Christmas Trivia Questions For Kids

Interesting Trivia Questions And Answers on Christmas For Kids

Christmas is a festival of joy. The holiday includes a lot of fun activities, games and old traditions. These days, we seem to have forgotten old Christmas customs and traditions. Well, that is bound to happen with time. As time passes, we develop new traditions. However, this does not make Christmas games and trivia any less interesting. Therefore, you can conduct Christmas trivia questions for kids in a fun and creative way. To engage kids with fun activities, you can take Christmas trivia questions and answers for kids at home or in the classroom. 

Organizing a Christmas trivia quiz is an exciting holiday game for family and friends. We provide you with some trivia questions for kids about Christmas. So, what are you waiting for? Start with Christmas trivia questions for kids and see how many they get correct. Even if your kid is not aware of the answer, they would get to learn something new about their favorite holiday. Moreover, you can also explore Christmas words to create questions for kids. 

Christmas-themed trivia questions for kids

Best Trivia Questions For Kids About Christmas

Figure out interesting ways to spend time with your family and friends on Christmas. What can be more exciting than utilizing Christmas trivia questions for kids printables. This will help kids to learn and understand about the festivity. Try out these amazing Christmas trivia questions and answers for kids. Besides this, you can also explore Christmas riddles for kids to get some idea on Christmas terminologies and its meanings. 

