90+ What Am I Riddles

Looking for ways to make learning new words fun for your child? Then look no further, because we’re here to make vocabulary learning fun with some fun what am I riddles. Riddles for kids are great tools to exercise their brains and sharpen their thinking skills.

Solving riddles like What am I riddles has a lot more benefits than just building a strong vocabulary for kids. Activities like trivia games for kids and what am I riddles are not only entertaining, but they’re a fun way to increase your child’s observational and thinking skills. These guess what I am riddles will give your little ones’ brains a good workout and keep them entertained while they learn. 

What Am I Riddles For Kids with Answers

Here are 90 amazing what am I riddles for kids with answers in order of increasing difficulty. So, put your brains to the test and solve these riddles.

Easy What Am I Riddles for Kids

  1. I am a hot ball of bright light in the sky and I disappear at night. What am I? Answer: Sun
  2. I get bigger and rounder with size and come in several colors that are bright. I leak and become smaller if you don’t tie me tight. But if you poke me, I’ll go “pop” and give you a fright! What am I? Answer: Balloon
  3. I get wet when I dry and get dirty when I wipe. What am I? Answer: Towel
  4. You stop at red and move to green. What am I? Answer: Traffic Light
  5. I have no eyes, ears, hands or legs, but I am strong enough to move the earth. What am I? Answer: Earthworm
  6. I’m very tall when I’m young but get shorter as I get older. What am I? Answer: Candle
  7. I’m a ball that you can roll but cannot be bounced or thrown. What am I? Answer: Eyeball
  8. I clean everything from top to toe, but the more you use the smaller I grow. What am I? Answer: Soap
  9. I have no wings, but I can fly. And I have no eyes, but I can cry. What am I? Answer: Clouds
  10.  I have two hands that only meet twice a day. What am I? Answer: Clock
  11. I’m in a room that is small, but you can’t enter me or leave. But I am a room that you can eat. What am I? Answer: Mushroom
  12.  I have a lot of eyes but I can’t see. What am I? Answer: Potato
  13.  I am tall and thin with a single eye. But whatever you do I can’t see and you can’t make me cry. What am I? Answer: A needle
  14. I fall down a lot but can never get back up. What am I? Answer: Raindrops
  15. I have a lot of keys, yet I can’t open a single lock. What am I? Answer: A Piano
  16. I’m the beginning of the end and the end of time and space. I’m in everything and everywhere. Without me there is no existence. What am I? Answer: The letter E
  17. I don’t have any hands or legs or wings, but I can move everywhere and move very fast and even climb up to the skies. What am I? Answer: Smoke
  18. My face will show you someone, but if you look at my back, you’ll see no one. What am I? Answer: A mirror
  19. I’m a red thing, juicy and sweet. I’m surrounded by a white thing that’s not very sweet, which is again surrounded by something bitter and green. What am I? Answer: Watermelon 
  20. I try to reach the sky, yet I’m always stuck to the ground and in a forest, you’ll find me all around. What am I? Answer: Tree
  21. I’m made of water but I’m stronger. I can smash ships to pieces but if there’s too much sun, then I’ll break into pieces. What am I? Answer: Iceberg
  22. You’ll find me in scarves, sweaters and mittens and even in the paws of playful cats and kittens. What am I? Answer: Wool
  23. She is my sister but I am not her sister. Who am I? Answer: Her brother
  24. I jump when I walk and sit when I stand. What am I? Answer: A Kangaroo
  25.  I’m  colorful, shiny, beautiful and bright. Come December, I turn so many houses into a beautiful sight. What am I? Answer: Christmas Lights
  26. Though I never ask a question, I’m always answered. What am I? Answer: Telephone
  27. I’m brown and green and home to many. I give shade and shelter when it rains and is sunny. What am I? Answer: A tree
  28. Lifting me is easy but you’ll find throwing me very difficult. What am I? Answer: Feather
  29. I don’t have a mouth, but I can still talk. I don’t have an ear, but I can still hear. What am I? Answer: An echo
  30. You can see in the middle of March and April, but you’ll never find me in the beginning or end of the two months? Answer: The letter R
  31. My body is round and round with colorful toppings at the top. What am I? Answer: A pizza
  32. I am found on surface of the Earth and people use me in everyday life. What am I? Answer: Water
  33. I live in desert and have hump. What am I? Answer: A camel
  34. I am something that you cannot use until it is broken. What am I? Answer: An Egg
  35. I am something that has a head and a tail without body. What am I? Answer: A coin
  36. I am always around you and gives life to all the living things. What am I? Answer: Air
  37. I can make web, and have eight pair of legs. What am I? Answer: A spider
  38. I am something that everyone want to cut and eat on their special occasions. What am I? Answer: A cake.
  39. I am machine that can receive and store information. What am I? Answer: A computer.
  40. I am round and used for teaching geographical regions of the world. What am I? Answer: A globe
  41. I am something that is used for seeking directions to reach destinations. What am I? Answer: A map
  42. I am something that is found in the library and impart abundant knowledge to people. What am I? Answer: A book
  43. I pop when cooked, and mostly eaten while watching movies. What am I? Answer: Popcorn
  44. I am long and orange in color, and rabbits just loves eating me. What am I? Answer: Carrot
  45. I come in a box with multiple colors. What am I? Answer: Crayons
  46. I am something that is rich in Vitamin C and used for making juices. What am I? Answer: Oranges
  47. I am colorful and can be seen after the rain stops. What am I? Answer: Rainbow

