Gifts For 5 Year Old Boys

Are you planning to give something to your boy on his 5th birthday or any other occasion? Are you looking for the best gift for 5 year old boys that would make them happy instantly? Do you have difficulty selecting the perfect gift for your kid every Christmas? Well, we provide you with a range of gift ideas for 5 year old boys. You can explore a substantial list of gifts for 5 year old boys here. These gifts for kids will make them happy and at the same time enhance their essential skills.  

By the age of five, kids have started going to school. In this regard, they start developing their social and emotional skills as they mingle with many kids of their own age group. This also allows them to work on their cognitive skills. They start handling more complex tasks such as performing basic math calculation, holding a pencil properly and writing, behaving suitably in the classroom, etc. Hence, the gifts for 5 year old boys must be meaningful and help kids in skill development. Besides this, educational toys for kids will be extremely beneficial for them to learn new things. Check out some of the top gifts for 5 year old boys for their birthdays and other occasions. 

Best Gifts For 5 Year Old Boys

Here are great gifts for 5 year old boys given below: 

  • Remote Cars: Remote cars are the best gifts for 5 year old boys. Boys love to play with remote-enabled cars or motorbikes. They would be seen running their toy cars in the house.
  • Pizza Co.: Pizza Co. is a cool gift for a 5 year old boy that allows kids to run their own pizza store. Kids need to quickly make pizzas after interacting with the customers through the screen and ask their favorite toppings. As you need to calculate the change for the pizzas sold, it boosts math and money skills. With this game, kids will learn entrepreneurship skills.
  • Toy Robot: Toy robots will keep kids entertained. They have many features like voice recognition, navigation tools, etc. They are even programmed to move on giving commands. Boys who are interested in electronics and gadgets will love this gift. 
  • Toy Train with Tracks: Toy trains are the favorite of many kids. It can be included in good gifts for a 5 year old boy. Kids will keep themselves entertained with toy trains. They will try to analyze how this works and what are the parts that are required to connect the trains. 
  • Super Studio Disney Frozen 2: Kids can discover the creativity of drawing by connecting with stories and characters. Super Studio Disney Frozen 2 is a fun and magical experience in which your drawings come alive. Through this game, kids get a chance to draw and animate their favorite Disney shows and Disney characters.
  • Electronic Toys: There are many electronic toys or battery-enabled ones available in the market. You can choose from the range of toys that are age-appropriate. You can buy kid friendly electronic toys for kids that are easy for them to navigate. 
  • Monster: With Osmo Monster, drawings will become a part of animated activities on the screen. For this, you need to buy the Creative Set that includes a drawing board and a few markers. This is all you need to take Monster, Newton, and Masterpiece to a whole new level. This is a perfect gift for kids who like to draw.
  • Bicycle: If you have not given it already, a bicycle is the perfect choice of gift for your kid’s birthday. They would love to ride their bicycle on the streets. With this, kids will have some physical activities for their muscle development. 
  • School bag and school accessories: Your kids have probably started going to school. Now is the perfect time to buy a backpack and certain accessories like a lunch box, a water bottle, a pencil box, etc.
  • Super Studio Disney Mickey Mouse & Friends: Kids can draw and animate their favorite characters- Mickey Mouse and friends. They can explore the creativity of drawing through connecting with characters and stories.
  • Drawing books and colors: Most of the kids enjoy drawing. Gift your kid a drawing kit and they would thoroughly enjoy doodling and coloring any drawn picture. You can give them a set of drawing and coloring books where they can learn how to draw and color within the defined lines. Also, explore drawing games for kids
  • Marvel Avengers Toys: Boys love Marvel superheroes. They would get excited to see superhero toys and figures whenever you take them to a toy store. 
  • Little Genius Costume Pieces (Stories & Costume Party): The game contains 19 costume pieces, stackable storage, 2 game apps- Costume Party and Stories. In Stories, kids can mix and match costumes to find the solution to obstacles and navigate through adventures. In Costume Party, make party outfits and experiment with color and costumes
  • Apparel: Clothes and shoes count as a perfect gift for Christmas. If you are looking for Christmas gifts for a 5 year old boy, garments can be the best option. Kids at this age want to choose their own clothes or have a desire for specific ones. In such cases, you can buy the apparels that they like. You can give them the latest shoes and clothes that are related to specific occasions. 
  • Little Genius Sticks & Rings (ABCs & Squiggle Magic): The game kit consists of 38 Silicone Sticks and Rings, Stackable Storage, Silicone Play Mat, 2 game apps- ABCs & Squiggle Magic. In ABCs, kids can build letters with colorful sticks and rings. They can create anything they want to watch and see it come alive on screen in Squiggle Magic. Kids will learn letter recognition, vocabulary, phonics, etc.
  • Video games: Most of the kids love to play video games at home. They like to own specific video games that are available in the market. You can give them kid friendly video games which have interesting games for kids to play.
  • Scooter: Have you seen your child’s excitement towards vehicles? They must be insisting you take them for a ride in your vehicle. Isn’t it?  You can fulfil their dreams by giving them a scooter which can be used by kids near the neighborhood or in the park. They will learn to balance and at the same time have fun.
  • Puzzles: Kids start exploring things around them. You can expand their imagination and thinking abilities by giving them puzzles to solve. They can either solve puzzles related to words, structure or images. With this, there will be an increase in critical thinking and problem solving skills. 
  • Trampoline: These are cool gifts for 5 year old boys. You can give kid friendly trampoline for kids where they can jump and play. It can be placed in the backyard or garden of your home. Kids will love to jump on the trampoline with their friends and siblings.
  • Sports accessories: Kids are extremely fond of sports. Isn’t it? You can give them sports accessories related to any sport that they like to play such as football shoes, basketball court, cycling helmet, skates, etc. These can be the best Christmas gifts for 5 year old boys. 
  • Piggy bank: At this age, you can teach the value of money and savings to kids. In this regard, you can give them a small piggy bank where they can save whatever little they get as pocket money.
  • Board games: This is one of the great Christmas ideas for 5 year old boys. You can give them board games for kids to play. It can include snakes & ladders, scrabbles, ludo, carrom board, etc. Playing board games will enhance kids’ cognitive and other necessary skills. 
  • Telescope: Kids who are interested in astronomy and like to gaze at the stars can be given a telescope as a gift.  They will develop interest to learn more about the Planets and Universe in the future. 
  • Flashcards: This is an excellent way to enhance understanding of the concept among kids. You can give flashcards to them in order to develop their knowledge on different things that they want to learn. 

There are plenty of gifts available for kids in the market. Choosing the right toy becomes difficult in such a scenario. Parents are spoilt for choices today when it comes to gifting their kids. However, it is important to select the right gift which will bring a smile to your kid’s face. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Gifts for 5 Year Old Boys

What are some of the Gifts for 5 Year Old Boys?

Some of the Gifts for 5 Year Old Boys are toy robots, toy trains and cars, coloring books, coloring and painting sets, bicycles, clothes, school accessories, etc.

What are some of the Osmo’s Gifts for 5 Year Old Boys?

Some of the Osmo’s Gifts for 5 Year Old Boys are Osmo’s pizza co., Osmo’s monster, Super Studio Disney Princess, ABCs & Squiggle Magic, Super Studio Disney Mickey Mouse & Friends, etc.