Art Activities for Kids

One of the activities that little kids love to do is scribble and color everywhere. They explore their surroundings, observe them, and try to put their imagination to paper. While finding them redecorating your walls and furniture might be frustrating, it boosts their creativity and imagination. Our art activities for kids encourage your child’s inherent creativity and imagination while developing their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Scribbling and drawing are great activities for kids at home. As they draw and color, they build strength and dexterity in the muscles of their hands. It is also a great pre-writing activity that prepares them to grasp a pencil correctly and learn to write. In addition to all of the above, art activities for kids are important to boost a child’s visual spatial awareness and color recognition skills. Check out our awesome art activities for kids below.

Art Activities for Kids

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Fun Art Activities for Kids 

Here is a list of amazing art activities for kids. We assure you, these fun art activities are just what every child needs to get their creative juices flowing.

Videos of Art Activities for Kids:

List of Art Activities for Children

Bubble Painting: Science And Art For Kids

Bubble painting is one of the best art activities for kids, it combines two of their favorite things: bubbles and colors. Additionally, it provides a great opportunity to explain some simple science facts to kids, like how to make bubbles.

Here is a list of things you’ll need for this art activity:

  • Dry ice
  • Baking sheet
  • Newspapers
  • Warm water
  • Food coloring
  • Liquid dish soap
  • Paper towels
  • White chart paper
  • A medium sized bowl


Step 1: Cover your work surface with newspapers and place the baking sheet on it. This makes cleaning up a lot easier. Then, place a bowl of warm water on your baking sheet.

Step 2: Next, add the dry ice into your bowl of water. You’ll observe that it gets smoky as the vapor spills out of the bowl! Ensure that you watch your child closely so that they don’t touch the dry ice with their bare hands or put it in their mouth.

Step 3: Now, add a tablespoon of liquid dish soap into the water, and watch bubbles form.

Step 4: Next, add a drop of food coloring into the water. Press your white sheet of chart paper on these colored bubbles and while the bubbles are still forming. Place the chart paper on a clean and dry surface and allow it to dry completely.

Step 5: And, voila! Your bubble painting masterpiece is ready! For more such fun and colorful science learning activities, check the rainbow in a jar experiment.

Mural: A Great Activity for Kids’ Parties

Need an activity to keep kids entertained at your party? A mural is one of the easiest and fun art activities for kids to do as a group. Not only does it keep them occupied, but it enhances their creativity too.

Here is a list of things you’ll need for this art activity:

  • Acrylic paint
  • Primed canvas
  • Paintbrushes
  • Drop cloth
  • Paint cups


Step 1: Place a large sheet of paper on the ground. Have each kid pick a color and pour them into individual cups.

Step 2: Draw the outline of several shapes on the sheet of paper. It can be concentric circles, or triangles or any shape of your choice. Instruct the kids to dip the paint brushes into their paint cups and paint the circles on the sheet of paper.

Step 3: Then, ask them to paint several smaller circles inside the big circle. This is a fun way to teach little kids about shapes. For more shape learning, check out shape games for kids.

Step 4: The kids can even take turns to finish each other’s paintings or add their own touches to another kid’s work. That’s how a collaborative mural is done! 

Osmo’s Tangram: A Digital-Physical Shape Game

Osmo’s Tangram is one of the most wonderful art activities for kids to improve your child’s knowledge of shapes. In this digital-physical game, kids get to arrange the tangible Tangram tiles to match the shapes on screen. Kids get to learn more shapes and patterns and boost their creativity as they pass through multiple levels of fun and complexity. Check it out now!

Fizzy Drip Painting

A fizzy drip painting is one of the most creative art activities for kids. Additionally, this is another great opportunity to combine art with science learning. Teach your kids about the chemical reaction between acids and bases using this fizzy drip painting activity. For more fun science activities on acids-base reactions, explore how to make a volcano for kids.

Here is a list of things you’ll need for this art activity:

  • 2-3 drops Food coloring of your choice ( use at least 2-4 colors for the best results)
  • White sheet of paper
  • Plastic bag (to cover your work surface)
  • Baking soda
  • White vinegar
  • Spoons or droppers
  • Water


Step 1: Here’s one of the most creative art activities for kids. First, mix baking soda and water, and paint this mixture all over your white sheet of paper.

