Number 4 Worksheets – Download Free Printables

Start off your child’s number learning journey with simple activities like learning numbers with number 4 worksheets. These numbers worksheets are a great resource for the little ones to learn and practice the numbers. 

These number 4 worksheets give children a precise idea about number recognition, tracing, and counting. Additionally, kids learn to add and subtract with the number 4. So, give your little ones some printable number 4 worksheets and help them learn all about 4 in an engaging manner.

Free Printable Number 4 Worksheets

Little ones are extremely playful when it comes to learning new concept. They give excuses to run away from learning concept that might be challenging for them to understand. In such cases, worksheets play a vital role in engaging kids and creating interest among them to learn. Similarly, learning numbers helps children develop mathematical skills. You can keep children active in learning number 4 using the different worksheets. Here are a few worksheets to help children learn the number 4 given below.

Number 4 Worksheets for Preschool

These number 4 worksheets for toddlers and preschoolers are the perfect tool to introduce your child to the number 4. Help your little one trace the number and the word on the worksheet to practice writing the number 4. This printable tracing number 4 worksheet helps sharpen their number recognition skills and writing skills.

Number 4 Tracing Worksheet

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Number 4 Worksheets for Kindergarten

Little kids usually memorize the numerals without understanding that numbers represent a quantity. This is a concept that they need to understand to master counting skills. These number 4 worksheets for kindergarten is the perfect way to help them understand that 4 represents a quantity. Additionally, it’s also a great way to help them learn how to count.

Circle 4 Items On The Worksheet

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Number 4 Addition Worksheets for Elementary School

Kids in elementary school start learning basic addition and subtraction in school. One of the best ways to help children revise their math lessons is using math worksheets for kids. Help your child practice adding single digit and double digit numbers with 4 using these number 4 worksheets.

Number 4 Addition Worksheet

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Number 4 Addition Worksheets for Preschoolers

Help your children learn and practice addition with the number 4 on the worksheet given below. These are the simple problems that preschoolers can easily solve. They need to add number 4 with the given numbers for accurate result, for example, 12 + 4 = 16. This is an interesting exercise where kids can learn number 4 and other arithmetic operations quickly.

Number 4 Addition Worksheet Printable

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Number 4 Subtraction Worksheets for Elementary School

Help your child practice their subtraction skills using this number 4 worksheet. This worksheet helps kids learn how to subtract single digit and double digit numbers by 4. You can provide these simple problems to learn subtraction using the number 4 for children. Check out the number 4 subtraction worksheets for elementary school children given below.

Number 4 Subtraction Worksheet

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Check out these 1st grade subtraction worksheets to help kids practice subtraction. Also, set a strong foundation for better multiplication skills for your kids by teaching them the 4 times table.

More Ways to Help Kids Learn Along with Number 4 Worksheets

As mentioned above, the number 4 worksheets help you evaluate what the children have learned so far and areas of improvement. Here are some tips to help boost your child’s learning of the number 4 along with solving worksheets on number 4.

  1. Counting tangible objects: Before you hand out worksheets, help your child understand that a number represents a quantity. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use tangible objects to help them understand easily. Place 4 objects in front of the child and ask them to count it one at a time. Then ask them to tell you how many they see.
  2. For example, place 4 candies in front of the child and ask them to count and tell the answer aloud. 

  3. Counting tasks: Another great way to help children learn to count is by giving them simple tasks. Give instructions to the child that includes the number 4.  
  4. For example, “Can you, please get me 4 oranges from the box?” or “Here are 4 crayons to color the image” etc. Such simple, hands-on activities help the child learn how to count easily. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Number 4 Worksheets

What are the different types of Number 4 Worksheet?

The different types of Number 4 Worksheet are number 4 worksheet for kindergarten, number 4 worksheet for preschoolers, number 4 coloring worksheet, number 4 tracing worksheet, etc.

What are the benefits of Number 4 Worksheet?

The benefits of Number 4 Worksheet are that they help kids to understand the concept of numbers in a simple and understandable way, improves their math skills, develop counting skills and fine motor skills.

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