List Of Christmas Trivia Questions For Kids 

  1. Whose nose was actually a button? Answer: Frosty the Snowman
  2. How many reindeer are there including Rudolph? Answer: Nine
  3. Which mint candy is popular during Christmas time? Answer: Candy canes
  4. Which popular Christmas drink is also called ‘milk punch’? Answer: Eggnog
  5. The movie ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ is based on which real-life department store? Answer: Macy’s
  6. As per the tradition, what do people put on the top of a Christmas tree? Answer: An angel
  7. Where was Jesus Christ born? Answer: Bethlehem
  8. Mention two popular names for Santa Claus. Answer: Kris Kringle and Saint Nick
  9. Which color is Santa’s belt? Answer: Black
  10. Which animal pulls Santa’s sleigh? Answer: Reindeer
  11. How many ghosts show up in A Christmas carol? Answer: Four
  12. Which country started the culture of decorating a Christmas tree? Answer: Germany
  13. Which is the best-selling Christmas song ever? Answer: “White Christmas” by Bing Crosby
  14. Where does Santa Claus live? Answer: North Pole
  15. Which colors are traditional Christmas colors? Answer: Red and green
  16. What are Santa’s helpers called? Answer: Elves
  17. What is the name of a reindeer whose name starts with V? Answer: Vixen
  18. Which fairytale were the first gingerbread houses inspired by? Answer: Hansel and Gretel
  19. How many lords are leaping in ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ song? Answer: Ten
  20. On which day is Christmas celebrated? Answer: 25th December
  21. Why is Christmas celebrated? Answer: The birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated as Christmas.
  22. Which tree is traditionally used as a Christmas tree? Answer: Pine or fir tree
  23. What does the star on the top of a Christmas tree signify? Answer: The star of Bethlehem
  24. Which Christmas candy celebrates the shepherds that visited Jesus? Answer: Candy cane
  25. Which cake is traditionally made for Christmas? Answer: Plum cake
  26. What made Frosty come to life in the song “Frosty the Snowman”? Answer: An old silk hat
  27. Which reindeer shares its name with a famous symbol of Valentine’s Day? Answer: Cupid
  28. Who is the singer of ‘White Christmas’? Answer: Bing Crosby
  29. Name a well-known Christmas carol? Answer: Jingle Bells
  30. In which modern-day country was Saint Nicholas born? Answer: Turkey
  31. Total how many gifts are given for twelve days of Christmas? Answer: 364
  32. Which is the first company which used Santa Claus for their advertisement? Answer: Coca cola
  33. What do you refer to as a Christmas tree otherwise? Answer: Yule Tree
  34. Which US president had his own recipe for Eggnog? Answer: George Washington
  35. How much time does a Christmas tree need to reach average height? Answer: 15 years
  36. What does the color red symbolize during Christmas? Answer: It is considered to be the blood of Jesus.
  37.  Name three things gifted by wise men to baby Jesus? Answer: Myrrh, Gold and Frankincense.
  38. Can you name the kings who visited baby Jesus? Answer: Melchior, Casper and Balthazar. 
  39. Which country sends a big Christmas Tree to London almost every year? Answer: Norway
  40. Name the famous scientist who was born on 25th December? Answer: Sir Isaac Newton 
  41. Who is the writer of the song Christmas Carol? Answer: Charles Dickens 
  42. What is the origin of candy canes? Answer: It originated in Germany 
  43. When were Christmas crackers introduced? Answer: 1902
  44. Which was the first state in the United States of America to declare Christmas an official holiday? Answer: Oklahoma
  45.  In Christmas Carol, what is the second name of Ebenezer? Answer: Scrooge 
  46.  Which is the traditional food and drink left for Santa on the day of Christmas eve? Answer: Milk and Cookies
  47. Who is the most famous of Santa’s reindeer? Answer: Rudolf 
  48.  Name the log which is used for burning on Christmas eve? Answer: Yule log 
  49. What is the color of the holly berry? Answer: Red
  50. What piece of clothing is hung near the fireplace on Christmas eve? Answer: Stockings
  51. What kind of meat do people traditionally eat for Christmas dinner? Answer: Turkey 
  52.  What is the color of the Grinch? Answer: Green 
  53. Name the Christmas decoration that was made from strands of silver. Answer: Tinsel
  54. What kind of food do you leave for Santa’s reindeer? Answer: Carrots and oats.
  55. Which real-life person is Santa Claus based on? Answer: Saint Nicholas
  56. According to Austrian Folklore, which horned creature kidnaps kids who’re naughty during Christmas? Answer: Krampus
  57. What are the three words that Santa usually greets people with? Answer: Ho Ho Ho
  58. Which little Whoville resident saw the Grinch stealing the Christmas tree in “Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas”? Answer: Cindy Lou Who
  59. Who made Frosty, the snowman, come to life? Answer: Santa Claus
  60. What does Santa leave in a naughty child’s stocking? Answer: A lump of coal.
  61. What is the name of the green and red plant that is used to decorate houses during Christmas? Answer: Poinsettia
  62. Where are Poinsettias originally from? Answer: Mexico
  63. Who spies on naughty kids and reports them to Santa? Answer: The Elf on the Shelf
  64. What are the names of the ghosts who visit Ebenezer Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol?” Answer: The Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future.
  65. What happens to the person who finds the pickle ornament first on the Christmas tree on Christmas Day? Answer: They get an extra present from Santa 
  66. Before Christmas lights were invented, what did people put on their Christmas tree? Answer: Candles
  67. What Christmas movie depicts a train that takes kids to the North Pole on Christmas Eve? Answer: The Polar Express
  68. People in Australia celebrate Christmas in Summer. True or False? Answer: True
  69. What is the name of the fruit-cake that is traditionally made in Germany during Christmas? Answer: Stollen
  70. What is Christmas pudding traditionally served with in Britain? Answer: Brandy butter
  71. Who invented the first strand of Christmas lights? Answer: Thomas Edison
  72. What should people do when they stand under the mistletoe? Answer: Kiss the person next to them
  73. What is ‘Bûche de Noël’, which is commonly eaten in France during Christmas? Answer: Yule Log
  74. In the song, “Twelve days of Christmas,” what kind of tree is the partridge sitting on? Answer: Pear Tree
  75. What is the name of the famous British Christmas dish made up of little sausages wrapped in bacon? Answer: Pigs in a blanket.
  76. Which particular Christmas dish is said to bring you luck if you eat one for the 12 days of Christmas? Answer: Mince Pies
  77. What is Santa Claus called in France? Answer: Père Noël
  78. What is Santa’s wife’s name? Answer: Mrs. Claus
  79. Celebrating Christmas was once banned in England, true or false? Answer: True
  80. What is the name of the parasitic evergreen used in Christmas decorations? Answer: Mistletoe
  81. Which Roman holiday inspired Christmas celebrations? Answer: Saturnalia
  82. After leaving Bethlehem, where did Mary, Joseph and Jesus travel to? Answer: Egypt
  83. What is the name of the most famous Christmas ballet of all time? Answer: The Nutcracker
  84. What is the name of the day after Christmas day? Answer: Boxing Day
  85. In which country is a witch believed to drop gifts for kids through chimneys on Christmas? Answer: Italy

Benefits Of Printable Christmas Trivia Questions For Kids 

Some of the benefits of Christmas trivia questions for kids are mentioned below:

  • Provides easy and simple questions. 
  • Understands the importance of Christmas celebrations. 
  • Imparts in-depth knowledge about Christmas terminologies. 
  • Engages kids for longer periods of time. 
  • Improves retention power among kids. 
  • Encourages to actively participate in activities. 
  • Develops critical thinking skills. 
  • Improves fine motor skills. 
  • Entertains and creates interests in learning something new. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Christmas Trivia Questions For Kids

What are the best Christmas trivia questions for kids?

The best Christmas trivia questions for kids are what is the best selling Christmas jingle ever? What is the popular Christmas tree? What are the number of ghosts in the Christmas carol? After leaving the North pole, who helped Rudolph?, etc.

What are the advantages of Christmas trivia questions for kids?

The benefits of Christmas trivia questions for kids are they get to learn about their customs and traditions of Christmas. Moreover, when they answer these questions, their memory power improves and they develop a good vocabulary skills.

What are some funny Christmas trivia questions for kids?

Some Funny Christmas trivia questions for kids are which beverage is often left for Santa? Which is the famous tree topper? Did Grinch take away the Christmas tree when he took Christmas? What are the snowman’s eyes made of?, etc.