Step 2: While it dries, add a few drops of white vinegar and add food coloring into 2-4 small bowls.

Step 3: Now, use this mixture to paint on your white sheet of paper. You’ll hear a fizzing sound! This happens because of the chemical reaction between baking soda and vinegar. Vinegar is an acid and baking soda is a base, when the two chemicals mix it releases a gas called carbon dioxide. Looking for more science activities to explain acid-base reactions? Try this simple lava lamp experiment at home with your kids.

Tissue Paper Sensory Art 

This is one of the most fun art activities for kids of all ages. Additionally, it’s a great sensory activity for little kids too.

Here is a list of things you’ll need for this art activity:

  • Colored tissue paper
  • Styrofoam block
  • Pencil
  • Glitter 
  • Glue
  • sequins


Step 1: Looking for easy art activities for kids? We’ve got you covered. To begin with, decorate your colored tissue paper with glitter and sequins.

Step 2: Next, push these decorative tissue pieces into the Styrofoam block using the pencil.

Step 3: It’s called a sensory experience because you can hear a variety of sounds during this activity. For example, the crunching of paper when it’s stuffed into the blocks! Your super easy tissue paper art is ready. Also, if you don’t have colored tissue paper, you could simply paint them yourself. It’ll be a lot of fun. Art activities and crafts for kids like these are a great way to improve your child’s creativity.

Slime Drawing

Slime is one thing that little kids love to play with. So anything that includes slime is definitely going to be one of the most fun art activities for kids. 

Here is a list of things you’ll need for this art activity:

  • Slime
  • Large sheet of chart paper


Step 1: If you don’t have slime lying around, you can make it at home too. All you have to do is first mix some glue and water, and then add liquid starch to it. Knead it a bit and your slime is ready.

Step 2: Now that you’ve got your slime, all you have to do is draw anything you like with it on the sheet of chart paper. It could be simple stick figures, colorful rainbows, etc.

Step 3: Add in a little bit of science to this activity by teaching your child how pressure affects the slime. When you slowly stretch your slime, you find that it doesn’t break. However, when you pull too fast, it breaks! This is because certain fluids are “non-Newtonian” – fluids that change state based on pressure.

Painting with Nature

Little kids are naturally curious creatures, they love to explore, touch and learn about everything around them. This painting with nature is one of the best art activities for kids who are nature lovers.

Here is a list of things you’ll need for this art activity:

  • Just things in your natural surroundings!
  • Paints and crayons
  • A large sheet of chart paper


Step 1: This is one of our favorite art activities for kids. All you have to do is instruct your child to paint with ANYTHING they find in nature. 

Step 2: Ask kids to forage in the neighborhood and find anything they want like rocks, leaves, sticks etc.

Step 3: Once they’re done foraging, have them dip their finds in paint and stick it on the chart paper to make their masterpiece. Or they can even draw them if they want.

Melted Crayon Paints

This one of the most fun art activities for kids, but it must always be done with adult supervision. 

Here is a list of things you’ll need for this art activity:

  • Crayons
  • Cheese grater/pencil sharpener
  • Iron
  • Sharpie markers
  • Wax paper


Step 1: This is one of the most fun art activities for kids. First, grate the crayons with your cheese grater or pencil sharpener. Make sure to create shavings of different-colored crayons.

Step 2: Now, place the crayon shavings on one half of your wax paper. Fold the other half of the wax paper to sandwich the crayon shavings in between.

Step 3: Using a heated iron box, iron this “sandwich” to melt the crayon shavings. Hold it up to the sunlight and you’ll see a stunning “stained glass” effect!

 We hope you liked these art activities for kids. For more activities, games and worksheets that make learning fun, check our kids learning section.

Frequently Asked Questions on Art Activities for Kids

What are the Art Activities for Kids?

Some of the Art Activities for Kids are Osmo’s learn to draw the emojis, Osmo’s how to draw a pizza, Osmo’s Do It Yourself (DIY) dog, Osmo’s DIY letters, etc.

What are the advantages of Art Activities for Kids?

The advantages of Art Activities for Kids are that they bring out the little Picasso in them and help them to develop their creativity. Also, children don’t feel the stress or burden of learning while involving art activites.