Tech Gifts for Kids

Best Tech Gifts for Kids

Today’s tech-savvy generation of kids is always looking for technology-related gifts. With changing times and trends, there are plenty of tech gifts for kids available in the market. However, it is important to gift them an age-appropriate device or toys.

There are many great tech gifts for kids that can be gifted to them without any worries. They might not even require your supervision.

Some of the good tech gifts for kids options are:

Smart Tablets: Today, there are smart tablets especially designed for kids. Fire Tablet kids edition is a top tech gift for kids. However, it is important for parents to monitor their kids, supervise usage, filter content, etc.

Smart Watches: Smartwatch is a good gift for kids. Through this, parents can keep a check on their kids’ health including the number of steps walked by the kids, their heart rate and pulse.

Gaming Console: If the kids love to play games on television, a gaming console is a great idea for a gift.

A Smart Night Light: Kids would love this gift and it has multiple color light modes. A smart night light has other features also like voice command, etc.

Playosmo Games

Are you looking for some digital device to engage or entertain your kids with while you get some work done? We, at Playosmo, offer unique technological gifts that you won’t find anywhere else. All the games at Osmo require a base and a reflector. Kids need to place the device in a compatible Osmo base and put the red reflector over the device’s camera. The devices that are compatible with all games are the iPad and Fire Tablets.

Some of the tech gifts options available at Playosmo are provided below:

Monster: Monster allows to unravel kids’ creative side. The game kit includes a drawing board and markers. The Monster would ask kids to draw something on the board.  Whatever they doodle on the drawing sheet would come to life on screen. Kids would have so much fun as their drawing will become a part of the animated character’s story. There are two other variants available called Newton and Masterpiece.

Pizza Co.: Pizza Co. is a fun game that provides kids the experience of running a pizza store. In this game, they can interact with the customers on-screen and sell the pizza with their favorite toppings. They would ask for money and return the change to the customers. This game teaches about money sense and entrepreneurship in a playful manner.

Genius Tangram: This game asks kids to arrange Tangram pieces as per the image shown on the device. Tangram requires visual interpretation and enhances spatial thinking.

Detective Agency: Detective Agency is a game that will make you think like a detective. Solving mysteries would be fun for kids. In the game, they would get to travel to six famous cities and find clues with the help of a magnifying glass. This game improves kids’ observation skills as playing this game requires paying attention to detail.
We, at Osmo, are known to provide the best educational games to integrate learning with playing. Osmo offers many such technology-enabled games that kids can play with. You can also explore kids learning games for more ideas on tech-related gifts. We also provide coding games for kids, STEM activities for kids, etc.