Gifts For 5 Year Old Boys

Wondering about what could be the best gifts for 5 year old boys? At 5, your little boy is starting school, they’re more social and outgoing. They’re growing mentally, emotionally and physically and are also picking up more emotional skills and cognitive skills. So, you need to be very particular when you choose gifts for 5 year old boys. Choose gifts for kids that’ll entertain them and also enhance their essential skills.  

But what kind of things can you give as gifts for 5 year old boys? To help you with your task, we’ve put together a list of the top gifts for 5 year old boys. This list includes both conventional and educational toys for kids that’ll help them learn while they play. 

Best Gifts For 5 Year Old Boys

Check out this list of the best gifts for 5 year old boys.

List of Gift Ideas for 5 Year Old Boys

  1. Remote-controlled Cars: Remote-controlled cars are one of the best gifts for 5 year old boys. Your little one will have a blast playing with these toys.
  2. Pizza Co.: Pizza Co. is a cool gift, which allows kids to run their own pizza store. This is a great game to teach kids entrepreneurial skills while they sell pizzas. It also boosts their math skills as they collect money for pizzas and toppings and return the exact change. The child’s communication skills improve as they interact with customers to sell toppings and pizzas. Check out these money games for kids to help children learn how to handle money.
  3. Toy Robot: Toy robots are great gifts for 5 year old boys who love electronics and gadgets. Some robots respond to commands with silly phrases, which make for fun moments for the kids. Kids will have fun driving the robot around, giving it commands and playing with their friends. 
  4. Toy Train with Tracks: If your little one is fascinated by trains, a toy train set is the perfect gift for them. Along with encouraging group play and pretend play, this toy also boosts the child’s fine motor skills. It also improves their problem solving skills as they set up the tracks for the train to run smoothly.
  5. Super Studio Disney Frozen 2: This is a wonderful gift for your little artist. Super Studio Disney Frozen 2 is a fun and magical game, where kids draw and the game animates their drawings and makes it come alive. This game helps children improve their drawing skills and also enhances their imagination and creativity. Check out these drawing games for kids to improve their drawing skills. 
  6. Bicycle: A bicycle is the perfect choice of gift for a 5 year old boy. This wonderful gift helps the little guy develop better balance and coordination. Additionally, it helps them exercise as they ride around the neighborhood and enhance their muscle development. 
  7. School bag and school accessories: 5 is when little boys start school. So give them a backpack and accessories like lunch boxes, water bottles, pencil boxes etc to make the first day of school a wonderful experience.
  8. Coloring kit: Most kids enjoy drawing and coloring. Gift your kid a drawing and coloring kit to enhance their artistic abilities. Coloring books and animal coloring pages to color within lines are also great gifts for 5 year old boys.
  9. Little Genius Sticks & Rings (ABCs & Squiggle Magic): This is a wonderful game to introduce your little one to the alphabet and numbers. In ABCs, kids can build letters with colorful sticks and rings. In Squiggle Magic, kids can draw whatever they want and watch their creations come alive on screen. This is great to improve their letter recognition, vocabulary, phonics, number recognition, drawing etc. Check out these letter recognition games for kids.
  10. Video games: Video games are a very popular gift for little boys. Give your little ones kid-friendly and age-appropriate video games for them to play.
  11.  Puzzles: Puzzles are one of the best toys to expand kids’ imagination and thinking abilities.They also enhance their critical thinking and problem solving skills. You can choose from a wide-range of puzzles like jigsaw puzzles, word search puzzles for kids, crossword puzzles, math puzzles etc.
  12. Trampoline: These are cool gifts for 5 year old boys. Give your little one a trampoline to jump and play to their heart’s content. This wonderful gift helps them exercise and also boosts their muscle development. This toy is also great for group play and boosts their social skills.
  13. Sports accessories: If your little boy loves sports, give them sports accessories related to any sport that they like. For example, football shoes, basketball hoops, cycling helmets, skates, etc. These make wonderful Christmas gifts for 5 year old boys. 
  14. Piggy bank: 5 is the best age to teach kids the value of money and savings. So, give them a small piggy bank to teach them how to save money for a rainy day.
  15. Board games: Board games are wonderful gift ideas for 5 year old boys. Choose child-friendly and age-appropriate board games for kids to play. These board games will enhance your child’s thinking skills and problem-solving skills. These games are also great to teach children important social skills and are also great tools for family bonding.
  16. Telescope: If your little boy is interested in astronomy and likes to gaze at the stars, give him a telescope as a gift. This also boosts their interest in learning science and makes them look forward to learning more. Check out these science worksheets to help kids learn more science.

We hope you found this list of 16 gifts for 5 year old boys useful. For more gift ideas, activities, worksheets etc to make learning fun, check our kids learning section.

Frequently Asked Questions on Gifts for 5 Year Old Boys

What are some of the Gifts for 5 Year Old Boys?

Some of the Gifts for 5 Year Old Boys are toy robots, toy trains and cars, coloring books, coloring and painting sets, bicycles, clothes, school accessories, etc.

What are some of the Osmo’s Gifts for 5 Year Old Boys?

Some of the Osmo’s Gifts for 5 Year Old Boys are Osmo’s pizza co., Osmo’s monster, Super Studio Disney Princess, ABCs & Squiggle Magic, Super Studio Disney Mickey Mouse & Friends, etc.

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