Best Math Card Games For Kids

Math Card games are one of the classic and popular games played by people in different countries. A deck of cards is used for recreational purposes outdoors and can also be enjoyed as a family night event on weekends. 

Online math card games for kids are also gaining huge popularity since the lockdown and they are played by a huge number of people. Card games are not only meant for adults but can also be played by young kids to get good at math. 

Here are some easy and interesting Math card games for kids to learn basic Math concepts. 

  • Card flipping games for kids to learn simple Math concepts like addition
  • Materials required to play this Math card game

    A deck of cards, paper and pen

    Instructions to play this game

    There are a total of 52 cards in a deck. It includes four diamonds, spades, clubs, hearts, Ace to 10, queen, king and jack. By playing this super easy game, kids can learn to add numbers at a quicker pace. Avoid using calculators while adding numbers to get better at addition.

    The game gets more exciting when there are a bunch of kids involved. One kid should flip the card and the other kids should start adding the numbers that appear on the card using pen and paper. Other cards such as ace, king, queen and the jack can be avoided in the game. The first person to reach 100 wins. Try this interesting and easy game to get better at quick math!

  • Card pairing games for kids
  • Materials required to play this Math card game

    A deck of card from Ace to 10 (leave out all the other face cards)

    Instructions to play the game

    Kids can have a lot of fun playing with just a couple of cards. Card pairing is one of the games which requires only a few cards. Use only the cards from Ace to 10 and chuck the rest. Shuffle these cards and place the deck at the center. Each kid should pick two pairs of cards from the deck, they can get cards ranging from 1 to 10 numbers. (Ace can be used as 1) The goal is to add up the cards to make a 10. Keep picking up new cards from the deck and place unwanted cards back in the deck. The first kid to make a pair that adds up to 10 will be declared as the winner of this game.

  • Simple card and dice Math game to learn to count
  • Materials required to play this Math card game

    A deck of card from Ace to 10, dice

    Instructions to play the game

    To play this game, a dice is required along with the cards. Shuffle the cards and place the deck in the center. One kid should flip the card and roll the dice. The number shown on the dice and card should be added next. For example, if the number on the card is three and the number on the dice is five, kids should count three, four, five, six, seven, eight (3+5=8). This card game helps kids to count the numbers easily and also helps with addition. The game is more suitable for young children who are in kindergarten learning how to count numbers.

  • Card games to learn fractions
  • Materials required to play this Math card game

    Long sticks, straws or pencils, a deck of cards

    Instructions to play the game

    Fractions are important Mathematical concepts elementary school kids learn at school. Fractions contain two numbers, the numerator and the denominator. The result of the numerator and denominator results in decimal and or whole numbers. For instance, 7/9 is a fraction. 7 is the numerator and 9 is the denominator. The upper number is always the numerator and the lower number is the denominator, it is easier to remember that way. Fractions can be learned with the help of card games. 

    To play this game, a deck of cards and a couple of straws or pencils are used. All the face cards must be removed. Shuffle the cards from 2 to 10 and distribute 4 cards equally amongst the kids. They should lay down 4 cards separately and divide 2 cards by placing a pencil in the middle, similar to a fraction. The fractions should be divided and added. The kid who has got the largest number keeps all four cards and the play is continued until there are no cards left. The kid who has more cards will be declared as the winner. 

Advantages Of Playing Math Card Games

  1. Math card games can help young kids to count numbers easily
  2. Kids can learn basic math skills like addition by playing with card decks
  3. Simple card games help children to improve their brick and motor skills, as well as hand and eye coordination 
  4. Card games develop children’s cognitive and emotional skills