Multiplication Worksheets

Multiplication is one of the basic operations of arithmetic that we use in our daily lives. Multiplication is just an easier and quicker process to add numbers repeatedly. Right from adding several numbers repeatedly, fractions, decimals and even complicated algebraic equations, you’ll find multiplication everywhere in math. It is a very important subject that children need to learn and practice. The best way to help your child learn multiplication is with math worksheets for kids like multiplication worksheets.

Multiplication is a necessary skill that helps us in real-life situations too. You’ll need multiplication while billing, calculating and measuring ingredients for recipes, changing cooking times and temperatures, construction, etc. To help your child learn multiplication, you need to first build a solid foundation. Use printable multiplication worksheets to help your child learn to multiply and practice multiplication sums. 

These free printable multiplication worksheets are designed based on the kids’ needs and their level of understanding. Here is a list of worksheets for kids to help them learn how to multiply.

List of Multiplication Worksheets For Kids

Free Worksheets on Multiplication For Kids

Multiplication is an important math concept that kids need to learn. It takes time for kids to learn how to multiply numbers. Osmo has a wide range of free, printable multiplication worksheets for kids. These colorful worksheets are based on several topics and themes that will keep your child engaged in the learning process. Additionally, this helps them learn how to multiply quickly and efficiently. 

Sometimes, kids find it difficult to understand a concept that is taught verbally. This could hamper their learning. Worksheets on multiplication are a great way to bridge this learning gap. These worksheets are designed to ensure that kids find the concept interesting and understand it easily. These free worksheets have simple multiplication problems and methods that will help your child understand the concept effortlessly.

Multiplication Worksheets For Kids Based On Grade

Osmo has a variety of free worksheets on multiplication based on your child’s needs and grades.

  • Worksheets for Preschool And Kindergarten on Multiplication
  •      Preschoolers and kindergartners are introduced to math through simple concepts. Recognizing shapes and colors, sorting and number recognition are basic activities to help them learn about math. While they’re learning math through these simple concepts, you can lay a basic foundation for multiplication too.

    Start teaching them multiplication using manipulatives. For example: Place 2 apples in front of your child, then add 2 more apples to the group. Now ask your child to count the total number of apples. Your child will count the apples and tell you there are 4 apples in front of them

    Then explain to your child that you can write this equation differently. There are 2 groups and there are 2 apples in each of the groups. So, 2 x 2 = 4 apples. Then use simple multiplication worksheets to help reinforce the lesson.

  •  Worksheets on Multiplication for Grade 1
  • Children in grade 1 start learning the basics of multiplication. Children also start learning multiplication tables at this age. Help your child learn how to multiply numbers easily using these multiplication tables for kids. Worksheets on multiplication for kids in grade 1 include pictures and visuals based on grouping and equal groups and simple multiplication problems. This helps the kids learn multiplication easily.

  • Multiplication Worksheets For Grade 2
  • Kids start learning how to solve more advanced multiplication problems by the time they start grade 2. They are expected to know the multiplication facts and some of the multiplication tables from 1 to 5. The free printable worksheets on multiplication for second graders include basic multiplication facts and multiplying 2 digit numbers in columns. Additionally, these worksheets also include “mental multiplication” exercises to improve your child’s numeracy skills and some simple word problems.

  • Multiplication Worksheets For Grade 3
  • Kids start learning multiplication in earnest by the time they’re in the 3rd grade. They are taught to multiply by whole tens and whole hundreds. Worksheets on multiplication for grade 3 include multiplying 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers in columns and some word problems. Additionally, these worksheets will help your child practice the multiplication tables from 2 to 10.

  • Multiplication Worksheets For Grade 4
  • Worksheets on multiplication For Grade 4 include simple multiplication facts and multiplying tens, hundreds and thousands. It also includes word problems, mixed operations word problems and multiplying large numbers in columns. These worksheets will also help kids learn about the commutative and distributive properties of multiplication.

  • Multiplication Worksheets For Grade 5
  • In grade 5, children are exposed to more complex concepts of multiplication than in previous grades. These printable worksheets on multiplication help them learn how to multiply fractions and decimals and factoring and multiples. These worksheets also include fraction word problems.

  • Worksheets on Multiplication For Grade 6
  • In grade 6, children learn to multiply fractions with other fractions, decimals with whole numbers and other decimals. These worksheets include problems to help sixth graders learn these multiplication concepts. Additionally, kids also can practice converting fractions, fraction multiplication using larger denominators and more complex problems.

Multiplication Worksheets For Kids Based On Occasion

Multiplication is a concept that needs constant practice to understand better. So, why should learning multiplication take a back seat during celebrations and special occasions? Here is a list of worksheets on multiplication for special occasions and festivals.

  • Christmas Multiplication Worksheets
  • Don’t let your child forget all that they’ve learnt about multiplication in the merriment of the Christmas season. These fun Christmas multiplication worksheets are sure to keep your kids engaged in learning multiplication throughout the Christmas season. And it’s sure to win your child some brownie points with Santa!

  • Halloween Multiplication Worksheets
  • Along with some pranks and trick or treating, help your child with a multiplication trick or two using these Halloween multiplication worksheets. These fun Halloween themed worksheets are sure to keep your kids entertained and engaged in learning how to multiply.

Activities and games are wonderful tools to boost your child’s interest in learning multiplication. Check out Osmo for more activities that help with your kids learningmath facts games, multiplication games for kids, place value games for kids & fraction math games.

Frequently Asked Questions on Multiplication Worksheets

What are multiplication worksheets?

These are worksheets with multiplication problems to help kids understand the concept of multiplication and its calculations. They also let kids practice multiplication at their own pace and learn them. A few might require some time to grasp and understand multiplication problems while some would be able to solve them instantly.

What are different types of multiplication worksheets?

The different types of multiplication worksheets are Halloween multiplication worksheets, thanksgiving multiplication worksheets, Christmas multiplication worksheets, multiplication worksheets for kindergarten and preschoolers, multiplication worksheets for 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade kids. These multiplication worksheets are also available for 4th, 5th and 6th grade kids.

Why are multiplication worksheets important?

These worksheets are important because they help kids understand multiplication in an easy way and improve their critical thinking skills, problem solving skills and counting skills. Kids also learn other mathematical skills like, addition, subtraction and division.

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