Holiday Activities for Kids

Holidays are the most exciting time of the year for children. They look forward to the holidays and plan their activities accordingly. Every year, we celebrate so many festivals and important days. Children get holidays for Christmas, New Year, Halloween, Easter, etc. Sometimes, holidays can be boring if not planned properly. Therefore, you need to plan effective holiday activities for kids so that they can keep themselves busy and entertained throughout the holiday season. Conducting activities or games for kids enables them to bring out their creative side and make their holidays memorable. 

The Holiday Activities for Kids that you plan must enhance their learning experience while having fun. You need to make sure that kids enjoy their holidays to the fullest. Before planning an activity, you must understand your child’s needs and interests. It is important to make children understand that holidays are not only for playing games but also for spending time with family and friends. You can conduct activities for kids at home during holidays to make them learn and understand the importance of building relationships with others. These activities allow children to actively participate and learn new things. 

30 Fun Holiday Activities for Kids

Holiday activities for kids should be planned in such a way that they utilize their time productively. While planning activities for kids, you need to keep in mind their age and understanding abilities. Besides this, conducting theme-based activities such as Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc., keeps them occupied for a long time during the holidays. With the help of these activities, kids also learn many new things during the process. If you’re looking for engaging holiday activities for kids, we’ve got you some fun holiday activities for the festive season. 

List of Holiday Activities:

  1. Plan a movie night: Plan for a movie night with your children. Grab a bowl of popcorn and choose your child’s favorite movies for a night. This enables children to spend more time with their family members apart from their regular school activities.
  2. Make a garland: Make a garland using affordable materials available at home for Christmas celebrations. You can ask your children to make a beautiful garland using color papers, leaves, cranberries, etc. This keeps them busy during the celebration and at the same time helps in decorating their house beautifully. 
  3. Practice activity sheets: You can download printable Christmas or Halloween activity sheets to teach coloring, counting, tracing, writing, etc. This enables children to continue their learning even during the holidays. 
  4. Decorate doors: For the festive season, you can decorate your front door of the house with beautiful crafts items. You can make wreaths and stick artificial flowers with the help of children so that it gives them festive vibes. 
  5. Make ornaments: As the holidays season approaches, you can start making ornaments for decorating your house. You can ask children to make ornaments for Christmas, Halloween, Easter and other festive seasons. To make decorative ornaments, you can use popsicle sticks, cinnamon sticks, chart paper, etc., available at home. 
  6. Play pictionary: To teach vocabulary words related to the holidays, you can conduct pictionary games for kids. Here, they have to depict the word assigned to them in the form of a drawing. With this, children can learn about Halloween and Christmas words in a fun and creative way. 
  7. Conduct indoor games: To keep your children busy and active during their holidays, you can conduct fun games such as treasure hunts, quizzes, puzzles and riddles for kids. Explore, Indoor Games For Kids.
  8. Conduct talent show: Kids are always excited about their holidays so that they can play and do activities that they like. To enhance their creativity skills, you can make them showcase their talents such as dancing, singing, writing, painting, drawing, etc. 
  9. Donate toys: Encourage your children to donate their toys to the needy children. This kind of gesture makes them learn to share and care for others. 
  10. Solve puzzles: To keep children entertained during holidays, you can conduct Halloween, Easter, Christmas crossword puzzles for kids. With this, children will learn about the words related to the festive season easily. 
  11. Write a letter to Santa: During Christmas, you can make your child write letters to Santa about their wishes. Make them understand how important it is to ask for wishes not only for themselves but also for others. 
  12. Use playdough: You can create an artistic atmosphere for your children by allowing them to make some creative items with dough. They can make ornaments and other decorative items for the festive season such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc.
  13. Play a sport with family: Children love playing a sport with their family members during the holidays. Therefore, you can play a family game of football or any other sports that they like. 
  14. Set the dinner table: To celebrate the festive season, you prepare delicious food for the family. Therefore, you can ask children to help you in setting up the dinner table for friends and family members.
  15. Bake cookies: During the festive season, you can involve children in baking cookies. Ask them to assist you in preparing their favorite cookies. You can bake cookies and ask them to add toppings such as choco chips, nuts, creme, etc., on the cookies. 
  16. Make party hats: If you’re planning for a New Year party, ask children to make party hats. You can provide them with the materials required for making hats. This helps them learn and enhance their creativity skills, and at the same time, keeps them entertained.
  17. Wear spooky costumes: Let the kids wear spooky costumes for celebrating Halloween. You can design and plan costumes for their favorite characters. 
  18. Conduct quizzes: To assess what your child knows about different festive seasons, you can conduct quizzes for children. You can ask Easter, Halloween or Christmas trivia questions for kids. If they are successful in answering the questions, give them exciting gifts as a reward. 
  19. Recite poems: Children like expressing their thoughts and feelings about people they love. You can ask them to recite poems on Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc. With this, they would be able to dedicate poems for their loved ones on special occasions. Explore, Poems for Kids.
  20. Go for a picnic: You can take kids for a picnic in a neighborhood or a place which is filled with scenic beauty such as mountains, rivers, forests, etc. Kids would love to play and explore the nature around them happily. 
  21. Make cards: To wish your loved ones with beautiful messages, you can ask kids to make cards for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc. With this, children will develop creativity and at the same time express their feelings in a beautiful way. 
  22. Conduct drawing activities: To develop artistic skills in children, you can conduct drawing games for kids. You can ask them to draw an image related to holidays so that they learn to express their ideas beautifully on paper. Besides this, they will improve their hand-eye coordination.
  23. Make a snowman: During the festive season of Christmas, you will find your house and neighborhood covered with snow. Therefore, you can ask children to make a snowman and celebrate Christmas with joy. 
  24. Blow balloons: You can seek help from your children in blowing the balloons for the New Year’s eve party. 
  25. Go for a sightseeing tour: Take children for a tour to some exciting places. They can do shopping and eat delicious food. 
  26. Visit a zoo or a museum: On holidays, you can visit a zoo or a museum to learn about animals and ancient artifacts. 
  27. Wrap gifts: For every festive season, the family purchases gifts for everyone. Therefore, you can seek help from kids in wrapping gifts. 
  28. Make a paper plate Santa: To teach Christmas crafts for kids, you ask them to make Santa using a paper plate. For that, you can use cotton balls and stick them on the corners of the plate to give an appearance of a beard. Then, paste two googly eyes and a small red color thermocol ball for the nose on the center of the plate. Also, explore Paper Games for Kids.
  29. Write an essay: To assess your child’s knowledge about their festive seasons, you can ask them to write an essay. With this children will develop their writing skills and at the same keeps them busy during the holidays. Explore, Essays For Kids.
  30. Help others: During the holidays, you can make sure that the children are involved in some activities that help other needy people. They can give them food, clothes or any necessary items required for their survival.

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Benefits of Holiday Activities for Kids

Some of the benefits of holiday activities for kids are mentioned below:

  • Keeps children active throughout the holidays.
  • Develops essential skills such as creativity and communication skills.
  • Enhance the learning experience of children.
  • Boosts confidence and motivation to learn new things.
  • Creates an entertaining atmosphere during holidays.

Frequently Asked Questions on Holiday Activities for Kids

What are some of the holiday activities for kids?

Some of the holiday activities for kids are playing games, decorating a house, making crafts, drawing, making a snowman, solving puzzles, going for a picnic, etc.

What are the benefits of holiday activities for kids?

The benefits of holiday activities for kids are that it keeps them busy and entertained during the holidays. Besides this, it provides an opportunity to learn something new each and every day. It also develops fine motor, creativity and communication skills in children.

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