3 Letter Words Ending In O

Check List Of 3 Letter Words That End With O

Teaching your little one’s O words for kids? Then start off by teaching them simple words like 3 letter words ending in O. The letter o is the fourth vowel that makes sound /oh/ or /ooh/ in words like old, one, off, etc. Unlike kindergarten or first grade kids, preschoolers cannot read or write words. So. they should be taught words for kids to develop their communication, reading and writing skills. There is a significant number of 3 letter words ending in o that you must include in your child’s vocabulary. So make them participate in fun activities and games with the list of 3 letter words that end with o. These 3 letter words for kids will enable kids to develop their vocabulary and language skills.

Apart from recognition of words, kids should also focus on how to spell them correctly. In order to achieve this, you can conduct spelling activities for kids. This will ensure that your child will be able to read and write in an efficient manner. Kids at this age may find boo and bro similar sounding words but challenge arises when they have to understand the difference between them. There should be no room for confusion in such cases. The clarity will come when they are given the right opportunities to understand the words that they are learning. 

List Of 3 Letter Words Ending In O

Here is the list of 3 letter words ending with o for kids. 

Ago Two

How To Teach 3 Letter Words Ending In O?

Kids are generally excited when you teach something that is engaging and fun. Similarly, teaching 3 letter words that end with o can create interest among kids to learn more. After kids learn 3 letter words starting with o, introduce vocabulary for kids in different ways so that they are well versed with the 3 letter words ending in O before moving to the next set of words.   Some of the activities that help in learning 3 letter words that end with o are mentioned below: 

  1. Flashcards: Do you encourage kids to practice vocabulary on their own? If not, then you must try some innovative ways to give flexibility to learn o words for kids. One of the ways can be using flashcards in different methods. Let us check some of the interesting activities given below: 
    • Charades: Ask your child to use flashcards and imitate the words through actions. For instance, your child has got the word zoo and they have to imitate a few animals depicting the words that are written on the flashcards. 
    • Match the word: Give a set of flashcards to your child with different 3 letter words ending in O. Now, ask your kids to show the flashcards for the word that they hear from you. For example, when you are calling out words such as duo, kids have to show the card that has the same word on it. This helps them learn how the words are pronounced too.
  2. Riddles: Kids are very curious and inquisitive, they ask questions about everything that they feel is important to know. So, tap into their curiosity to learn words using riddles for kids on 3 letter words ending in o. Here are some riddles to help you get started:
    • It is a representation of the number appearing after one. What is it? Answer: Two
    • It is a place where you can see animals and birds. What is it? Answer: Zoo
  3. Pictionary: This is a great activity for kids to learn words with creativity and visualization skills. You can ask kids to draw something that represents the word on the board. Make two groups consisting of an equal number of kids. Allow each child from a team to come and draw the word assigned to them to their team members. For example, ago, two, zoo, etc. If the team is able to crack the word, points will be awarded to them.

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Frequently Asked Questions on 3 Letter Words Ending In O

What are the 3 Letter Words Ending In O?

The 3 Letter Words Ending In O are Oxo, Duo, Fro, Two, Iso, Zoo, Loo, Boo, Ago, Too, Ego, Who, Bro, Bio, Pro,Geo, Eco, etc.

What are the activities that help kids to learn 3 Letter Words Ending In O?

The activities that help kids to learn 3 Letter Words Ending In O are alphabet magnetic tiles, word search puzzles and riddles, pictionary games, crossword puzzles, word quiz, etc.