It will develop persistence, focus and concentration among them. Apart from this, there will be drastic improvement in spelling and comprehension. 

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  5. Word Search 
  6. This activity will help children learn new vocabulary words. You can conduct first grade word search activity by downloading printable worksheets for kids available online. Ask kids to find and mark the hidden ph words found horizontally or vertically. By doing this, kids will be able to improve their focus and concentration on what they are learning. 

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