Subtracting Integers Worksheet

Subtracting integers worksheets play a vital role in helping children learn the concept of subtracting integers. Parents and teachers must introduce children to math worksheets for kids like subtracting integers worksheets right from a young age.

This helps them learn the fundamentals of subtraction quickly. Parents and teachers can help the kids learn effectively with the help of Math Games for Kids, available at Osmo.

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Subtracting Integers on a Number Line

The below provided diagram depicts a few instances of subtracting and adding with the use of a number line:

Subtract using number line: Subtracting integers worksheet for kids

A simple method to use the subtracting integers number line worksheet is to proceed in the inverse direction of adding integers.

  • Proceed to the right on the number line, to add a positive (+) integer.
  • Proceed to the left on the number line, to add a negative (-) integer.
  • Proceed to the left on the number line, to subtract a positive (+) integer.
  • Proceed to the right on the number line, to subtract a negative (-) integer.


  • 5 – 2 = 3
  • -5 – 2 = -7
  • -4 – (-7) = 3

List of Subtracting Integers Worksheet

Here is a list of worksheets for kids to help them learn how to subtract integers.

Subtracting Positive And Negative Integers Worksheet

Subtract the numbers: Subtracting integers on a number line worksheet

To subtract integers, replace the mathematical symbol on the integer that has to be subtracted.

  • Say for instance, both the signs are positive, then the solution will be positive. For instance, 15 – (-5) = 15 + 5 = 20
  • Then if both the signs are negative, the solution will be negative.For instance, -15 – (+5) = -15 – 5 = -20
  • If the signs are different, subtract the lowest absolute value from the biggest total value. The sign will be the sign of the integer that produced the biggest absolute value.

Example: 15 – (+5) = 15 – 5 = 10

Example: -15 – (-5) = -15 + 5 = -10

Subtracting Integers with Counters Worksheet

Use counters to subtract -4 – (-1)

Begin with,

Then, subtract,

Which picture shows the difference?

Subtract the integers: Printable Subtracting integers number line worksheet for kids

How to Teach Subtraction of Integers to Kids?

  • Visualize And Strategize Subtracting 3 Integers Worksheet: Like the addition facts, this step is the missing part that enables children to learn the subtracting integers worksheet concepts with understanding and not just memorization. Choose a small group of facts to focus on. Now, it’s time to teach the kid to visualize numbers and use an effective method to obtain the answers.
  • Teaching Common Core Subtraction: Present the Common Core conceptualization of subtraction. The Common Core presents the idea of subtraction as including the distance between two particular points. To explain this to the students, draw a number line starting from 0 to 10 on the blackboard as a visual.
  • Give the students a fundamental subtraction problem: 9 – 4=?.
  • Place the number 4 on the number line. This is the starting point.
  • Place the number 9 on the number line. This is the final stop.
  • Count or calculate the gap between the two points: ‘5, 6, 7, 8, 9’.
  • Hence, the distance is five. Therefore, 9 – 4 = 5.

Frequently Asked Questions on Subtracting Integers Worksheet

What are the types of Subtracting Integers Worksheet?

The types of Subtracting Integers Worksheet for kids are subtracting positive and negative integers, subtracting integers with counting worksheets, subtracting integers on a number line, etc.

How to teach Subtracting Integers to kids?

Subtracting Integers can be taught to kids by the following ways such as begin with teaching common and simple subtraction problems, then start with 2 digit number problems, three digit problems followed by word problems.

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