Hard What Am I Riddles for Kids

  1. I am not my sister or even my brother, but I am still my parent’s child. What am I? Answer: Myself
  2. I have one head and four legs but only one foot. What am I? Answer: A bed
  3. I’m a nut, but unlike other nuts, I’m soft, filled and sweet. What am I? Answer: Donut
  4. I was popular and well-known and filled with a lot of things you could know, but since the internet was born, I’m all alone. What am I? Answer: Library
  5. I’m made of many colors except gold, but some say I keep the gold at the ends. What am I? Answer: Rainbow
  6. If you peel my skin, I won’t cry but you definitely will. What am I? Answer: Onion
  7. The more I eat the bigger I get. But if you give me a drink, the faster I die! What am I? Answer: Fire
  8. Though I go up and down, I can’t ever move from my place. What am I? Answer: Stairs
  9. You can hear me, but never touch or see me. What am I? Answer: Voice 
  10. The more you use me the sharper I get and the less you use me the rustier I get. What am I? Answer: Your Brain
  11. I have a neck and two hands, but I have no head or hands. What am I? Answers: A shirt
  12. I’m made of water, but if you put me in water, I disappear. What am I? Answer: Ice
  13. We were once nine siblings, but one was fake so we’re now a family of eight. I can spin around all day despite my enormous weight. What am I? Answer: The Earth
  14. I wash, cut and shave several times a day, but my hair still stays the same. What am I? Answer: A barber
  15. People save me, change me, raise me and are always looking for ways to make more of me. What am I? Answer: Money
  16. My name sounds like it’s spelled with one letter, when it actually needs three. Look through me to find things and see. What am I? Answer: Eye
  17. Hold on to me tight and don’t lose me, if you lose me often you’ll lose your friends too. What am I? Answer: Your Temper
  18. I used to be a Roman god and the humans named a planet and a metal used to measure heat after me. What am I? Answer: Mercury
  19. I’m a famous beverage with three letters in my name. Even if you take away the last two, I still sound the same. What am I? Answer: Tea
  20. I look exactly like you but I do exactly the opposite of what you do. What am I? Answer: Reflection in a mirror
  21. I’m a rectangle that is full of entertainment and sometimes gives a bit of knowledge too. While I’m good, staying glued to me for too long can be harmful too. What am I? Answer: Television
  22. I’m a tasty treat that cools you down in summer. Eat me quickly or I’ll end up in a puddle. What am I? Answer: Ice cream
  23. I can be red, green, pink and yellow. Eating me daily will keep the doctor away. What am I? Answer: An apple
  24. I can shine bright and make light only by turning black. What am I? Answer: A matchstick.
  25. I am black when you get me, red when you use me, and white when you’re all through with me. What am I? Answer: Charcoal
  26. You take off my clothes when you need to put on clothes. I put on clothes when you take off your clothes. What am I? Answer: A clothes hanger.
  27. Out of water, I’m white as snow. But when you put me back in water, where I went, you’ll never know. What am I? Answer: Salt
  28.  If I’m alive, I die quickly. But if you kill me I live a long life. What am I? Answer: Candle
  29. I’m colorful and large, hold on to me tight or I’ll float to the top. If I meet something sharp, I burst with a loud pop. What am I? Answer: A Balloon
  30. I am bought by the yard but worn by the foot. What am I? Answer: A carpet
  31. I am the king of jungle, and like to roar. What am I? Answer: A lion
  32. I have a lot of holes but still can hold water in it. What am I? Answer: Sponge
  33. I am yellow in color and monkey likes to eat me. What am I? Answer: Banana
  34. I am made from milk and you like me spreading on the toast and pizza. What am I? Answer: Cheese
  35. I am white in color produced from cow. What am I? Answer: Milk
  36. I fly around the flowers and make buzzing sound. What am I? Answer: Bee
  37. I am something that travels throughout the world but remains in one corner. What am I? Answer: A stamp
  38. I am made up of extracts of fruits, and it is used as a spread on bread. What am I? Answer: Jam
  39. I am an small device used for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing numbers. What am I? Answer: A calculator
  40. I am a sharp tool used for cutting papers. What am I? Answer: A scissor
  41. I help you write information on paper. What am I? Answer: A pencil
  42. I am something that is sticky liquid used for pasting papers. What am I? Answer: A glue
  43. I am sour and used for making lemonade. What am I? Answer: Lemon
  44. I am a long tool used for measuring length of an object. What am I? Answer: Scale
  45. I am a furry creature with whiskers, and like drinking milk. What am I? Answer: A cat
  46. I have four legs but cannot walk. What am I? Answer: Table
  47. I am land covered with water all around me. What am I? Answer: Island

We hope you enjoyed a good brain workout from these What am I riddles for kids. Looking for more riddles? Try these animal riddles for kids and tricky riddles for kids with answers.

Frequently Asked Questions on What Am I Riddles

What are the easy What Am I Riddles?

Some of the examples of What Am I Riddles for kids are I am the symbol of love and pump blood. What am I? I am new to this world and have tiny feet and hands. What am I? I smell nice and come in a variety of colors. What am I? I come in a bowl or cone. I taste sweet and am chilled. What am I?

What are the hard What Am I Riddles?

Some of the examples of Hard What Am I Riddles for kids are I come in different colors, sometimes yellow, sometimes green and sometimes red. I am doctor’s best friend. What am I? I get smaller each time i take a bath. What am I? I have a beautiful face and arms, but no head. What am I?

Why are What Am I Riddles important to kids?

What am I riddles are kids’ best friends. These riddles are one of the most sorted and preferred ways of learning and kids are never bored of solving these riddles. Also, these riddles are helpful in teaching kids the art of problem solving and critical thinking abilities.

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